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Continuation of the Kurdish terrorism against Turkmen civilians  – T.R.F. Not a single day passes without an attack or targeting Turkmen civilians at the so called by the Iraqi constitution “Disputed Areas”. Previously the dispute was about legality, while currently turned to bloody and fatal. Few days after the kidnapping and torturing a Turkmen citizen “Ali Muhammad Ali” in Kerkuk, who was found after few days thrown on the road at one of Kerkuk’s suburb. The video, which was distributed, showed that the kidnappers are Kurds. On Wednesday May 3, 2017, at 3:00 PM. It is clear from the photographs which was distributed after the incident at the social media, that this incident was intentional because there is no legal or security reason to target a civil car transporting students specially the drivers are well know to the checkpoint because they are frequent drivers through these check point.

The public cannot ignore this crime and the previous crimes of the Kurdish terrorist gangs in these areas. Turkmen Rescue Foundation Human Rights Office Like this: Turkmen MPs collect signatures to dismiss Kirkuk governor, disband provincial council. Kirkuk ( Turkmen members of the Iraqi parliament have collected signatures from more than 200 MPs who represent several political factions on a petition to demand dismissal of Kirkuk governor Najmuddin Karim and the dissolution of its provincial council, according to MP Niazi Oghlo. Oghlo said the move came after the council’s decision to raise the Kurdish flag above official buildings in the province and its plans to run a referendum on joining Kurdistan Region.

“Turkmen MPs collected more than 200 signatures from several political groups’ representatives to dismiss Kirkuk governor and disband its provincial council,” Oghlo stated on Wednesday. “The signatures will be attached to a request that will be submitted to parliament next week when sessions resume.” “We will head to the Federal Court to challenge the illegal and unconstitutional decisions of the Kirkuk provincial council.

Dr. Ali Akram to TRT: The Kurds changed the demography of Kirkuk by bringing 600 thousands Kurds and inhabiting them in Kirkuk. TNAnews-Baghdad| TRT world TV had an interview with Dr. Ali Akram president of TRF yesterday to discuss about Kurdish flag raise in Kirkuk. The most important points discussed are: – It is well known that the official mechanisms adopted to know the origin of any city and accredited by the United Nations to settle disputes between peoples about the origin of any city is the adoption of the ancient tombs of the city and the adoption of the names of the neighborhoods of the city.

When we look at these points, we find obviously that the oldest graves in the city are in Turkmen neighborhoods including graves of ” Sultan Saqi in Tes’in, Musala and Turkalan graves and Imam Zainalabdeen grave in Tawook”. The names of the oldest neighborhoods and cities of Kirkuk are mainly at Turkmen side including ( Musalla, Qouria, Tes’in, Taza khurmatoo, Altoon Kobri and Tawooq), while the Kurdish areas are all modern areas most of which have been created or been expanded after 2003. □IRAQI #TURKMENS PROTEST DECISION TO RAISE KURDISTAN FLAG IN #KIRKUK. Turkmen activists decry Turkey's military role in Mosul battle. In-depth: Opinions are divided among Turkmen fighters as to Ankara's involvement in Iraq, reports Adam Lucente.

The Peshmerga base in Bashiqa overlooks what were, until recently, positions held by the Islamic State group. Black smoke filled the distant sky last week, as IS militants set fires in an effort to confuse US-led coalition jets striking their positions. The fires didn't work, and the Peshmerga, in support of the Iraqi army-led offensive to take Mosul from IS, cleared Bashiqa of IS militants on Thursday.

But the Peshmerga isn't alone in Bashiqa. "The Turkish army is here too. They're training the Sunni al-hashd, and they have some good units," General Bahram Yasin told The New Arab, referring to the pro-government al-hashd al-watani militia. On October 23, the Turkish army shelled IS positions in support of the Peshmerga, after days of the Kurdish soldiers marching towards IS in the desert - shooting their AK-47s, mortars and everything they had at the militants. Statements -

Photo by local activist showing the bulding of Hussainia in Dawuq how it is destroyed by the attack Ref. : 192 Date: 23 December 2016 The last events of Kirkuk province in Iraq on Friday, 21 October , 2016 including bombing by unknown aircraft on a Hussainia ( worship place for Shia ) in the middle of residential neighborhoods in the district of Daquq ( south of Kirkuk) at where there was gathering of dozens of women and children were practicing ceremony of Muharram as part of the Shiite worship, ، which left (25) Turkmen women and (3 ) children killed, with dozens injured, in addition to many been missed due to the severity of the crime and the damage to the building. Here we would like to raise a lot of question marks about the nature of the crime and the tools used to reach to the aims , including: 1. 2. 3.

So it is very important to focus on and implement the following points, as we consider it essential : 1. 2. Turkmen rescue foundation Media office. Statment. Ref: 186 Date: 11 September 2016 After deceleration of Genocide statement by department of state at March 2016, we have been waiting a real serious steps from US institutions, but after reading US house of representatives’ resolution about Nineveh plain province we really got upset. It is good thing to see such resolution from US house of representatives which might give some hope for oppressed people in iraq, but the most important thing is to deal by justice with all, for that reason as a Turkmen rescue foundation, representing and defending Turkmen rights , we express our Dissatisfaction and resentment on this resolution by the following points: 1- the iraqi ministerial council has passed the law of Creation of few new provinces in Iraq at January 2014 which included “Tellafer and Tuz Khurmatoo provinces “ .

Iraqi Turkmen: the minority group you probably never heard of. Kirkuk, Iraq is home to much of the country's Turkmen population (Al Bawaba/Adam Lucente) Like much of the Middle East, Iraq was once part of the Ottoman Empire. At the time, thousands of ethnic Turks settled in what is now the Republic of Iraq. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed, most stayed and number between 1 to 3 million today, and are known as Iraqi Turkmen. But their history in Iraq has not always been smooth. “Our problems are not new. We’ve been suffering since 1921 as successive Iraqi governments had national ideas and did not give certain rights to minorities,” said Ali Akram to Al Bawaba. Akram is president of the Turkmen Rescue Foundation. Akram and others believe such an organization is necessary to protect Iraqi Turkmen, who live mostly in ethnically diverse areas of the country’s north. “After 2003, the issue of disputed provinces in Mosul, Kirkuk, and Tuz Khormato arose.

Beyond the clashes, Akram noted several massacres of Turkmen to Al Bawaba. Adam Lucente. Iraq multietnico: i Turkmeni e gli altri dopo la cacciata dell’Isis da Mosul. Mcc43 I Curdi iracheni combattendo l’Isis hanno ottenuto aree che prima erano sotto il governo iracheno, ampliando il semiautonomo Kurdistan quasi del 50 per cento. I Curdi del YPG, Unità di protezione popolare, sono arrivati dalla Siria ad occupare i territori limitrofi, ma non si tratta di alleanza: sono forze che portano avanti una faida intra-curda. L’etichetta Hashd al-Shaabi riunisce forze del fronte sciita, sia quelle guidate dall’Iran che i gruppi di volontari locali, che si sono spinte fino all’estremo nord, in aree totalmente abitate da Sunniti. Se la città di Mosul è a stragrande maggioranza arabo-sunnita, la zona circostante vede una popolazione di varie etnie e diverse osservanze religiose.

Turkmen Rescue Foundation @TurkmenRescue D-mcc43 Può descriverci la composizione etnica di Mosul, con un particolare riferimento alla componente turkmena? D-mcc43 Nell’attività di combattimento i Turkmeni hanno milizie impegnate contro Isis? R-AlAbayati Purtroppo, il futuro non è chiaro. Elisa Campioni - #Iraq, urgente preparare il dopo #Isis... Kurds Clash With Iran-Backed Militia in Northeast Iraq. Kurdish tanks / Courtesy of Turkmen Rescue Foundation BY: Douglas Burton A fierce battle between Kurdish forces and Turkmen Shia fighters in the northern Iraqi city of Tuz-Khurmatu threatens to subvert the pro-forma alliance of an Iran-backed Shia militia and Kurds against ISIS troops just a few kilometers away.

The mountainous region near Iraq’s northeastern border with Iran has been a bone of contention between Kurds, Turkmen Shia fighters, and ISIS since jihadi troops briefly occupied it and were pushed out two years ago. The regional army of Kurdistan, the Peshmerga, began firing into Tuz-Khurmatu’s sports hall on Saturday, April 23. When the Turkmen Hashd al Shaabi Unit returned fire, the Peshmerga brought in a column of five tanks and began firing on Turkmen armored vehicles, as well as schools and residences occupied by Turkmen residents, according to Dr. Ali Al Bayati. “Tehran is acting in its own interest. Turkmen Town Under Attack. UNPO| While the Kurdish Peshmerga’s launch of an offensive to take Sinjar from ISIS is hitting the news, local sources report that on Thursday [12 November 2015], the Peshmerga attacked a group of Turkmen security forces near the Turkmen town of Tuzkhurmatu, approximately 180km north of Baghdad.

According to local sources, the Peshmerga forces attacked a group of patrolling ‘People’s Mobilization Forces’ (al-Hashd al-Shaabi). During the skirmish, at least five Turkmen militants were killed and many were heavily injured. The injured Turkmens were later brought to a local hospital in Tuzkhurmatu, but tensions between the two groups allegedly continued around the hospital, while the clinic itself was under armed attack. Tuzkhurmatu is a Turkmen town on which both Iraqi and Kurdish authorities have conflicting claims.

Since the town was taken back from ISIS in 2014, security has been provided by both Peshmerga and Shia militia forces. The Plight of Iraqi Turkmen Book 1 CM SON 12 ocak. Iraq: “It’s not Sunnis fighting against Shias, it’s terrorists fighting against the government” Mohammed Mahdi Ameen al-Bayati, of the Turkmen Community in Iraq, was the Iraqi Minister for Human Rights from the 9th of September, 2014 until the 16th of August, 2015. In an Interview with Eurasia News, he spoke about the situation of the Turkmens, and their future prospects in the country. Mister al-Bayati, do you think that the State of Iraq and Syria will even exist in ten years from now? There are many conspiracy-theories about the State of Iraq; most of them originate from the Gulf-States and other regional actors.

This is happening since 2003, they try to return the state of Iraq into its condition before the war, a state which is led by minorities against the majority of the country, or even to change the entire composition within the state itself. Just like the old regime has targeted Shias, Kurds and Turkmens, destroyed their villages and executed their sons. What is happening in Iraq is not a civil-war. What other projects are you working on for the future? Eurasianews: