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Spain's Moyupi lets kids create their own full-color 3D printed monster toy designs. Jun 23, 2015 | By Simon For many parents, one of the most important artifacts for documenting their child’s childhood has consistently been their child’s artwork - whether it comes in the form of a clay sculpture for the table, a watercolor painting for the fridge or even a more complex painting that is worthy of being framed. But as we move into an era that allows content creators to get even more creative with the ways that they document and share their work, could it be possible to use these options to help preserve a child’s artwork in new ways that leverage these new 3D technologies including 3D printing?

For design engineer Juan Ángel Medina of Jaen, Spain, leveraging modern additive manufacturing technologies to make it easy for parents to create custom 3D prints of their child’s artwork has since become a full-time job and he is now launching a new platform to make this process easier called Moyupi. Posted in 3D Printing Applications Maybe you also like: inShare12. Trends. The Small Product Lab Creators. Upping Your Type Game. Note: This text was created as a talk for An Event Apart in San Diego. It was presented Tuesday, May 21st 2013.

Many thanks to Stephen Coles for his advising and light editing. While the full slide deck is not shown below, about a quarter of the original slides are used as editorial illustrations. To send comments or propose corrections (kind and helpful tone appreciated), email me. Type Designers are your new best friends. If you are a web designer, you are used to tedium. I want to introduce you to your brother from another mother—another group of humans that, like you, is quite under-appreciated: the type designer.

Web designers are familiar with “easter eggs”—the little things they build into the code for people in the know to see and delight in. On Type Designers and Favorite T-Shirts Before I introduce you to a few type designers, I’ll answer the question that every person in the type world is asked—“What’s your favorite font?” A few type designers I love: Choosing the Right Type. When saying no at work can be a good thing for your career. May 26, 2015 6:00 am Dan LeFebvre If your first instinct is to turn something down, there’s probably a good reason for that. Before disregarding your instincts, try taking a step back and considering the impact agreeing to do whatever you’re asked can have on your work.

It’s a common scenario in any studio: You’re in a groove and your colleague pops over to ask if you’ll give them some feedback on their latest work. The simple fact of the matter is the more you agree to do, the less time you’ll have for your own work. If your first instinct is to turn something down, there’s probably a good reason for that. Why you should say no In any office environment, there’s an unlimited number of scenarios where you might be asked to do something you don’t want to do. It’s not that you don’t want to help, it’s more that you either just don’t have the time or you’re in the flow of your own projects. To manage this time sink, it’s essential to know how and when to say “not now.” Pre-emptively saying no. Invest in Digitzs | Crowdfunder. Reservations $600,000 of $500,000 Convertible Note Digitzs is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000.

Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed. Elevator Pitch Digitzs is a groundbreaking platform where merchants get paid next day and choose their fees (0%– 3%). Traction Secured $1 billion in 2015 processing commitments from merchants May, 2015 Cemented a strategic deal with Moneris Bank, one of the largest banks in North America Kevin Harrington of ABC's 'Shark Tank' invests in Digitzs and becomes an advocate for investors and merchants Top notch management team includes Head of Apple and Visa Payments, CFO of PayPal, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Kount and more Frequently Asked Questions When does the Digitzs product launch? A soft launch will take place Summer 2015. Who are Digitzs' first customers? TicketSocket is Digitzs' first customer.

See Kevin Harrington Talk About Digitzs Investor Conference Calls Leadership Top Investors. Blend shader using Group Mask / render buckets issue / long render time. Hi all, I really don't know how to fix this problem and this is why I start new topic. I'm working on an interior scene when I will put some furniture, in this case I started from a chair. I did model, uvw's and now textures with shaders.

I'm using blend approach, for example on the wood material there is one shader with base wood and another with dirt material, I mix them by using group masks... and this is where problem shows up. Yesterday I was working on a "clean" version of chair and was used preview/render monkey for testing. Today, I was working on dirt materials, used only preview/render monkey for testing, when finished I wanted to use F9 render and... rendertimes goes crazy. So I try few things:- changing file format for used group masks,- reset render settings to default,- switch off dirt groups or render them as seperate materials work just fine,- switch off displacement,- increase shading rate,- increase ray threshold, Current stage of render tree: fun fun fun Any ideas?

Support Corridor Digital creating YouTube Videos. Thanks for dropping in with us on Patreon! Who We Are.Corridor Digital is a small team of Internet-video creators, led by directors Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer and produced by Jake Watson. We specialize in dreaming up sci-fi, action, and video game-inspired YouTube videos, jam-packed with stunning VFX and movie-like cinematography. Why We Need Your Help.Making YouTube videos is a full-time job for us.

Everyday we are developing, shooting, and editing videos so that you (The Fans!) Can watch them for free. While we do receive a modest revenue for making YouTube videos, this money goes directly back into running our small production company. Even though we've become specialists at "making cinema quality videos on a low budget," having little to no money for a "production budget" when approaching videos ultimately creates significant creative limitations. What You Get.As a Patron you'll receive many exclusive bonuses PER VIDEO unavailable to the public. Date to Door. Perception Neuron by Noitom | Perception Neuron motion capture for virtual reality, animation, sports, gaming and film. Pigmental Studios | Animation. Pro tips to help you find your inner artist | Digital art. From the beginning of my career as a young artist, the worlds of JRR Tolkien have inspired me to create art.

From Frodo to Boromir to Saruman, I love to delve into their psyche and create images reflecting the turmoil and conflicts that rocked their world, and in a way mirror our own. My earlier attempts at portraying the riches of Tolkien's writings had always fallen short, not just at the technical level but on the conceptual as well. Yet still I pushed on, for my love of the story overcame any limitations I felt in my artistic skills. This, I feel, is the most important message for you to take away from this workshop: that although you may glean some wonderful new insight into how to improve your art, these images and words can never supplant the passion and belief you must have for your own personal visions.

Subscription offer Dig deep into what you love about your subject matter and find a way to express those innermost feelings. Enjoy the journey! 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. This brave illustration project made a D&AD New Blood judge cry. University of Lincoln creative advertising graduate Tom Watkins reduced a jury member to tears during judging for the D&AD New Blood Awards. His project, When I'm a Dad, is a highly personal response to a New Blood brief from WeTransfer: envision the person you'll be in 10 years time through illustration. Watkins illustrated a beautiful children's book to inspire future fathers and launched a website to help grow an online conversation around the project.

"Such a brave, personal and unique take on the brief, with a beautiful sentiment and a maturity that belies the age of the author," said the judges. We covered the project back in March – you can read more here. D&AD names five future superstars New Blood Award entrants respond to real briefs set by real clients, with the resulting work judged by top professional creatives. This year, the briefs were written by Airbnb, BBC, WWF, Facebook, Nationwide, npower, Pantone, i-D, Monotype, John Lewis, TalkTalk, VICE, WeTransfer and WPP. Tom Watkins. Capturing the Apocalypse | Ten24. Wave Racer. Ze's page :: Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D OS Ver 1.2.0 for Rainmeter - Rainmeter Skins Gallery. Rainmeter skins and themes Download. RMSkin file download. Most skins are now available in a choice of three colours; Orange, Red and Blue. Simply click with the middle mouse button on the skin to cycle through the colours So after 3 weeks of chipping away at this in between revision for my A-Levels, I've finally completed my first skin package.

I proudly present S.H.I.E.L.D OS The design of the skin is taken directly from the computers on the Helicarrier in The Avengers. The package itself contains most of the typical skins you'd expect: Clock - Intricate clock design as well as the actual number version for clear understanding Program Launchers - 6 small and 6 big launchers for opening programs/folders etc... READ BEFORE COMMENTING Make sure you have the latest version of Rainmeter! Since everyone keeps asking, in order to change the launcher names/paths/icons simply: 1. For a list of supported music players and their respective codes see this page. Update 1.0.1 ============= The border skin is now available in 1366x768, 1600x900 and 1920x1080. Showreel — Lunar Animation. Surreal Photographs Mix Wes Anderson And Salvador Dali. Photographer Todd Baxter doesn't try to capture real life in his photos. He's a narrative artist whose medium happens to be photography.

"I have these ideas for a scene—like two kids looking into a glowing hole at night in the woods ("Owl Scouts") or the aftermath of a burglary with a couple tied up in their living room ("Bound and Gagged")," he says, "and I try to make them happen. " His photography isn't photorealistic: It's staged, slightly off-kilter, and just a bit surreal. He uses a camera, but his work is less photojournalistic than it is painterly. Baxter's 2010 series "Owl Scouts," a narrative series that depicts Boy and Girl Scout kids getting lost in the woods, reveals how adeptly photography can be used to evoke fantasies rather than to capture real life.

For "Challenge 1: Owl Burrow—Reaching into Hole," I built a cross-section of the ground in my studio, cutting through an owl burrow hole, and shot the boy reaching into it on set. The Mill. To help promote Angry Birds 2, Wieden+Kennedy recruited director Francois Rousselet and The Mill’s expert VFX team to create a big, fun, over-the-top, live action film. Set on Piggy Island, the film transports viewers to a luxurious and delightfully surreal paradise; where happy pigs frolic in the sunshine and swim in crystal clear waters. But Piggy Island is soon revealed to be the setting of an attack by a furious squad of Angry Birds, who have been plotting to take their revenge on their archenemy, the sneaky, flightless egg-thieving creatures who share the island with them.

The film imagines a real-world adaptation of the game’s narrative, weaving fantastic imagery into the familiar world of Angry Birds. The Mill’s team, led by Adam Droy, then aided in bringing the action of this spot to life by creating a host of CG pigs, palm trees, clouds, oceans and explosions. All textures were created in Mari, again, adding micro details for dirt and specular maps. SandStorm Photoshop Action. Watch the above video for a demonstration of the action and detailed video tutorial Add pro lighting effects to your Sandstorm images with Soft Focus 2. You may also like: Scroll down for the full list of over 50 photo effects. SandStorm Photoshop Action Create this highly detailed effect from your photos with little effort at all.

You can choose from 5 different directions: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT or MIDDLE The action has been tested and working on Photoshop CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6,CC+ The action will ONLY WORK IN THE ENGLISH VERSION OF PHOTOSHOP . Tips & Help If you need assistance with this action or any others, please visit the help page here. Tested Each action is thoroughly tested across between 50 – 150 different photos to ensure there are no errors.

The Best Results For the best results, it is recommended to use high resolution photos in the range of 1500px – 3500px. Organised After each action has finished playing, it creates a well organised layer structure. Time Saving Combine actions. Action: The Animator's Process | Gnomon. A Vegetable Growing Guide Infographic Cheat Sheet. We are right in the middle of vegetable-planting season, the sun is shining, and we’ve wanted to grow our own veg for a while now, but the thought of knowing where to plant them, how far apart the different vegetables should be, and how long they need to grow can become daunting if you plan on doing more that one at a time.

Infographic and embed code below. Click here to download the vegetable growing cheat sheet for print and mobile. Lucky for us all, we’ve been working on a solution to this problem. Good to be Home’s downloadable Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet is a complete chart of all the vegetables you may want to grow this summer. Since this guide was first produced we’ve been beavering away and have come up with an interactive version of the infographic that lets you choose your climate, what you want to plant and where you want to plant it.

Click the START button below to have a go! 10 Things this Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet will show you Share this infographic On Your Site. How Much Does 3D Animation and 3D Illustration Cost? MeliesArt develops method for visualizing data as 3D printed sculptures. Aug 7, 2015 | By Alec A 3D printed representation of the world's biggest companies. At its heart, 3D printing is about turning digital data into physical, tangible models, but one German artist has been interpreting that in a completely different way than most of us do. Instead of relying on digital models like us, Volker Schweisfurth has been applying the same principles to actual numerical data, from lists as diverse as the world’s population to the global turnover of mayor companies, and turning that into 3D printed representations.

These 3D Data Sculptures are extremely comprehensible and insightful overviews that, like excel graphs in the nineties, could do wonders for interpreting data. To bring these interesting models to the people, Volker Schweisfurth has begun the startup MeliesArt, which sells these fascinating 3D printed creations on platforms including Sculpteo and Shapeways. European Population and income per capita 2012 World population rendering Maybe you also like: inShare6. Google’s Boston Dynamics Is 3D Printing Streamlined Legs For Their Humanoid Robot, Atlas. We are approaching an age where robots will transform virtually every part of our society. Over the next decade or two the robotics industry will flourish as man looks towards technology for help in doing the things which are either too tedious, too expensive, or too dangerous for our biological bodies to handle. One company leading the way in this area is the recently acquired Google subsidiary, Boston Dynamics.

Acquired in late 2013, Boston Dynamics at the time was known for their biologically-inspired robots, including the Cheetah, which could run up to 29 miles per hour, or the humanoid robot called PETMAN. This month at the FAB 11 conference at MIT, Boston Dynamics founder, Marc Raibert, was on hand to show off a new and improved version of a humanoid robot they call Atlas. Most notably, these additional upgrades include new legs to better mimic their human counterparts. Current Atlas Leg (left), 3D Printed Leg (Right) Blokko : All things fun. 3D-Printed Gun Named After An Arrested Gunmaker. Australia's Eora 3D prepares to launch $199 iPhone-powered 3D laser scanner on Kickstarter. Introducing Leo Haslam's fantastical creations. BleepBleeps turns to 3D printing to bring the cutest parenting gadgets to market quickly.

Keysforge web app lets you 3D print ‘do not duplicate’ keys based on a picture. SXSW PanelPicker. Roll20: Online virtual tabletop for pen and paper RPGs and board games. English to Draconic translator. Affecting the past and future with Sculpteo's 3D printing technology. Tutorials | FlippedNormals. Fabric Engine 2 is here! - Fabric.

Music | Jake Kaufman. I5 Plus Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Watch-24.99 and Free Shipping. Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life: George Bridgman: 8601200483963: Books. INFOGRAPHIC: Best Selling 3D Models and Practices - Blog - OsiriX - DICOM Viewer. Painting 3D printed models. Evangelion: Another Impact [CONFIDENTIAL] (HD) Learn Squared. Nightmare Effects: Evolution of a Horrifying Character Mask.

Download Clarabella Crocodile Toothbrush Holder - Support Free by Evavooo - Digital sculpting in the collectibles industry. Desk exercises: 11 tips and routines for designers | Design. Justino. 3DKITBASH. MIT's bioLogic: Bacteria-powered 3D printed biofabric opens and contracts as you sweat. Crime Wave | Danger Mode. Vulcanus V1 3D-Printer. 3D Printed Anatomy Series Released by Monash University: A Medical Training Game Changer. Twenty Something Sullivan | Tom Burtonwood. Zheng3 | Just another WordPress site. Faire Play | Zheng3. Wired writer builds an untraceable AR-15 'Ghost Gun' in his office using a 3D printer and CNC mill. Why Katy Perry’s Lawyers Just Jumped The Shark.

Designing for 3D printing - 3DVerkstan Knowledge Base. Fictiv | Better Hardware Prototyping. Moddler. Chimera: $60 DLP High-Res 3D Printer. Home. Fixing Pulley Innacuracy | Ultimaker. Ultimaker 2 Extended | Ultimaker. This incredible 3D printed Batman Arkham Origins suit is fabricated using 3D printing. Skill Builder — Finishing and Post-Processing Your 3D Printed Objects. Pinshape vs Thingiverse: Showdown in 3D Model Town. The Atomic Method - 3DVerkstan Knowledge Base. Formwurx | THINK IT | DESIGN IT | FORM IT. “The Olsson Block” | 3dSolex Ultimaker 2 Upgrades. Projects (blog) Treasures of Mystery Island by DesertEagle - Shapetizer. Post%20Process%20Your%20PLA%20Prints.pdf. Me! | MeshMixer 2.0: Best Newcomer in a Supporting Role?

Chimera: $60 DLP High-Res 3D Printer. Italian designer 3D prints a gorgeous guitar inspired by HP Lovecraft groundbreaking art. Doing 3d Printing? Show us your work... Elevatedmaps. How to distribute your 3D Models - Pinshape. FunToDo, Best 3D Dlp resins. 3DShook| 3D Print Everything SPOD(Subscription Print On Demand) 3D Printed Business Cards : Preparing files for laser cutting & engraving.

Blokko combines storytelling and 3D printing into one fun toy marketplace. MOYUPI - Play with your imagination! by Juan Ángel Medina. 3D printing gluing: making your 3D-printed objects stick. Best Printing Practices on an Ultimaker | Ultimaker | 3D Hubs Talk. 3D Printing | Digital Content | MakerBot. Australian 3D design engineer creates a 3D printed electric guitar using an UP Box. The E3D BigBox 3D Printer. by BigBox3D Ltd.

Create your own 3D printed racing bike with colorFabb's XT-CF20 carbon fiber filament. Cults ・ Download free or paid 3D models for 3D printer. Mechwarrior by Joker X - Shapetizer. Hauke Scheer: 3D Character Design and 3D Printing. Should You Buy a 3D Printer or Use a 3D Printing Service? 2015 Edition.

Yeggi - Printable 3D Models Search Engine.