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Nouveaux avatars à revoir. Paranormal Parodies Radio Shows. Kiss Me I'm Psychic-Grief Stages - Kiss Me I'm Psychic-Grief Stages. Photos du journal. Facebook. Photos du journal. Hotrat. Avatars à voir. Docs à voir. Controlling Computers with Your Mind. November 8, 2010 Scientists used a brain-computer interface to show how the activity of just a few brain cells can control the display of pictures on a computer screen. The finding sheds light on how single brain cells contribute to attention and conscious thought. Patients were asked to focus on 1 of 2 superimposed images, here of Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe. Researchers have been making great progress in developing brain-computer interfaces—devices that let a person's thoughts guide the actions of a computer. This technology can potentially help paralysis patients control prosthetic limbs and communicate.

A team of scientists led by Dr. Itzhak Fried at the University of California, Los Angeles, used a brain-computer interface to investigate whether you can consciously control computer images by changing the activity of your brain cells. The scientists recruited 12 patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. The results appeared in the October 28, 2010, issue of Nature. Découpage français 1789. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Baillie. Le terme de bailliage désignait autrefois (avant la Révolution française) en France, en Belgique et en Suisse à la fois une entité territoriale (circonscription administrative, financière et judiciaire) et la charge d'officier de bailli qui y était liée. C’était la même institution que la sénéchaussée (autrefois aussi écrit seneschaussie[1]). Vocabulaires régionaux[modifier | modifier le code] Le terme de bailliage était plus fréquent dans le nord de la France avec quelques exceptions notables, comme Artois, Boulonnais, Ponthieu qui étaient qualifiés de sénéchaussées.

Le mot sénéchaussée était utilisé dans le sud (en particulier dans le Languedoc) et en Bretagne ; étymologie, histoire des mots[modifier | modifier le code] La cour ou tribunal du bailliage était présidée par le juge-mage, ou lieutenant général du bailli. La fonction de bailli[modifier | modifier le code] Ten of the Best Movie Robots | Robots in movies has always been a fascinating subject. On the one hand Robots carry that machine like mystique that enables them to do things that we humans can’t. And that factor alone leads us to curiosity and amazement. On the other, when we see human qualities in these robots, it makes them that much more interesting. With this in mind, I think it was fine time to identify some robots who were revolutionary, who carried thematic weight, who were lovable (or frightening), or who were just cool as hell.

For the purposes of this list, “robot” is defined as any manufactured entity primarily of mechanical parts that emulates human behaviors like walking, talking, or hunting for Sarah Connor. Here are ten of the best movie Robots C-3PO – Star Wars Until the Star Wars movie, most robots were portrayed as cold, emotionless, subservient, and speech impaired machines. The Terminator Johnny 5 – Short Circuit Robocop Probably the most badass movie robot of all time.

Optimus Prime – Transformers. Nerve-Electronic Hybrid Could Meld Mind and Machine | Wired Science. Nerve-cell tendrils readily thread their way through tiny semiconductor tubes, researchers find, forming a crisscrossed network like vines twining toward the sun. The discovery that offshoots from nascent mouse nerve cells explore the specially designed tubes could lead to tricks for studying nervous system diseases or testing the effects of potential drugs. Such a system may even bring researchers closer to brain-computer interfaces that seamlessly integrate artificial limbs or other prosthetic devices. “This is quite innovative and interesting,” says nanomaterials expert Nicholas Kotov of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. “There is a great need for interfaces between electronic and neuronal tissues.” To lay the groundwork for a nerve-electronic hybrid, graduate student Minrui Yu of the University of Wisconsin–Madison and his colleagues created tubes of layered silicon and germanium, materials that could insulate electric signals sent by a nerve cell.

Images: Minrui Yu See Also: Femme de l'année = la figurine. La figurine 1. La figurine 2. Eye tracking (site Le_Meur) 'Locked thoughts' by Issac Solemon - Art Direction from Pakistan. Image by Marco Cappalunga - Photography from Italy. Social Life, With Friends (kinetic typography) Twitter-users-profile1.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200x900 pixels) - Scaled (71. Design Your Dorm: 3-D interior design tool for students, parents, and universities. ''Mortgage'' by Ronald Slabbers - Illustration from Netherlands. Image by Martin Svoboda - Fine Arts from Czech Republic. Pantone color chart - Model paint database. Écologie de l'esprit monétisée. 'P plastic graphic' by Katya Ulitina - Illustration from Russia. 'Trish' by Struan * - Photography from Canada.

What Is Character? Debunking the Myth of Fixed Personality. Radial tree. Example of a radial tree, from a 1924 organization chart that emphasizes a central authority.[1] Radial vs. triangular tree layout Comparison to other layouts[edit] In a simple case, the first node is at the top, and the linked nodes are beneath. As each node typically has more than one child, the resulting shape is relatively triangular. In a radial layout, instead of each successive generation being displayed a row below, each generation is displayed in a new, outer orbit. Since the length of each orbit increases with the radius, there tends to be more room for the nodes. Basic layout[edit] The overall distance "d" is the distance between levels of the graph.

The layout has some similarities to a hyperbolic tree, though a key difference is that hyperbolic trees are based on hyperbolic geometry, whereas in a radial tree the distance between orbits is relatively linear. Examples[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ W. External links[edit] Paradosso del gatto di Schrödinger. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Origine e motivazione[modifica | modifica sorgente] L'esperimento ideato da Schrödinger nacque nel contesto della discussione del paradosso di Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR), pubblicato nel 1935[1]. Il paradosso EPR criticava una caratteristica fondamentale dei sistemi quantistici secondo l'interpretazione di Copenaghen (sviluppata da Bohr e Heisenberg), successivamente nota come entanglement quantistico. Secondo la teoria ortodossa, due sistemi fisici interagenti devono essere trattati come un sistema unico, descritto da un unico stato quantico: uno stato "entangled", ovverosia "intrecciato".[2] L'esperimento e le sue conseguenze[modifica | modifica sorgente] Spesso il risultato dell'esperimento viene presentato nei termini seguenti.

Ma poiché il decadimento determina la sorte del gatto, questo dovrebbe essere considerato contemporaneamente vivo e morto: almeno fino a quando non si compie un'osservazione, aprendo la scatola. o . Sono entrambe realizzate. I protocolli. Geekologie - Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome. The Software Ontology - homepage. Jauge de déformation. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Jauge.

Jauge de déformation. Présentation de la relation contrainte-déformation[modifier | modifier le code] Les jauges de déformation permettent de mesurer de faibles déformations. D'un point de vue macroscopique, on définit la déformation conventionnelle, appelée « extension » et notée e, par où l0 est la longueur initiale de la pièce, ou ici de la jauge ;Δl est la variation de la longueur sous charge, Δl = (l - l0). Cet allongement relatif est assimilé à la déformation vraie εI (« épsilon un ») ; on a en effet e ≈ εI pour les petites déformations.

Par ailleurs, le diamètre D de la pièce rétrécit, selon la loi : εII = - νεI avec F est la force de traction ou compression ;S est l'aire de la section droite. Dans le cas d'une pièce en extension ou en compression, dans le domaine élastique, on a la loi de Hooke : σ = E×εI On utilise parfois de manière alternative γij, i ≠ j = 2εij . Rosette rectangulaire (à 45°). puis : Negative absolute temperature. April Flowers for – Your Universe Online People take it for granted in most northern climes the temperatures will drop below zero at some point during the winter. What is normal in nature is impossible in physics: a minus temperature. Minus temperatures are only surprising on the Celsius scale during the summer. On the Kelvin, or absolute temperature scale used by physicists, it is impossible to go below zero. At least, it is impossible to get colder than zero Kelvin.

Physically, the chaotic movement of its particles determines the temperature of a gas. The colder the gas, the slower the particles; at zero Kelvin (minus 273 degrees Celsius), the particles of the gas stop moving and all chaos disappears. A new study by physicists at the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics describes the creation of a new atomic gas in the laboratory that has negative Kelvin values. To get water to boil, energy needs to be added. Personal Robots Group - MIT Media Lab. Silicon Chips Wired With Nerve Cells Could Enable New Brain/Machine Interfaces. It's reminiscent of Cartman's runaway Trapper Keeper notebook in that long-ago episode of South Park, but researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may be scratching the surface of a new kind of brain/machine interface by creating computer chips that are wired together with living nerve cells. A team there has found that mouse nerve cells will connect with each other across a network of tiny tubes threaded through a semiconductor material.

It's not exactly clear at this point how the nerve cells are functioning, but what is clear is that the cells seem to have an affinity for the tiny tubes, and that alone has some interesting implications. To create the nerve-chip hybrid, the researchers created tubes of layered silicon and germanium that are large enough for the nerve cells' tendrils to navigate but too small for the actual body of the cell to pass through. What isn't clear is whether or not the cells are actually communicating with each other they way they would naturally. Sciences et techniques. Site Down? - Website Status Check | Downforeveryone.COM. Parisian life two. Tendance anthropo- morphe. La plupart des coucous sont des usurpateurs. Ils déposent leurs oeufs dans le nid d'autres espèces d'oiseaux, qui les acceptent le plus souvent, nourrissant les jeunes intrus au détriment de leur propre progéniture.

Le mérion superbe (Malurus cyaneus) a trouvé une parade pour démasquer les imposteurs. On ignorait jusque-là en quoi elle consistait. C'est par hasard qu'une équipe menée par des biologistes de l'université de Flinders, en Australie, a percé le secret du mérion superbe, une espèce commune à l'île-continent. Les chercheurs avaient placé des microphones sous des nids afin d'enregistrer les cris d'alarme contre les prédateurs - principalement d'autres oiseaux. Ils ont remarqué que les femelles chantaient régulièrement pour leurs oeufs durant les derniers stades du développement des embryons... Apprentissage Mais, si élaboré soit-il, ce stratagème ne permet de confondre que 40 % des imposteurs. Mais Malurus cyaneus risque aussi d'intéresser les chercheurs pour d'autres raisons.