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Should I Work for Free? 9 Helpful Typography Related Online Games. The Elements of Typographic Style: Robert Bringhurst: 9780881791327: Books. 20 blogs for designers that i love. The Best Web Development Tools You Probably Aren’t Using. As a web developer, you’ll always come across bugs in your code and new development techniques that you think could apply to existing websites. Mirroring the digital world in general, websites need to be at the forefront so that they’re the best performing for readers and customers. So it’s your job to make sure your websites do just that. Web development tools can be incredibly handy. They come in all forms, such as browser add-ons and plugins, which can help you to create the best website possible.

They make your work more productive and therefore faster, plus they give you access to the latest techniques. Some browsers have web development built-in, but it’s still useful to monitor your websites’ user experience, to know that your websites are performing the best they can, and to be creative with what you can do with the web. You’re probably already using the support provided by the big browsers, like Google Chrome. CSS Guidelines Let’s kick off with something really useful. Dimensions. Prepros :: Compile Less, Sass, CoffeeScript and much more with live browser refreshing. Using Grunt to automate redundant tasks in WordPress development. Firebug : une merveille de plus pour Firefox. Delivering Responsibly | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA.

Posted by Scott on 10/26/2015 At several conferences throughout the past year, I’ve presented a talk called Delivering Responsibly with slight variations and updates each time. The following is a transcript and slides from the last time I gave the presentation, at Fronteers Conference in Amsterdam, October 2015. Today I’m going to talk about delivering fast, resilient, accessible sites. I’ll cover some challenges we face in doing that, and some practices and upcoming standards that we can use to make sites usable on any device as soon as possible. As web designers and developers, we all have our own specialties and responsibilities, but broadly speaking, collectively, we might say it is our job is to deliver sites that respond to our users’ needs. Sounds simple enough. Ultimately, we want to deliver services that feel at home and appropriate on any given device. It’s been said that the web is a hostile medium to work with. But there's a lot more. ...and that’s inspiring I think.

Choosing a CMS Your Organization Will Love. The internet doesn’t exactly lack for advice on how to pick a CMS platform. Go for the one with the most impressive feature set, advises one expert. Consider the costs of ownership, charges back another. Make sure it produces SEO-optimized pages, warns every SEO consultant everywhere.

Unfortunately, picking the right CMS by consulting generic criteria is as effective as studying census data to improve your writing skills. Article Continues Below Experts often readily admit the importance of considering organizational needs in the CMS selection process, but they’re rarely willing to talk about those needs specifically. Understanding the varied departmental interests, psychological trade-offs, and political realities of your organization, however, is key—your CMS selection criteria should emphasize factors that will directly impact the success of the people who will use it.

The curse of enterprise software#section1 Tools maketh the developer#section2 The editor’s fear of manuals#section3. A CMS that doesn't mess with your markup. Kilimchoi/engineering-blogs. Dypsilon/frontend-dev-bookmarks. Microsoft Snip : un nouvel outil pour faire des captures d'écran, les annoter et les partager. Microsoft propose un outil pour faire des captures d’écran (Outil Capture), intégré sur tous les PC depuis Windows 7. Le petit logiciel va plus loin qu’une simple pression de la touche « Imprim Écran », puis qu’il permet de choisir (plus ou moins précisément) la zone de la capture d’écran.

On peut également encadrer des zones sur les captures effectuées avant de les enregistrer. C’est un bon début, mais d’autres outils vont bien plus loin : on pense notamment à Greenshot (que nous utilisons) ou Screenshotlayer qui permet de capturer un site web en entier. Mais Microsoft travaille également sur une nouvelle version de l’Outil Capture, et la bêta est d’ores-et-déjà accessible. Il s’agit d’un projet du Microsoft Garage, la section de Microsoft dédiée aux expérimentations.

De très nombreuses applications sont actuellement en test, comme Send (pour envoyer des courts emails) ou Keyboard for Excel (pour faciliter l’usage d’Excel sur les smartphones Android). Nfidence and Overwhelm. There’s epic amounts of stuff that I’ve not touched. People will say to me, “What do you think about this?” “I don’t really have an opinion. I’ll let you know once I have a chance to look at it.” I think coming from where I’ve come from, I’ve got the confidence to say that.

If you’re in that place where you’re feeling terrified that the world is racing past you, if a client says, “Why aren’t you using this?” Or “I’ve heard that you need to use that.” What do you say? Last week I had a chat with Jen Simmons for her podcast The Web Ahead, the episode was published today. Due to supporting users of Perch, our product very much aimed at people who build great sites for clients, I know a lot about the things that a whole range of designers and developers struggle with.

A lot of folk feel overwhelmed right now. I don’t think I had really voiced this thought before, however in the conversation I kept coming back to the word confidence. I’m not the smartest person in the room. 50+ Mock up Bundle - Designs For All Your Needs - The Hive. Presenting your work in a visually appealing manner is not just important – it should be your number 1 rule in your design bible. Why? 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.

(Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco) It’s the aesthetics more than anything else which draws people in. So if you want to showcase what you’ve achieved, what better way than to place it within a beautiful mock up? We’ve compiled a list of 50+ resources for finding the perfect mockup downloads, grouped by type. Please provide your name and email address for your free download. Apple Apple has easily dominated the design scene. Family products 2. 3. 4. Logo When working on a branding exercise it can be useful to imagine the logo in different scenarios – mockups will take this process a step further. 5. 6. 7. Business Having an image of something before ordering it from a supplier is important as it can provide a different perspective. 8. 9. 10.

Buy | Kirby. The Printliminator v4. Log in | Typeform. Neutraltone/awesome-stock-resources. Space Yourself. There’s more to spaces than the key you instinctively hit between words with one of your thumbs. Let’s find out what other space characters there are, what their heritage is, and how they can be useful today. What you see below are two tweets. In one of them, Paul Irish will be notified of my taunt. In the other one, he’ll be completely oblivious.

What’s the difference between the two? The Age Of Physical Type Link Typography and typesetting used to be surprisingly physical endeavors. This extended to spacing. In this world, running left-aligned (ragged) text required almost the same effort as full justification, since the spaces still needed to go somewhere. “That’s so cute,” you might say. Except, nobody does. Meet The Spaces Link Did you ever take a walk through the entire Unicode table? A lot of typographical history is here, too. Spaces are here, too. You can use them like you would the normal space.

Easy. We do the same thing in one email that uses an en dash for a range. From Pages to Patterns: An Exercise for Everyone. Language defines the life of components. A “blue button” will work until the button is no longer blue—and then the name won’t make sense anymore. The pattern will have no reason to exist if blue buttons have fallen out of use. A component with the name “button,” however, will live a longer and more fruitful life, even if its properties change.

Why? Because its name describes its function, not how it looks. Article Continues Below As many of us know only too well, naming is difficult—but it’s the key to building a robust system. Thinking in pages (still) Even when the final deliverable is a pattern library, clients often still expect to sign off on page designs.

At Clearleft, the challenge of simultaneously developing pages and components became particularly evident in some of our recent projects, where instead of delivering completed pattern libraries to our clients, we were asked to collaborate with in-house teams of designers and developers to help them build and maintain their own.