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Jour (22-08-14)

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Le ventre des femmes. Au Pérou, 300 000 femmes stérilisées de force. Yann Thibaud - L'Écologie intérieure 2/3 (L'aventure émotionnelle ou la métamorphose du coeur)

Jour (21-08-14

Instance jour. Éléments conscience. Éléments de synthèse. Carte module. Twitter, catalyseur numérique de Ferguson. Voile à la plage : entorse à la laïcité ou choc culturel ? FIGAROVOX/ENTRETIEN - Nadine Morano a déclaré sur Twitter que «voir sur le territoire des droits de l'homme» une femme voilée sur la plage «est exaspérant !».

Voile à la plage : entorse à la laïcité ou choc culturel ?

Pour Guylain Chevrier, un débat ouvert sur l'islam, la laïcité et l'identité française est désormais inévitable. Six Steps to Meditation. This meditation lasts 15 to 20 minutes. It is a meditation of SIX steps. Each step will take roughly two and half to about three minutes. I will first explain to you all the steps and then you can start. The FIRST is the step of rhythmic breathing. Breathe in slowly, easily, evenly, and deeply and then breathe out slowly, easily, evenly, and deeply.

The SECOND is the step of detached observation. François Jullien, L'efficacité selon la pensée chinoise. Le cerveau à tous les niveaux. Science du futur: le monde du virtuel sera omniprésent. Science du futur: le monde du virtuel sera omniprésent - Vu 3011 fois.

Science du futur: le monde du virtuel sera omniprésent

Avec ce nouvel épisode de « La Science du futur », Stephen Hawking va nous faire voyager dans l'avenir. Un avenir où la frontière entre le monde physique et le monde virtuel se fera de plus en plus mince, comme nous allons le voir au travers de ces 5 innovations. Un simulateur de combat next-gen L’entraînement des forces armées est d'une importance considérable pour permettre leur survie lors des situations réelles. Pour autant, même avec cette préparation, il existe un énorme fossé entre les exercices et la réalité du terrain. Abandoned Explorations Chateau de Noisy.

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Fast Falling Snow 1080p Hd Without Music. Relaxing Nature Journey & Walkabout #11 - Winter 2013 - Snowing - Snow Sounds, Flowing Water. eVa en came. Structure du mythe. Mythe du zéro. Rotor cards. Cryptocurrency-fueled demand has driven the price of AMD Radeon cards through the roof in recent weeks, and consumers are feeling the pinch.

rotor cards

This is a trend we’ve remarked on several times in the past, but rocketing prices have hit new heights in recent days, with the price of the R9 290X briefly breaking $900 over the weekend. Considering the card carries an official $550 MSRP, that’s a massive 64% over premium. Prices seem to have come down slightly since yesterday’s exuberance; the R9 290X is currently selling for a “mere” $800 at Amazon, while Newegg has a handful of cards in stock for $700. The R9 290 is selling for $600 — a mere 1.5x markup on its $400 MSRP.

(Oops: When I started writing this story, Newegg had a handful of cards in stock for $700. The insanity, however, isn’t confined to the highest-end cards. Price %’s over MSRP Even the R9 270 cards are selling for 30-40% over MSRP, while the R9 280X — a GPU that’s supposed to cost $300 — is actually selling for $489. Maybe. Parcelle cultivée. Modélisation solitaire et collectif (exemple) Remote working: How do you do it? Hello peeps, I'm soon making the change from my London 9 to 6 office job to the world of remote working (mostly as a web developer with a little bit of design in the mix) as I feel like this is something that I have to try at least once in my life.

Remote working: How do you do it?

Maybe eventually make the plunge to freelance after, if it works for me. I am however, a bit terrified of the downsides of remote working: as disturbing as an office can be, it's also a source of social interaction, team lunches, discussions about the weather – everything that keeps your brain sane. Also, not having my own office space at home is worrying for me – working from my bedroom or coffeeshops may be cool once in a while, but every day...? Molecule Tiny Homes. This is a recently completed home by Molecule Tiny Homes in Santa Cruz, California.

Molecule Tiny Homes

It’s 17-feet long and has a few notable features: a staircase to the loft, a bathtub, and a fold up porch. The whole thing is very nicely done, but those items really stand out in the crowd. Stairs don’t normally work well in a tiny house because the height in the loft is too low by the time you climb to the top of the stairs. They solved this issue by using a shed dormer in the loft.

I’m not sure why they chose to use a shed dormer just on one side, but it seems to work nicely making a nice asymmetrical loft space. The bathtub is tucked into a corner of the bathroom behind the sink. The porch at the front door is hinged and folds-up when the house is being moved. Ariana Grande - Break Free ft. Zedd.

Youtube. The Reverse Cantor. Vi Hart.