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Géolocalisation suivi internautes. Géolocalisation citoyens-pays. Des ingénieurs de la société Bull et des militaires français retraités ont formé, en 2008, les services de renseignement libyens pour placer la totalité du pays sur écoute. Le Figaro a rencontré l'un de ces militaires. Il témoigne en exclusivité. Les services de renseignement de Kadhafi ont été formés dans le plus grand secret par des cadres d'Amesys, une filiale de Bull, ainsi que par des militaires retraités de la direction du renseignement militaire (DRM). L'information avait été dévoilée mardi par le Wall Street Journal . Le Figaro a retrouvé l'un des militaires chargés de cette formation. Cette première collaboration pour ce produit d'interception baptisé “Eagle” allait permettre de perfectionner ce tout nouveau logiciel et de le vendre ensuite à d'autres pays.

Géolocalisation visualisation temps-réel. ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire -05/15/12)- Space-Time Insight, the leading provider of next-generation situational intelligence solutions, today announced that its visual and geospatial analytics software has been integrated with the SAP HANA Platform, tapping into HANA's powerful in-memory database to meet growing user demands for rich, real-time analysis of business and operational data. At SAP's invitation, the combined solution will be demonstrated at the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, May 14-16 in Orlando, Florida in the SAP HANA ecosystem and innovation test-drive pod in the database and technology campus (DT 228).

Space-Time Insight's suite of situational intelligence solutions helps organizations with critical infrastructure derive business value from massive volumes of data and to anticipate and respond in real-time to events that impact critical infrastructure. Note: All product and company names are trademarks of their respective companies. Géolocalisation (analyse autocentrée) Géolocalisation intercept suite. NSA, AT&T and the NarusInsight Intercept Suite June 14th, 2007 In the Ugly Truth About Online Anonymity, I wrote: There are dozens of off the shelf products that you would swear were designed for use by intelligence agencies, but they’re routinely peddled to—and used by—corporations.

géolocalisation intercept suite

If corporations have and use these surveillance capabilities, what are the intelligence agencies running on the service providers’ networks? I’ll be buggered if I know, but I know it’s not good. So: Géolocalisation IPv6 connections. SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire -03/06/12)- Narus, Inc., the leader in real-time network traffic intelligence and analytics, today unveiled NarusInsight 8, which continues Narus' tradition of delivering situational awareness in an ever-changing cyber environment. The latest release fully supports IPv6, keeping pace with industry and government organizations as they adopt new standards. NarusInsight 8 also offers improved efficiency for existing software and enhanced performance for more powerful hardware.

Support for additional system hardening required for government environments rounds out NarusInsight 8. With this release, Narus continues its leadership in providing enhanced situational awareness with its real-time traffic intelligence and analytics. Géolocalisation Paris panorama.

Discours numérique d'entreprise (France 2011)

Géolocalisation agrégation analyses. Narus, subsidiaria de propiedad total de The Boeing Company, y Teradata anunciaron una alianza para proporcionar soluciones que reducen eficazmente los problemas de las amenazas cibernéticas. Esta alianza ofrecerá a los clientes de ambas empresas una mayor y más rápida visibilidad para detectar y mitigar los ataques cibernéticos cada vez más sofisticados.

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Géolocalisation analyse interéchelles. One Magic 8 Ball to Rule Them All?

géolocalisation analyse interéchelles

Hallelujah, Brother, Praise the Lord June 13th, 2007 Do you notice how this technocratic theocracy is the same old snake handling and sky god worship, but with “science” and computers? Same result, it just doesn’t look like a Pentecostal revival. Instead of people speaking in tongues and waving bibles, technocrats in suits are telling us that the machines will find the terrorists who live amongst us by “pro-actively mining the data.” Or not, as some of the TIA alumni were forced to admit: So far, terrorism researchers “cannot readily distinguish the absolute scale of normal behaviors” for terrorists or ordinary Americans, conceded a 2006 document from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and obtained by National Journal magazine. But does it have to work? In response to my recent zombie consumer post, a Cryptogon reader sent me the following email: Humans, the majority of humans, are pack animals. All that matters is the show.

Via: abcnews: Géolocalisation contre- dépendance. Nifle Roger.

géolocalisation contre- dépendance

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