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Bernard Stiegler : « Ce n’est qu’en projetant un véritable avenir qu’on pourra combattre Daech » LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Propos recueillis par Margherita Nasi (Propos recueillis par) Pour le philosophe Bernard Stiegler, « la guerre est économique ». L’effondrement de l’emploi engendre le désespoir qui engendre à son tour la violence. « Il n’y a pas d’avenir hors d’un renversement fondamental de la valeur en économie », explique-t-il. « Nous sommes en guerre », martèle le président de la République depuis les attentats du 13 novembre.

Est-ce que vous vous reconnaissez dans cette guerre ? Bernard Stiegler. – Non. L’emploi va s’effondrer, notamment auprès des jeunes. Ni Hollande ni Sarkozy n’ont donné la moindre perspective à ces jeunes. Lire aussi « Pour les désespérés, l’islamisme radical est un produit excitant » Qu’entendez-vous par disruption ? Dans mon ouvrage, j’analyse un texte signé Abu Bakr Al-Naji, tel que le résume Ignace Leverrier, qui désigne un collectif, dont d’anciens agents de Saddam Hussein devenus islamistes. La pratique disruptive détruit les équilibres sociaux. La puce et le neurone : deux mots sur la « curation » | Ah le vilain mot que celui de « curation » ! Il y a décidément des anglicismes qui passent mal. Je ne sais pas pourquoi on ne lui préfère pas le terme d’édition, fût-il imparfait.

Quoi qu’il en soit, c’est depuis quelques mois un des mots à la mode sur le Web et il recouvre quelque chose d’important : essayons donc de remonter du son (bruyant) au sens. Mais tout d’abord, qu’est-ce que la curation ? J’ai rencontré plusieurs définitions et, plutôt que de trancher, je vais y aller de la mienne, qui vaudra du moins pour cet article. Maintenant, si l’on considère le Web, on comprend aisément pourquoi c’est une notion importante. Pour ne parler que du Web moderne, celui qui dans mon esprit commence au milieu des années 1990, deux méthodes de curation se dégagent : l’humaine et l’algorithmique. La curation humaine, c’est « David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web« , à savoir Yahoo! Il est assez aisé de tracer les principaux avantages et inconvénients de ces deux approches. Article original. Why India is behind China! I recently wrote how the world is less globalized than we suspect it is and how we now spend $88 billion a year in visa processing fees.

What is not included in this figure is the extraordinary opportunity cost of time and inefficiencies imposed by the visa obtaining process. I recently experienced a telling experience which illustrates the differences between China and India. OLX is present in both countries and I typically visit both countries every year. China unfortunately requires a visa for French citizens but has a very efficient process for obtaining and delivering it. You can pay a surcharge and obtain it the same day from their visa processing center on 12th avenue and 42nd street in New York. The processing center is very well staffed and even where there are many people in line, you rarely wait more than 30 minutes. India by contrast makes it an ordeal to get a visa. Discovery is the problem in gaming. In 2009 I wrote a guest post at Industry Gamers about why social gaming is so attractive to investors, where I talked about the three key elements oin gaming: Development, Distribution and Discovery.

Basically, I compared circa 2009 social games to AAA games and said that they were cheaper to develop (a few months and a few hundred thousand dollars), distribution was virtually ubiquitous (since they could be played in browser versus bought in a store and played on a console or high end PC) and discovery was free through viral growth instead of driven through heavy marketing campaigns. I concluded that this dynamic, which allowed a startup to take multiple “shots on goal” with a venture capital investment, was what had brought renewed investor interest to gaming, an industry that had largely been financed by publishing deals. Much has changed since 2009, and browser (including social) and mobile games are the two hottest areas in gaming right now. Cross promotion to an existing base. James Cooke. Yes this is possible in ElasticSearch using a script, either for sorting or for scoring.

My preference would be for a scoring script because 'script based score' is going to be quicker (according to the documentation). Using a scoring script, you could use the Unix timestamp for the date field of type int/long and an mvel sorting script in the custom_score query. You might need to re-index your documents. You would also need to be able to convert the searched for time into a Unix timestamp to pump it at ElasticSearch. The sorting script would then deduct the requested timestamp from each document's timestamp and make an absolute value. So when looking for documents dated about a year ago, it would look something like: (Apologies for any mistakes in my JSON - I tested this idea in pyes) You might need to tweak this to get the rounding right - for example your question mentions matching days, so you might want to round the timestamp generator to the nearest day. Facebook Updates Formula for Counting Active Users.

Today, Facebook announced that, along with the redesigned permissions dialog it introduced at f8, it’s also making a change to the way it counts active users on canvas applications to only count those who are logged in as active users. This means that users who hit the permissions dialog but choose to not authenticate the app, or who visit the app without logging in (for those apps that allow that behavior), will no longer be included in active user counts. Thus, because most apps at least have users who see the permission dialog but don’t log in, we are expecting to see a one-time decline in those stats as documented on associated with this change.

This will appear in AppData starting 15 October. It’s important to note that this change doesn’t correlate to any actual change in traffic to apps. The numbers will now simply no longer include users who don’t log in. Facebook says this change will not affect Connect apps or Page tabs. uClassify - Free text classification. A new kind of advertising. Gabe Rivera has created a new kind of advertising for TechMeme, which he explains here and here. Simply put: He takes feeds of the latest posts from sponsors’ blogs and puts that in an ad box on Techmeme.

That’s their ad. It’s brilliantly simple: dynamic advertising controlled by the advertisers, who will make their ads — their content — relevant to the readers who see their feeds on Techmeme. I talked with Gabe about this at a conference months ago; he has put a lot of careful thought into the idea. I like it. I’d love to have a such a unit here. Des milliers d’expulsions pour purifier l’Espagne catholique. Lorsque Dante Alighieri meurt à Ravenne en 1321, cela fait vingt ans qu’il n’a pas revu Florence, d’où l’a chassé un changement de pouvoir. C’est un réfugié, un destin qui va devenir toujours plus commun avec la constitution d’Etats soucieux non seulement d’écarter leurs adversaires politiques mais d’homogénéiser leurs populations, notamment sur le plan religieux. Une évolution où l’Espagne peut revendiquer l’honneur douteux d’un statut de précurseur. De tout temps, les humains ont fui les troubles politiques, les combats et les calamités – famines, épidémies – qui leur étaient parfois liés.

Mais ces départs ont le plus souvent été marginaux, limités aux élites ou aux habitants de zones particulièrement déstabilisées. L’arrivée d’un nouveau conquérant modifiait les rapports de force, faisait naître de nouveaux groupes de privilégiés, reléguait les autres. Mais il suffisait en général à ces derniers de faire allégeance pour pouvoir continuer de vivre en paix. Introducing Dynomite - Making Non-Distributed Databases, Distributed.

Netflix has long been a proponent of the microservices model. This model offers higher-availability, resiliency to failure and loose coupling. The downside to such an architecture is the potential for a latent user experience. Every time a customer loads up a homepage or starts to stream a movie, there are a number of microservices involved to complete that request. Most of these microservices use some kind of stateful system to store and serve data. A few milliseconds here and there can add up quickly and result in a multi-second response time. The Cloud Database Engineering team at Netflix is always looking for ways to shave off milliseconds from an application’s database response time, while maintaining our goal of local high-availability and multi-datacenter high-availability.

Inspired by the Dynamo White Paper as well as our experience with Apache Cassandra, Dynomite is a sharding and replication layer. Motivation Dynomite Topology Replication Highly available reads Cold cache warm-up. §. La puce et le neurone : deux mots sur la « curation » Ah le vilain mot que celui de « curation » ! Il y a décidément des anglicismes qui passent mal. Je ne sais pas pourquoi on ne lui préfère pas le terme d’édition, fût-il imparfait. Quoi qu’il en soit, c’est depuis quelques mois un des mots à la mode sur le Web et il recouvre quelque chose d’important : essayons donc de remonter du son (bruyant) au sens. Mais tout d’abord, qu’est-ce que la curation ?

J’ai rencontré plusieurs définitions et, plutôt que de trancher, je vais y aller de la mienne, qui vaudra du moins pour cet article. La curation, c’est le fait de détecter, d’organiser et de diffuser de l’information sur un sujet donné. Autant dire que les humains n’ont pas attendu le Web pour en faire… Sans remonter aux calendes grecques, les revues de presse, les anthologies sont des exemples de curation. Maintenant, si l’on considère le Web, on comprend aisément pourquoi c’est une notion importante. La curation humaine, c’est « David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web« , à savoir Yahoo! Buckminster Fuller.

Education & Freedom. Science. Entrepreneurship & Social Impact. Designing the Future. Complexity. Right Brain. Humour geek. Inde. Théorie de la décision. Behavioural Economics. Health Economics. International Trade. Economics of Immigration. Resources.

A Tribute to Alan Watts. Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt - Clearing the rubbish from the road to reality. Vibration-Oscillation Diagnosing and Healing Therapy. "If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration" Nikola Tesla Introduction During the last several decades the achievements of physics completely have confirmed the ancient hermetic maxima that all things existing in nature are vibrations of different types. According to the latest development of quantum physics, all particles may be represented as vibrating with certain frequencies of converging in- and diverging out-going spherical resonant waves.[1, 2] Atoms and molecules are considered by quantum mechanics as patterns of vibrations governed by the wave equations. Although these particles may be unified in a living organism by means of vital forces, they are otherwise identical in their characteristics with all the other particles in the Universe.

Infrared Scanning Here we shall focus our attention on the use and application of the Infrared differential readings of the human aura. Fig.2d Toroidal Structure of the Assemblage Point. Economy. Economie. Analytics insight. Russia - Afghanistan. Caucase. Politique étrangère géorgienne 26112009. Russia - Eurasia. Asie centrale. Central Asia. Blogs Eurasia. Sino-Russian Relations. China. Europe, Russia and the US. The Caucasus. Russia's Middle East Policy. Chine - China. Chine - China. Relations Russie - UE. Russia & the Arab world. Questions énergétiques. Enseignement supérieur russe. Challenging US and Russian Interests. Relations extérieures de la Russie. Situation intérieure de la Russie. Russia & Iran. India. Brazil. Iran. RUssia. Adding share. Users often come across information they’re excited to share with someone or use in another app. Share is a lightweight, in-context feature that's easy to add to your app.

An app can support the Share feature in two ways. First, it can be a source app that provides content that the user wants to share. Second, the app can be a target app that the user selects as the destination for shared content. An app can also be both a source app and a target app. If you want your app to receive shared content as a target app, you need to first configure your app's manifest file to indicate that it supports the Share contract.

App users can share content from your app with a single swipe from the Share charm. The Charms bar does not exist on Windows Phone 8.1, so sharing options must be programmatically included by the developer as part of an app bar or other control. The following diagram is a high-level view of how sharing works. Note QuickLinks are not supported on Windows Phone 8.1. Sharing and exchanging data. Here we describe the various ways that apps can share and exchange data. Users today expect to be able to use technology to connect and share with other people. Whether a user wants to share a link with their social network, copy a picture into a report, or upload a file to cloud storage, apps today need to ensure that the data they use is also available for users to share and exchange. There are several ways for apps to exchange data with other apps. One of these ways, the Share contract, is new and requires some explanation so you can use it effectively.

Another way, the Clipboard, is something that most developers (regardless of what platform you write code for) are familiar with. Still, to use the Clipboard today you need to consider not just your content, but also the UI for copying and pasting. This is especially true if your app uses touch as a primary way to get user input. The Share charm The Share contract is one way users can quickly exchange data between apps. Tap and send. About Pearltrees. Mail pour être "white listé" About Pearltrees. API. Introduction This page provides documentation of the API (Application Programming Interface) hooks available to IntenseDebate plugin developers, and how to use them.

This plugin API is very much inspired by the WordPress Plugin API, so if you’re already familiar with that you should feel right at home. If not, no worries, we provide full documentation here. If you haven’t already, we suggest reading the section on Writing a Plugin first. This document is a work in progress and constantly evolving. Please be sure to check back regularly for updates and contact us about any suggestions you might have. Hooks, Filters, and Actions↑ Table of Contents ↑ IntenseDebate provides several hooks that allow your plugin to ‘hook into’ the IntenseDebate comment system; that is, to call functions in your plugin at specific times, and thereby set your plugin in motion.

Actions The basic steps to make this happen (described in more detail below) are: Create an Action Function↑ Table of Contents ↑ Filters where: The Implicit Social Graph. John Battelle wrote a gushing post about Color and what it means for mobile/social/local/realtime, augmented reality, and more. There are most certainly some big ideas in the Color app. I've never put a mobile photo app on my phone but I put Color on it last night. I don't have any of my family on Color yet, but I hope to get them all on it today (I'm on spring break with my family and some of our kids' friends). Then we'll see what all the buzz is about. Regular vistors to AVC know that I am in the "many social graphs" camp and most certainly not in the "one graph to rule them all" camp.

I believe we will have at least dozens of social graphs in our lives. My first experience with this sort of implicit social graph came almost six years ago via my musical neighbors graph at uses my listening history to create an implicit social graph in real time. This is the next frontier in social networking for a bunch of reasons. The Social Graph Is Not Enough to Find a True Me. Comprendre facilement les médias sociaux avec Mc Kinsey. The Future of Twitter's Platform Is All in the Cards - Mike Isaac - Social. About Pearltrees. Cards. Active Users. Issue 9421010: Allow app launch URLs to be localized. - Code Review. 3- Statistical Analysis and A/B Testing. A quoi servent les réseaux sociaux ? - APCE, agence pour la création d'entreprises, création d'entreprise, créer sa société,l'auto-entrepreneur, autoentrepreneur, auto-entrepreneur, auto entrepreneur, lautoentrepreneur, reprendre une entreprise, aides à 

Why India is behind China! China and India: Contest of the century. Immigration européenne. Connect API. Adding share. Cards. Les migrants volontaires et les autres. Origine des migrants. Le nouveau scandale des fiches. Active Users. Sharing and exchanging data. Business model. API. Trackback. The Implicit Social Graph. Linkback. L’école gratuite en Inde: à quel prix? Discovery is the problem in gaming. The Social Graph Is Not Enough to Find a True Me. About distribution.