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Hidden Purls: Fine yarn for knits of infinite variety. The 21st Century. 7 Habits of Serious Writers. Image credit: aless&ro With thanks to Michael Pollock for the article suggestion and title. I’ve been writing, on and off, since my early teens – but it’s only in the last three years that I’ve really taken my writing seriously. It’s made a dramatic difference. I write far, far more.

I write better. I finish things – something which, at one point in my writing life, was pretty much unheard of. In the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside all sorts of great writers, during my MA in Creative Writing, and in my freelancing. Habit #1: Writing To be a serious writer, you have to write. Yes, that’s obvious. Maybe you’re one of them. Unfortunately, you won’t get any better at writing unless you actually write. I know it’s tough. You can do it. Writing “regularly” is key here. Get Serious Write. Habit #2: Focus Maybe you’ve planned to write for two hours on a Saturday morning. Writing is hard work – and you’ll come up with all sorts of distractions to keep you from it. Fashion Brands, Social Media and Real Time Live Streaming «FMM.

Alexander McQueen A few announcements in the past couple of weeks have made me ponder the place that real-time social media plays in fashion events. During Toronto Fashion Week, all social media was forbidden during events and shows; organizers blamed weak ticket sales for this shortsighted decision. The media (traditional and “new”) and readers agreed that wasn’t the way to go and some critics even went as far as to say it set the industry back several years.

As we discussed in “Fashionably Late to the Party“, it’s only to a brand’s, retailer’s or event’s advantage to leverage the power and the speed with which information is spread across social networks. Alexander McQueen made a bold decision during NYFW S/S 2010 to live stream his show straight from the runways. 1. 2. 3. 4. Twitter: Alexander McQueen Consumer Trends So what actually happened when McQueen streamed his show on Tuesday? How McQueen could have made the experience even better: Peuples indigènes et terre mère. Les forêts et la jungle sont les principales sources de biodiversité. Si la déforestation continue des milliers d’espèces animales et végétales disparaîtront à tout jamais. Plus des trois quarts de l’eau douce accessible proviennent de zones de captage en forêt, étant donné que la qualité de l’eau se dégrade lorsque l’état de la forêt se détériore. Les forêts constituent une protection contre les inondations, l’érosion et les catastrophes naturelles.

Elles fournissent des biens à base de bois ou sans bois. Les forêts et la jungle sont les poumons de l’atmosphère. 18 % de la totalité des émissions de gaz à effet de serre produites à travers le monde est dû à la déforestation. Dans le contexte actuel des négociations sur le changement climatique, tout le monde reconnaît qu’il est essentiel d’empêcher la déforestation et la dégradation des forêts. vendu(e)s comme n’importe quelle marchandise au niveau mondial. . « services environnementaux ». quantité mesurable de carbone. Défense. 10 Reading Exercises for Fiction Writers. I always find it exciting when I discover a book that in some way echoes whatever I happen to be writing at the time. It might share a similarity of style, story, or structure, or any combination of the three. Whatever the similarity, I find it helpful to delve into the writing to see what lessons I can glean.

After reading several duds recently, I finally came across such a book–The China Garden by Kristina Olsson. While the story isn’t similar to my current work, the prose captured me from the very first page. All I could think was,”That is exactly what I imagine for my finished manuscript.” When I find a book like this, there are several things I do while reading it. Analyze the story’s structure. These activities really help me focus on what makes an book outstanding, as opposed to simply reading it and saying, “Ooh, good read.” What books have you found helpful to analyze?