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Lydiecostes. Géométrie de contact (fantasy art) Webshots is introducing Smile, the next evolution of photo sharing: Upload and share as many photos as you want Create a dynamic photo stream to share with close friends and family Save a permanent archive of your family's photos. Is Free Will an Illusion? - The Chronicle Review. Free will has long been a fraught concept among philosophers and theologians.

Now neuroscience is entering the fray. For centuries, the idea that we are the authors of our own actions, beliefs, and desires has remained central to our sense of self. We choose whom to love, what thoughts to think, which impulses to resist. Or do we? Neuroscience suggests something else. What's at stake? The Chronicle Review brought together some key thinkers to discuss what science can and cannot tell us about free will, and where our conclusions might take us. Conscience 17ème siècle (Fludd) Micro et macrocosme (Fludd) Robert Fludd here depicts the correspondence between the Human (the Ape of Nature) and the Universe as the human is held by a Great Chain of Being from the hand of God (inside cloud). Higher levels of being descended from God's Heaven through the sphere of stars and planetary orbs to the sphere of the four elements. Humans were thought to contain essences of all other parts of the universe.

Fludd was a proponent of alchemical medicine and the theory of correspondences was important to alchemical notions. Esprit et matière (Fludd) Creation, for renaissance occultist Robert Fludd, springs from the union of two opposite forces: the creative power of God impressing itself upon a receptive anti-substance he called the Hyle. The Hyle Defining the Hyle is difficult, if not impossible. Indeed, Fludd states that "it cannot be understood in isolation, nor described by itself alone, but only by analogy. " It is not created, for it is the material of which created things spring.

It is also not separate from God, as such a concept would have been alien to Fludd. One might suggest that it is a part of God, the dark void existing in opposition to the creative power more commonly associated with God. Intersection of Hyle and God The created universe exists wholly within the union the circle and triangle. Within this intersection are the three realms of renaissance cosmology: physical, celestial and spiritual. The Tetragrammaton. "pinup" themed fantasy/sci-fi/horror art - Science Fiction Fantasy Chronicles: forums. Coming Soon: Legendary Visions: The Art of Genzoman.

Update: This book is in stock on Amazon US already. Images and description are from Udon: LEGENDARY VISIONS collects the breathtaking works of artist Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias, also known as Genzoman! Inside you’ll find spectacular renderings of the gods and heroes of ancient Greece, Egypt, South America, Scandinavia, Asia and more. Also included are fantastic interpretations of real life historical figures so amazing that they have become legendary themselves, such as Caribbean pirates, Japanese warriors, Middle Eastern royalty, and Egyptian pharaohs. This 208-page full-color volume will make an excellent addition to any mythology or art book aficionado’s collection! Legendary Visions: The Art of Genzoman is available at Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | JP | CN) and Book Depository (USThese are the artbooks to look forward to in 2012.

This list of new books will be updated at January February The Art of Urban Sketching I've this book. March. Dolls. A Case Study in Voodoo Genetics. A new review of published studies looking at the relationship between a gene and brain structure offers a sobering lesson in how science goes wrong. Dutch neuroscientists Marc Molendijk and colleagues took all of the studies that compared a particular variant, BDNF val66met, and the volume of the human hippocampus.

It's a long story, but there are various biological reasons that these two things might be correlated. It turns out that the first published reports found large genetic effects, but that ever since then, the size of the effects has dropped, with the latest studies finding no effects at all - A cumulative meta-analysis confirms that as more studies on BDNF val66met have appeared, the overall effect estimate has steadily declined - Finally, the authors found signs of publication bias: there were three small, imprecise studies that reported very large effects of the gene, but no such studies finding no effect (or a reverse effect). Le refus avec un message caché — La Kabbale, la science et sens de la vie. Le groupe existe uniquement dans le but de révéler le Créateur, la force qui donne et fonctionne sur nous. En adhérant à Lui, nous nous élevons au-dessus de notre existence corporelle et nous ressentons la vie éternelle qui coule dans ses flux infinis.

Les corps changent d’une génération à l’autre, mais nous régulons la connexion avec l’âme et existons en elle unis pour toujours. Nous ne pouvons atteindre cela uniquement par la connexion et l’unité. Même s’il n’est pas en notre pouvoir de s’unir, la Lumière supérieure, le Créateur est celui qui nous unit, mais avec l’aide du groupe, nous pouvons découvrir le besoin, la nécessité pour cela. Nous avons besoin d’un grand désir, un grand besoin de la Lumière pour nous unir. Donc, dans quelles circonstances nous voulons cela? C’est pourquoi la négativité est révélé dans le groupe: les conflits, la séparation, et l’aliénation parmi les amis. Nous avons fait un excellent travail en nous connectant au cours du congrès.

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Civilization created (meg lee chin) Megleechin. Lacrimosa (Mozart) Deeper (meg lee chin) Tripulacion nocturna (radioefemera) Color-forms generator. My cartoons. Why do we believe in electrons, but not in fairies? By Benjamin Kuipers No one has directly observed either electrons or fairies. Both of them are theoretical constructs, useful to explain observations that might be difficult to explain otherwise. The "theory of fairies" can actually explain more things than the "theory of electrons".

So why do we believe in electrons, but not in fairies? Is the issue a political one, where the "electron" fans got the upper hand in the nineteenth century, so by the twentieth century the "fairy" fans were a scorned and persecuted minority? Or, have we proved for sure that fairies don't exist? No, to both. Fairies are much more free. It's always possible that there really are fairies. The scientific method is an amazing procedure for incrementally improving certain kinds of theories: those that make testable predictions. The theory of evolution is a scientific theory, because it implies a large number of specific testable claims. The theory of intelligent design could be true. Atheism is a religion, too! Swallowing you (meg lee chin) Facebook Tackles (Really) Big Data With 'Project Prism' | Wired Enterprise.

Today, countless websites are facing the epic amounts of online data that first hit Facebook a half decade ago. But according to Facebook engineering bigwig Jay Parikh, these sites have it so much easier. That’s because many of the web’s largest operations — including Facebook — spent the last few years building massive software platforms capable of juggling online information across tens of thousands of servers. And they’ve shared much of this “Big Data” software with anyone who wants it. Together with Yahoo, Facebook spearheaded the creation of Hadoop, a sweeping software platform for processing and analyzing the epic amounts of data streaming across the modern web.

‘It lets us move data around, wherever we want. . — Jay Parikh The result is a platform that can juggle as much as 100 petabytes of data — aka hundreds of millions of gigabytes. But now, Facebook is staring down an even larger avalanche of data, and there are new limitations that need fixing. But Prism will change that. Toute petite petite et moyenne section. Lcole DAVID Renaud est situe dans un environnement rural, 5 kilomtres du bourg de Pointe-Noire dans la section de Mahault. Population Certaines familles sont dorigines dsiradienne et dominicaise ; Fort taux de chmage ; Familles nombreuses et monoparentales ayant peu de moyens.

Constats Enfants ne sexprimant pas ou peu ; Enfants sexprimant mal oralement ; Enfants peu concentrs et peu lcoute ; Enfants ayant peu de contacts avec les crits sociaux ; Les valuations CE2 et 6montrent une certaine faiblesse des lves en mathmatiques. Causes Population en majorit crolophone qui ne fait pas la diffrence entre les deux langues ; Pauvret du vocabulaire ; Peu denfants ont de contacts avec les livres et les crits, de manire gnrale dans leurs familles ; Pas de lieu de culture proche (ex : bibliothque municipale dans le bourg) ; Les mathmatiques sont toujours utilises de manire trs scolaire sans aucun but pour les enfants. But Remdiation Permettre lenfant dagir, dchanger, dcouter les autres. Complexifier son langage. Traitement séquentiel. Ebooks et droits d'auteur. Manifeste flamandisation (Maeterlinck)

Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Maurice Maeterlinck Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck (/ma.tɛʁ.lɛ̃ːk/ en Belgique ; /mɛ.teʁ.lɛ̃ːk/ en France[1]), né le 29 août 1862 à Gand (Belgique) et mort le 6 mai 1949 à Nice (France), est un écrivain francophone belge, prix Nobel de littérature en 1911. §Biographie[modifier | modifier le code] C'est en août 1890 qu'il devient célèbre, du jour au lendemain, grâce à un retentissant article d'Octave Mirbeau sur La Princesse Maleine dans Le Figaro[2]. En 1895, il rencontre la cantatrice Georgette Leblanc, sœur de Maurice Leblanc, avec laquelle il tient, vers 1897, un salon parisien fort couru dans la Villa Dupont : on y croise, entre autres, Oscar Wilde, Paul Fort, Stéphane Mallarmé, Camille Saint-Saëns, Anatole France, Auguste Rodin. Maurice Maeterlinck conçoit lui-même son propre palais, Orlamonde, une résidence féerique bâtie au Cap de Nice dans laquelle il vit avec son épouse[3].

§Œuvre[modifier | modifier le code] — Hôpital Livres. Vida quantofrenica (vie dite 2.0) Vivagora , le 21 Août 2012 dans Nos actions vivagora L' et avec leurs partenaires ... organisent le au siège de l’UNESCO (place Fontenoy, Paris) {*style:<b>LES ASSISES DU VIVANT Que vaut la vie 2.0 ? Avec le soutien du {*style:<b><i> </i></b>*} {*style:<b> </b>*}La bioindustrie du XXI e siècle ambitionne d’augmenter les capacités de production d’énergie, d’aliments, de médicaments, de matériaux… La « vie 2.0 », ce n’est pas simplement la transformation de quelques microbes, plantes, animaux en usines productives mais la fabrique banalisée d’organismes vivants inédits avec lesquels il faudra cohabiter.

. , philosophe de l’environnement à Lausanne, chimiste des matériaux bio-inspirés et membre de l’Académie des Sciences, , professeur de biologie évolutionniste au Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, , directeur du programme Toulouse White Biotechs, , consultant en pratiques socio- économiques solidaires, commerce équitable et changement social, professeur d'économie </b>*} ou.

Chorobot in time machine. Good old Bullets, just from their song "Somewhere in between" from Les Miserables I knew they were an unstoppable hit machine. That instant pop classic must have caught the attention of Jim Terry 'cause here they are singing the theme tune to Time Fighters. And it's not the last time we hear an original composition from them but more on that later.

Our story begins in the laboratory of Professor Von Spock as the final preparations are being made to his new time machine Scorpion 2 (the narrator states that there never was a Scorpion 1 since the inventor didn't want to waste the time, with more than a little derision in his voice). The children Jett and Starr dash around excitedly while robotic assistant Tonk makes the final checks.

Also present on this monumentous occasion is Captain Arrow, another of the Prof's lab assistants who, with a bright red nose, buck teeth and handle-bar mustache, is clearly evil although no one else seems to have noticed. God... isn't this thing over yet? Methods and protocols in molecular biology. - GFP Applications Page designed by Wallace Marshall, Yale University. {*style:<b>Added: 28-Nov-1999 Hits: 982 Rating: 7.33 Votes: 3 [ Rate It ] </b>*} - Contains many molecular biology protocols as well as some Drosophila protocols.

Protocols are downloadable Word files. {*style:<b>Added: 26-Sep-2003 Hits: 447 Rating: 10 Votes: 1 - Data bases, systems, and programs on molecular biology and genetics. {*style:<b>Added: 22-Nov-1999 Hits: 897 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1 - The following methods have been optimized and tested by the Molecular Biology Division of the Sequencing Unit over a period of several years: Construction of Organellar DNA Libraries, Preparation of Single-stranded DNA, Preparation of Plasmid DNA, DNA Sequencing Strategy, Sequencing Gel and Electrophoresis, Sequence Analysis. Petri, Pandora, Prometheus (biosynth) Jean-Jacques Perrier , le 20 Juillet 2012 dans Actualités Une récente feuille de route du Royaume-Uni en matière de biologie de synthèse fait la place à la participation citoyenne, mais dans une logique inféodée au développement de nouveaux produits.

A la demande du ministère britannique des affaires, de l’innovation et des savoir-faire ( Department for Business, Innovation and Skills , BIS), un groupe d’experts du Royaume-Uni présidé par Lionel Clarke, de la firme Shell, vient de publier ce qu’il estime être la feuille de route du pays en matière de biologie de synthèse, nouveau domaine des biotechnologies consistant à concevoir et fabriquer des systèmes biologiques ayant diverses applications. Gouvernance responsable Un marché trop tentant En effet, l’objectif affiché de la feuille de route est de faire des affaires. Définir les bénéfices Jean-Jacques Perrier, VivAgora. Buddha crime. Roadmap of biosynth (UK)

Buddhism in the Numbers. Tricycle. NonProfit National Resource Directory. Francois_nguyen. Battle royale - Koushun Takami - Les lectures de Lili... Et un peu de ma vie aussi... Girl swept into dream. Last minute beauty. TOP TEN UNSOLVED PROBLEMS IN PHYSICS. 女 nü3. Eva on the road. Hunger games t2 L'embrasement - Suzanne COLLINS - Les lectures de Lili... Et un peu de ma vie aussi... Auto-univers (se-dédoubler) Outils de qualité et bonnes pratiques web pour journalistes, blogueurs - NewsRessources | Outils de qualité et bonnes pratiques web pour journalistes, blogueurs – NewsRessources.

Tomket67. Auto-images (s'auto-exposer) Bombonke. Hunger games t3 La révolte - Suzanne COLLINS - Les lectures de Lili... Et un peu de ma vie aussi... Dewey Decimal Classification System. Licth. E-marketing / Social Media / Marketing viral / Search marketing / Web 2.0 / E-commerce. L'histoire de la photo contemporaine. Hunger Games (Tome 1) de Suzanne Collins » Antre de livres. Following sea (dEUS) La boutique en ligne Dell : créez votre propre système. Generative Art ( Structure forêt enchantée (Décaméron) Revue on line - paranormal - parapsychologie.

Controverse sur théologie de la prospérité. Le fonctionnement La mémoire. Hantakira. La petite fille aux allumettes (Andersen) Photography Tips, Tricks & Techniques. Photo Tips, Photos, Galleries, Videos, Photography. 财 Cái. 白 bái. Isis Magick Blacklight Art Gallery Show. 贝 bèi. 大 dà. Actualité juridique. Perlas (el columpio asesino) Spheres. Web sémantique.

Ricmann. Experiment light and shading. Mapping Republic Letters (Stanford) Stanford visualization group. 50 Great Examples of Data Visualization. Collection: Visual thinking. ExMepZarap.png.