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Groop Swoop. Groupon. Politically progressive, ethnically diverse, and packed with boisterous pubs, Boston has evolved quite a bit since it was founded by prim Puritans.


But for all it's changed, you’ll still find evidence of the city’s rich history seemingly everywhere you look. In the Beacon Hill neighborhood, gas-lit cobblestone streets meander past trendy boutiques and organic grocery stores, and in Boston Common—one of the oldest parks in the country—you’ll find both students flinging Frisbees and costumed guides leading tours of Colonial history. Often landmarks aren't made to stand apart from the rest of the city, but rather blend in seamlessly. Locals tend to forget they're strolling past Paul Revere’s house after picking up pastries in a North End bakery, or passing the site of the Boston Massacre on their way to work in a downtown office building. Spinach. LS Deal of the Day.

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