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Welcome to | Welcome to | Welcome to Campaign and Information Center. Throughout the United Nations system, elections and appointments to positions of international importance are decided away from the election hall. Too often, selections are based on political favors, trades, and promises, even antiquated political fiefdoms. The UN's processes fall unacceptably short of existing international public sector appointment and selection procedures. The campaign encourages the UN to increase transparency regarding how posts are filled, place a greater emphasis on individual qualifications, reduce the political and financial trading of positions, and ensure more equity for candidates from all member states.
World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy The World Federalist Movement–Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP) works to advance the global promise of peace and is committed to building a safer and more just world. WFM-IGP includes a comprehensive set of programs that work to protect civilians from the threat of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity; facilitate transparency in governance; increase access to justice; and promote the application of the rule of law. We work in partnership with the United Nations, governments, and other international and regional institutions around the globe—as well as with thousands of committed individuals and world leaders—to advance a mission of peace, prosperity, and security for all. History of the Movement | WFM-IGP | WFM-IGP