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Red Performance Multi sport was founded by professional triathlete Jim Lubinski to help athletes reach their potential.

Ironman Training at Red Performance Multisport Racing. Run Coaching. Cycling Coaching. Whether you race mountain bikes, participate in crits or looking to crush the bike leg of an Ironman Red Performance Multisports has the expertise to help you grow and be noticed as a cyclist.

Cycling Coaching

We have training plans that take advantage of indoor trainers, heart rate monitors as well as the ability to make you proficient with a power meter. Becoming the best cyclist you can be is more than just spending time in the saddle, its all about training smart and making the best use of the athletes time. Most athletes come to us believing they have reached their potential as far as biking is concerned and are just looking to boost their times a little. Triathlon coaching. Swim Coaching. Although the swim leg of a triathlon is often the shortest leg of the race it packs a ton of importance.

Swim Coaching

Triathletes who are in-efficient swimmers often find themselves behind the eight ball in several respects: they can exit the water exhausted, they are be way behind their racing peers and they maybe become so discouraged that eventually they stop racing altogether. A solid swim coach can be the key to reaching your triathlon goals. Your swim coach needs to be knowledgeable, flexible and experienced. The swim coaches at RPM are just that! Years of triathlon and swim coaching have taught them the value of a good swim and its importance on your race. Ironman coaching. Strategy/Race Planning Have you trained hard and dedicated yourself to preparing for a race but have hesitations when it comes to race execution?

Ironman coaching

You don't have to be an RPM Coached Athlete to benefit from our Race Day Execution Plan. The RPM Coaches take the race day execution burden off of you by planning your race day execution based on YOUR specific numbers including Perceived Rate of Exertion, Heart Rate, Power, Pacing, Nutritional Needs etc. Our Race Day Execution Strategy could include all of or none of the above numerics. It will fit your specific needs. Endurance Coach from Red Performance Multisport Racing. Triathlon Coaching Services.