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Redneck Tailgate Tailgate Games and Equipment Cornhole, bocce ball, washer toss, laddergolf, and more! Be the hero at your next tailgate. Get everything you need at Redneck Tailgate. Redneck Tailgate is your one-stop-shop for all your tailgate game needs. Whether it's ladder toss, cornhole, bocce ball, washer toss, jenga, disc games, spikeball, or another favorite, we have a product for you. Here are some of our favorite tailgate games: Cornhole Cornhole, also known as bean bag toss, corn toss or soft horseshoes, is an ever increasingly popular game being played across the nation. While best known by college aged kids at tailgates, Cornhole can be played by anyone of any age. Bocce Ball The game of bocce ball is a very enjoyable game. It has been played for years and will surely continue to remain a popular outdoor game. Ladder Golf What is Ladder Golf? It is a terrific new alternative to horseshoes and croquet and some of the other more "traditional" outdoor games. It is really not like golf at all except that you play with golf balls. It is competitive and fun and children and adults of almost any age can play. Washer Toss Similar to the bean bag toss or corn toss game, the washer toss game is gaining a lot of popularity as it becomes more mainstream. There are parts of the country where pitching washers is both a lot of fun and serious sport, and there are parts of the country where people might not have ever heard of the game.