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Details and analysis of the VoltDB argument. VoltDB open-source database exits beta. IDG News Service - VoltDB, a new open-source database for large-scale transaction processing, emerged from beta Tuesday.

VoltDB open-source database exits beta

VoltDB was co-founded by longtime database industry figure Michael Stonebraker. Its origin stems from the H-Store project, a collaborative effort by Brown University, Yale University, HP Labs and the MIT, where Stonebraker is an adjunct professor. The company is aiming VoltDB at companies like financial trading firms and Web businesses, which have massive and constantly growing amounts of transactions, according to a statement. Welcome to VoltDB.

VoltDB Decapitates Six SQL. What do you get when you take a SQL database and start a new implementation from scratch, taking advantage of the latest research and modern hardware?

VoltDB Decapitates Six SQL

Mike Stonebraker, the sword wielding Johnny Appleseed of the database world, hopes you get something like his new database, VoltDB: a pure SQL, pure ACID, pure OLTP, shared nothing, sharded, scalable, lockless, open source, in-memory DBMS, purpose-built for running hundreds of thousands of transactions a second. VoltDB claims to be 100 times faster than MySQL, up to 13 times faster than Cassandra, and 45 times faster than Oracle, with near-linear scaling. Will VoltDB kill off the new NoSQL upstarts? Will VoltDB cause a mass extinction of ancient databases?