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Jansson — C library for working with JSON data. Jansson is a C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data.

Jansson — C library for working with JSON data

It features: Simple and intuitive API and data model Comprehensive documentation No dependencies on other libraries Full Unicode support (UTF-8) Extensive test suite Jansson is licensed under the MIT license. Jansson's mailing list is jansson-users at Google Groups. You're welcome to ask for help, send suggestions, submit patches, etc. Cson: cson. ACHTUNG: THIS SITE'S ENTIRE WIKI IS NOW MAINTAINED IN THE NEW WIKI: What that means is that the wiki documentation on this site is now considered unmaintained.

cson: cson

However, this site is still cson's home for purposes other than the wiki. cson (pronounced "season") is a C library providing an object-oriented API for working with JSON data. cson is the genetic step-brother (if that makes any sense) of libnosjob, and its overall model is similar to that library's. Code State: seems to work as advertised/documented.

License: the core library is released under a dual Public Domain/MIT license. Jehiah/json-c - GitHub. JSON.