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Guns and explosions!!!

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Sharpshooter amazes friends with his skills. The King Of Bombs (Largest nuclear explosion ever) New Weapon. 50 Caliber Sniper. Aks-47U. How To Make EXPLOSIVE AMMO ! Life/Death Clock. .577 T-Rex Rifle Video « Girl Shoots Desert Eagle Video « 50 Cal Handgun Video « Unmanned Vehicle Is Named "Crusher" theBRIGADE. Video of "Metal Storm" gun firing theBRIGADE. Military. Silynx’s C4Grip puts soldier’s non-trigger fingers to good use. These days guns used by soldiers are more than just a weapon designed to send a high velocity projectile at an enemy.

Silynx’s C4Grip puts soldier’s non-trigger fingers to good use

Modern assault rifles also include attachments for flashlights, laser sights and even wireless communications. However, operating these extra capabilities usually means taking a hand of the weapon, which can leave the soldier vulnerable to attack or result in them missing the opportunity for that vital shot. The C4Grip from Silynx is a forward grip that solves this problem by putting extra controls at the user’s fingertips. Video#p=c1k7m55pw6. Video#p=3sf3qcfzt6. Video#p=7hpump67kb.