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I enjoy almost every imaginable thing & then some but Im new to PT so help me :D

Comedy. Material Properties. Alloy Steel Steel with properties due to delements other than carbon AISI/SAE Steel - Numbering System Steel numbering system Acetylene Chemical, Physical and Thermal Properties of Acetylene.

Material Properties

Fluid Mechanics. Absolute or Dynamic Viscosity Online Converter Convert between dynamic or absolute viscosity units - Poiseuille, Poise, centPoise and more Air - Altitude, Density and Specific Volume The density and the specific volume of air varies with the elevation above sea level Air - Temperature, Pressure and Density.

Fluid Mechanics

Mirlen101. Life hacks. Turn on power wheels barbie jeep. Kyler Storm's Amazing Football Move. Optical Illusion Of The Day. Everything is possible - une vidéo Sports & Extreme.

Fitness and sports other then fighting

Auto. Music. Trading Lesson. How to tech. Tech. Games. Design. Machinery. Guns and explosions!!! Martial arts. Hobbies and other time-suckers. Bizzare. Kinetics. Out-of-the-box thoughts. All Arts. StumbleUpon. Humor. Science. Pearltrees videos. Help.