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Red Cube provides complete online marketing solutions that are strong, interactive, scalable and cost effective. Right from the generation of concept to execution and analytics, we deliver solutions targeted to your online media needs. Our functional areas interlocked with each other making it all simple and easy to produce great results. # Online Marketing Solutions # Online Media Planning # Media Buying & Management | Social & Online Ad Campaigns # Social Media Marketing # Website Design & Development # E - Commerce Solutions # Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeons - Redcube Digital Media Blog – News and Updates. Digital marketing, also popularly known as internet marketing or online marketing, refers to the process of generating leads and growing business with the help of web.

Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeons - Redcube Digital Media Blog – News and Updates

It is an all-inclusive phrase used for various techniques utilized by expert web marketers and businessperson to get highlighted by stimulating the interest of, and by receiving contacts from potential clients. In brief — this is what we are masters at. Digital Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the highly-used practices in the industry.Today businesses without an internet presence disappear fast into oblivion.In present times, there is no better tool for marketing of Plastic Surgeons than the internet. As the world is becoming more connected and mobile, digital marketing is becoming the future.

Is Snapchat A Platform To Boost Your Business? Snapchat has turned out to be the most youth friendly social media platform lately and the world seems to be taken by it.

Is Snapchat A Platform To Boost Your Business?

The craze is just adding on to more and more people getting attached to the ‘teen-loved’ platform. The popularity of Snapchat can be deciphered with other platforms inculcating the ‘Stories’ to their offerings. Be it Instagram, Whatsapp or Social Media giant Facebook, nobody could stop them from adding on the stories! The Right Way to promote your Business on Instagram. Instagram is the next biggest social media platform after Facebook and many brands are trying hard to get in touch with the Instagram community to earn better.

The Right Way to promote your Business on Instagram

It’s not about the number of Instagram followers. It is about the quality followers who are interested in your product and are willing to buy. Instagrammers are more like shoppers! 70% of Instagram users go and search about their favorite brand on this platform. How Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business. We are living in a digital age which is advancing rapidly day by day.

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

Today, Internet is used by huge mass of people all over the world and its users are continuously increasing every day. According to a recent study, by the end of 2016, 47% of the people out of the total world population of 7.3 billion were using the Internet. One online medium that has had the biggest impact over people using the Internet is undoubtedly the social media. Most of the people using the Internet are somehow or other connected with the social media. In 2016, 68.3% of internet users were social media users and this figure is expected to grow. Pinterest Rolled out Promoted Pins For all US Users From 1st January 2015. This year, all social networking websites are refurbishing their promotional strategies, to ensure that you reach out to your target audience.

Pinterest Rolled out Promoted Pins For all US Users From 1st January 2015

Pinterest too has made sure it joins the bandwagon, and offers brilliant ways to promote your brand. Last year, Pinterest had launched the beta version of its promoted pins. The success of this launch led Pinterest to roll out promoted pins at the beginning of this year to all its users specifically located in the United States. As we have seen in the beta version, promoted pins help promote a brand better and enhance the image of the brand. Starting January 1st, the promoted pins will be available to the US audience at CPM. 4 Awesome Practical eCommerce Tips for Online Vendors.

E-commerce has been booming into a giant enterprise over a few decades.

4 Awesome Practical eCommerce Tips for Online Vendors

Amongst all the drastic changes brought about by this millennium, online shopping and e-commerce has made a considerable impact on the lives of a really big population. Today, the online portal could be compared with a congested market place with so many online vendors competing to establish their brands and businesses. While small and medium business concerns are competing among themselves to position themselves in the market, there are these big giants and finance tycoons playing their roles silently to stretch their mighty arms further to expand their clientele. In the massive online race course, there are certain practical tips and techniques for every online vendor to help developing their enterprises.

6 Quickest Tools For Twitter Ads To Increase ROI - Redcube Digital. SEO Blogging and Its Benefits with 4 Advanced Steps. Do you wish to know what this page is all about when it comes to SEO blogging?

SEO Blogging and Its Benefits with 4 Advanced Steps

SEO article writing is a crucial part of online advertising. Why? Everyday millions of people use the Internet to find products or services. 90% of these people click on links available on the very first page and don’t even bother to look further thus making businesses put their sites on the first page to get more traffic. It makes a website easily found on search engines like Google, Bing, Safari, Explorer and Yahoo. Use these 4 time tested advanced techniques to reach a wider audience. Top 5 Entrepreneurial Advisories For Successful E-Commerce Vendors.

E-commerce has traveled leaps and bounds since its inception.

Top 5 Entrepreneurial Advisories For Successful E-Commerce Vendors

Started in a primitive manner a couple of decades ago, it has grown tremendously with sky as the limit. The once pessimistic vendors of e-commerce have realized the impact of its prospects lately and are enthusiastically involved in the same. This attitude has led to the phenomenal growth of online business.With its growth comes a fierce competition among the vendors. However, recent researches have shown that about 40% of the total sales is contributed only by the top 1% vendors. A good trading concern cannot be established just through pompous horns and heralds.

10 Most Expensive Google Adwords Keywords List. All of us aware of Google as one of the technology giants and they are monopolizing the SEO industry for over a decade.

10 Most Expensive Google Adwords Keywords List

How did Google attain this pinnacle of glory and success? From where does Google make all its money? More than 97% of the technical titan’s income is attributed to the pay-per-click advertisements on their websites. However, not all the advertisements they host were earning them high PPCs. If that is the case, what is the key behind their successful PPC advertisements? Upcoming Trends in SEO For 2016 I SEO Trends 2016. The process of website ranking is changed by Google every year.

Upcoming Trends in SEO For 2016 I SEO Trends 2016

Since the last few years, there has been an erratic change in the process, ergo, it is expected that the coming year 2016 is also going to face a change. 5 Cool Tricks of Using Instagram for Your Business - Redcube Digital Media Blog – News and Updates. Instagram has become a powerful platform for creating the visual content for business. Latest Digital Marketing Trends to Embrace In 2016. Neither are you a magician and nor do you have a crystal ball, thus, predicting the next big digital marketing trends does get a little tricky in order to compete with others. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a lot of guesswork, so you need not worry! Here’s your checklist to shake up the digital marketing for your business in 2016: Search Goes Social Social media has revolutionized the way we search on search engines.

Google has also started indexing the social media content including tweets. This makes it crucial for you to nurture your presence on various social channels. Ergo, in a nutshell you can incorporate these simple tricks to boost your business by making a smart use of digital marketing. 8 Most Effective Content Marketing Tips in 2016. While making a social media strategy you’d definitely want to include content marketing as it has indeed become a crucial part of digital marketing. Since 2013, digital media spiked by a whopping 50% which implies that more number of people are turning to digital resources. Thus, there has emerged a dire need to create fresh, innovative & easy to digest content. A company’s content marketing strategy must have a proper balance between creativity & marketability. This appears easier said than done, as it involves various aspects involved in content marketing. Advanced Search- The Untapped Feature for Digital Marketers.

If you are using the search tool box on the Twitter web or the app, sure you may find a quick result for a particular keyword but is that enough? Brands, who market their products and services via social media sites like Twitter, need abundant research and information to obtain results. The advanced search option of Twitter is one such area which has been neglected by most marketers. Oblivious of its power, they are missing out on features which help to increase the brand value, find new customers and monitor feedback. 7½ Ways to Use LinkedIn for Digital Marketing. What do you call a place surrounded by established companies, business influencers, marketing giants and other corporate employees? You guessed it right – LinkedIn. In the generation of social media marketing, LinkedIn’s presence has ignited the profile of many companies to great heights.

This business and employment oriented networking site has skyrocketed in terms of users, engagement, leads as well as popularity. Top 5 Hosted E-Commerce Solutions. 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Not Make. 6 Social listening tools: To enhance before and after sales services. - Redcube Digital Media Blog – News and Updates. In today’s competitive e-market, after sales service is as important as providing a quality product. In fact, it can be used to differentiate your product from that of competitors. B2B Marketing through Social Media. How to market your content better. Quick Tips to the basic Website Designing.

6 Digital Marketing Trends of 2016. Top Social Media Trends of 2017. We have stepped in to another New Year and it has been always believed New Year brings new changes. Custom Logo Design. Mobile Advertising Agency Delhi India, Mobile marketing Services. With over 1.8 billion global smartphone users are recorded, and close to 57% of the smartphone population relying on mobile for searches, undoubtedly mobile app development is the first choice. Online Marketing Agency Delhi India, Digital Ad Agency India. Ecommerce Solutions Company India for Design & Development. A flexible, easy to use, functional, interactive, and efficient e-commerce solution is what every business looks forward to. Search Engine Marketing Company Delhi, India, SEO SEM. Social Media Marketing Company India. Digital Marketing Agency In Delhi (India)