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Redback Webinars

Welcome to the wonderful world of webinars - a place where it's all about you! About you getting the most from your online meetings and events, about you providing your presenters with as many resources as possible and about you being able to access a wealth of information, education and inspiration as you make your way through the webinar journey.

Redback Conferencing - Webinars Services. Our head office is based right in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Redback Conferencing - Webinars Services

Contact us for local support on your webinars, further information on our services or to arrange an online demonstration of our products. Toll Free: 1800 733 416Within Australia: (02) 8014 5150Within New Zealand: 0800 231 717Within North America: 1800 413 8750International: +61 2 9037 0330 EmailAll enquiries: Presenter enquiries: Sydney Head Office | Webinar and Broadcast Studios availableLevel 21, 320 Pitt Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Map Data Map data ©2017 Google Map Satellite Melbourne Office | Webinar and Broadcast Studios available Level 7, 460 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

Webinar Services & Pricing Models. Redback Conferencing offers the most feature rich webinar platform in the Australian market.

Webinar Services & Pricing Models

Whether you are after a fully, semi or self-managed service, looking to get a licence or to pay as you go, our model is designed to cater to your needs and budget. Check out the full range of platform features below: Please click here to download the Web Conferencing Feature Guide. Web Conference Layout Customization. As a web conferencing user you have an abundance of collaboration features at your fingertips.

Web Conference Layout Customization

Take a look at the full blog: Our objective is to build a business where our employees find it to be a great place to work at. If we can do that, our customers will find it a great place to do business with. Our Purpose is to deliver simplicity and peace of mind to organisations throughout Australia. We are here to be recognised as the market leader in our field. Module 2 - Polished Presenting Archives - Redback Webinars. On Demand Webinars - Redback Webinars. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it – being able to access content when you want it and how you want it?

On Demand Webinars - Redback Webinars

Our on-demand webinar library is all about giving you the freedom to view informative, educational and inspirational content at a time that best suits you. Browse the many webinars available and enjoy our range of subject matter experts! Business Skills Series The Redback Business Skills Series is now in its third year. Essentially, it’s a way of us giving back to our active and engaging community while showcasing the webinar platform and the many features and functionalities it has to offer. These webinars are hosted each fortnight on Tuesdays from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Webcast Wonder Woman Presents… Exciting New Webcast Features! - Redback Webinars.

The Managed - Redback Webinars. You do what you do best and we do what we do best.

The Managed - Redback Webinars

You know your content better than anyone and at Redback we manage entire events better than anyone. Our Managed Webinar service gives you more than just a seamless event that will get people raving – it gives you peace of mind and assurance, and let’s be honest, there’s really no better guarantee than that! “I know we should be running webinars but I just don’t have the resources or the time, let alone the know how.” When a customer told us this in the early days the penny dropped – what if we could manage the entire webinar process and let our customers focus on their content?

Fast forward many years later and here we are – we have helped thousands of Australian organisations engage, educate and generate revenue, we have created a Managed Webinar department consisting of full time Dedicated Event Managers and we now deliver more managed online events than any other company in Australia – and yes, it has been one interesting ride! Redback Webinars. Your Conferencing Account Management Portal - Redback Webinars.

The Pay As You Go - Redback Webinars. Prepare Your Webinar Attendees - Here's Your Free 2 Minute 'What to Expect' Video! - Redback Webinars. How to avoid being ‘that’ person – Controlling Your Conference Calls - Redback Webinars. The Licence - Redback Webinars. The traditional webinar option, The Licence Model gives you and your organisation unlimited access to the platform and all the features that come with it.

The Licence - Redback Webinars

Webinars can be hosted without any prior reservation and at any time of the day. All licence customers have access to superior VoIP audio delivery and the added bonus of activating up to 12 webcams. This option starts from $99 per month, per licence for up to 50 attendees. If you’re familiar with webinar technologies and looking for a cost effective way to meet, present and collaborate, then this option is definitely for you! Why do people choose this option? CPD and CPE - Redback Webinars.

If you’re a Professional Development organisation or College then you know first hand the difficult task of trying to get everyone in the same place time at the same time.

CPD and CPE - Redback Webinars

With members spread out across the nation and presenters having to travel across the country, delivering development programs and training can be quite a costly exercise. Continuing or Compulsory Professional Development/Education is how members maintain, develop and broaden their current skills. It’s usually an ongoing process required to keep up to date with the changes in the industry, legislation and new information. Virtual Professional Development allows you to take this all online, giving you the opportunity to eliminate any geographical or financial barriers and in many cases increase your Return On Investment.

“The geographical reach of webinars enables those who previously wouldn’t have access to PD activities in the comfort of their own home and after hours. Marketing Webinars - Redback Webinars. Webinar Services - Marketing and Educational Webinars.