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Lead Generation Webinars – FREE Guide. Blog, Featured, redBACK February 24, 2017 In a world where 67% of business buyers go through the buying process by consuming content online, it’s no surprise that even the savviest marketers are re-thinking their selling strategy and investing more resources into online marketing.

Lead Generation Webinars – FREE Guide

Lead Generation Webinars are a great way to produce high quality leads through a diverse and dynamic marketing mix while allowing you to engage your audience in an online, live environment and then nurture them through the sales cycle. Here are a few benefits: Redback Conferencing’s Customisable Layout Options. Redback Conferencing. Presenting Perfectly – The Ultimate Guide to Presenting via the Redback Platform. Blog, Featured, Resources, The Redback Team, Tips and Tricks, redBACK March 4, 2016 So, you’re thinking about presenting your first webinar?

Presenting Perfectly – The Ultimate Guide to Presenting via the Redback Platform

While most of us have attended a virtual event, the thought of presenting online can be a little daunting. But fear not! The Redback Team have put together some tips and tricks on presenting to make sure your webinar is a success. Here’s what the guide covers: – Creating a professional and engaging presentation – How to best use engagement tools including polls and surveys – Tips for hosting Q&A sessions – Game Day Checklist Take a look at this guide if: Promoting Your On-Demand Content - The 'P' in CPR. Planning – what are you doing before your webinar? “Start with the end in mind.”

Planning – what are you doing before your webinar?

“Fail to plan and plan to fail.” We all know ‘how’ to plan but when it comes to online events do we know ‘what’ to do? We plan one webinar and get so caught up in the marketing and attendance aspects that we neglect to plan for each future event. Here are two areas that should be planned for each webinar you hold. Topic/Presenter – are they aligned? However, what this process fails to achieve is alignment. . – Ask your presenter to provide 4 bullet points, points that will provide your audience with an idea of what they will walk away learning.

. – Ask people why they are joining during the registration process – add a field to your registration form or allow registrants to submit questions prior to the event. . – “This webinar was too basic, I was expecting more.” Redback Conferencing - Why choose Redback Conferencing? Virtual Collaboration Services. Redback Conferencing. Webcasting, the gold standard in delivering online events.

Redback Conferencing

It’s quickly becoming the innovative and inexpensive way to broadcast your physical events allowing you to reach a wider audience, generate a higher return on investment and stand out from your competitors. Many are now also choosing to stream panel discussions, interviews and product launches from state of the art studios.

Why? Because of their flexibility, you can communicate with rural and remote audiences, tap into the viral potential of social media and increase your revenue – all in one easy to use platform. Now you can instantly deliver your mission-critical event to thousands of people in Australia and beyond. Our dedicated Project Managers know what it takes to create a seamless and professional event that everyone will remember. Let us take care of… ✓ Dedicated Project Managers: First time webcasting? Hybrid Events Download our White Paper for tips Studio Webcasts Read more about our studio On-Demand Hosting Local Hosting.

Redback Teleconferencing Providers. DIY Webinars. The flexibility to conduct a webinar how you want it and when you want it – because that’s how it should be!

DIY Webinars

Our DIY Webinar Service has been designed for ad hoc users who don’t want to be tied down. It’s simple really – you are charged per minute, per participant and have the ability to integrate Crystal Clear Teleconferencing. Redback Web Conferencing Providers. At Redback we understand that sometimes you need to make decisions fast and that you need everyone on the same page.

Redback Web Conferencing Providers

Our powerful Web Conferencing tool lets you see, share and update documents and designs online. Ideal for demonstrating software, delivering sales presentations, online training and CPD sessions, our easy to use platform means you can start to share with a single click. It’s about accessibility…We give you the ability to communicate on a greater scale – with cross platform integration your Web Conferences are accessible on smart phones and tablets. Redback Teleconferencing Providers. Here at Redback we believe in quality, control and security.

Redback Teleconferencing Providers

It’s for this reason that we use Compunetix as our chosen bridge provider – the world leader in voice, video, data collaboration and conferencing. They offer the most secure and technically advanced systems in the world and can only be described as the ‘Rolls Royce’ in teleconferencing bridges. Our technology not only gives you the most stable and secure platform available, it also enables you to bring your people together with a high quality, super reliable Teleconference first time, every time.

There’s no need for special equipment, no lock-in contracts and any number of participants can use a landline or mobile to join in the conversation. Still need convincing? Increase Productivity…Less time on the road means more time spent on those important things! Go Green…Lower carbon emissions… every little bit helps! Online Video Call Conference Services.