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RedAlkemi is a design and digital marketing agency for small businesses. We provide an efficient digital marketing strategy, plan and solutions for SMEs.

The Difference Between ASO and SEO, and Why You Need SEO for App Marketing - RedAlkemi. As the use of mobile continues its rapid growth, the importance of app marketing for businesses also grows.

The Difference Between ASO and SEO, and Why You Need SEO for App Marketing - RedAlkemi

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has proven to be an effective tool for increasing organic traffic to the website. If you want to do the same with your app, you also need to put some effort into optimization. In this case, you should work on app store optimization, or ASO. ASO is very important for app developers because people look for apps in app stores. Does it mean that there’s no room for SEO? Both ASO and SEO are effective and popular marketing techniques that help businesses boost their organic traffic for apps and websites.

It’s easy to confuse these two techniques but you should clearly understand the difference between these processes to use them effectively. In this article, we will consider ASO and SEO in more detail and focus on the differences between these two tactics from the strategic viewpoint. ASO vs. ASO and SEO have a lot in common. 1. 2. 3. Understanding the Concept of SMART Marketing Objectives - RedAlkemi. Setting objectives for a marketing campaign sounds pretty straightforward from the outside.

Understanding the Concept of SMART Marketing Objectives - RedAlkemi

It’s only when you get into action that you realize that the process involves a lot of thinking, research, knowledge, and more. With the help of SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) marketing objectives, the process becomes easier and efficient. You can implement the SMART approach to devise or modify the goals of a digital marketing campaign too. The importance of marketing objectives goes beyond the realms of leads and conversions. How Brands Are Tackling Social Issues, Social issues in Business Examples, Current Landscape on Social Issues - RedAlkemi. We live in a world where more people than ever before are living in comparative luxury and peace.

How Brands Are Tackling Social Issues, Social issues in Business Examples, Current Landscape on Social Issues - RedAlkemi

When we compare today to the conditions that people have been living in throughout history, it’s easy to say that we have it good. However, there are still many areas of life that call for a need for massive improvement. With the growth of hyper-individualistic thinking and self-orientation, we can identify many issues that call to be addressed. People are blindly engaging in the destruction of the planet, perpetuating racial and gender inequality, alongside many other issues that affect millions of people. Web Development Technologies a Developer Should Know - RedAlkemi. Web development is a behind-the-scenes process that makes a website look elegant, work superfast, and perform exceptionally well.

Web Development Technologies a Developer Should Know - RedAlkemi

If you get excited when you see many beautiful websites and want to try your hand at designing them, then it can be your forte. Creating a website that attracts many visitors requires knowledge of different programming languages and expertise in DevTools, data formats, testing, APIs, authentication, and other related concepts. Listed below are a few essentials you must know on your journey to becoming a professional web developer: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three most important building blocks that every web developer should learn.

A majority of the frontend interfaces are built with HTML and CSS. CSS is often used to specify the type, design, layout, and display of HTML elements on the page. 2. Debugging, editing HTML elements, testing systems, editing CSS properties, and tracking JavaScript errors are all possible with Browser DevTools. Basic Web Design Ideas for Students - RedAlkemi. Are you interested in website design?

Basic Web Design Ideas for Students - RedAlkemi

Website design is a vital part of the web development process. It involves crafting a functional piece of art that attracts traffic to a website. Most web design students often have a creative streak and are always eager to make their first website. However, designing a great website is no easy thing. Even the most skilled web designers sometimes get hit by a designer block, and the creative juices stop flowing. Below we’ve provided you with several basic website ideas to get over the designer block when ideas are not flowing anymore.

Ready? Elements of a Good Business Website - RedAlkemi. Modern web designing is all about enhancing the user experience.

Elements of a Good Business Website - RedAlkemi

For the same reason, website design trends like minimalism and sufficient white space continue to top the charts. How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Small Business - RedAlkemi. If you own a small business, you have likely used social media to spread the word out about it.

How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Small Business - RedAlkemi

The thing is, not every entrepreneur does social media marketing right. Some of them would be in every social network known to man, not knowing that they are spreading themselves too thin. On the other hand, some small business entrepreneurs are not jumping into the social media marketing bandwagon yet. 5 Effective Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses - RedAlkemi. You’re reading this blog with the help of the world’s most powerful marketing tool, the internet.

5 Effective Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses - RedAlkemi

With more than 200 million active websites (and counting), delivering the bare minimum information on a plain webpage isn’t sufficient anymore. Top Graphic Design Trends in 2021 - RedAlkemi. Graphic designing aims to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Top Graphic Design Trends in 2021 - RedAlkemi

New styles and techniques are pushing onwards and upwards and to keep ahead of the competition, you need to know what’s going on under the surface. Graphic design trends for 2021 are rich and varied, adapting to the technological and societal changes all across the world. The best thing about graphic design trends is that they provide an opportunity for a fresh start every year. We are seeing trends toward depth and complexity but also fun and simplicity. So, let's take a look at how the designers of 2021 are shaping the decade's path: 1. 3D Depth and Realism 2021 is going to be a year with a lot of 3D designs. Thanks to the advancements in technology and software capabilities, we have all witnessed the best form of the 3D trend. 2.

In modern design, the idea of a very minimal palette has been around for a while. 3. Whether geometric or organic, the next trend appears to be the advancement of 3D typography. 4. Artificial intelligence in the Online Gaming Industry - RedAlkemi. The online gaming industry has been incorporating Artificial Intelligence into different areas of business in the same way it has been integrating other technologies to improve operations to provide the best gaming experience for its customers.

Artificial intelligence in the Online Gaming Industry - RedAlkemi

The use of AI has been used in many ways by the public, most obviously via Amazon’s Alexa or chatbots being used in place of customer service representatives to help customers address simple questions. Here we look at AK in the online gaming industry: AI can be too clever AI is well established in the video game industry, but the use of AI in the online gaming industry is currently underutilised. One of the key issues is that whilst AI can use pattern recognition in gaming, which it then uses to predict future behaviour, the game characters themselves can learn to anticipate common human errors which can tar a player’s experience. Ethical AI principles Mobile online gaming Enhanced graphics Game developers have used AI in multiple ways. 7 Examples of Amazing Hotel Landing Pages - RedAlkemi.

Image via As a hotel business owner, topmost on your mind would be how to compel site visitors to make more bookings. Your hotel rooms and aesthetics are exceptional, and so are your services, but you are yet to reach your marketing goals. This leaves you wondering why sales are moving slowly. 5 Essential Web Development Tools Every Web Developer Should Know - RedAlkemi. The Role of Marketing Continues to Prove Instrumental to Modern Businesses - RedAlkemi. 10 Tips For Writing A Share-Worthy Press Release - RedAlkemi. How to Strengthen Your Brand in the Digital Era - RedAlkemi. Why is Digital Marketing the Future? - RedAlkemi. How Augmented Reality Impacts Your Brand Awareness - RedAlkemi. How to Create an Accurate Customer Journey Map and How to Use It - RedAlkemi. How to Create an Accurate Customer Journey Map and How to Use It - RedAlkemi. How to Learn Web Designing Like a Pro - RedAlkemi.

The Best Content Types for Marketing Your Business Online in 2021 - RedAlkemi. Landing Pages: 10 Compelling Reasons Your Ecommerce Business Needs It - RedAlkemi. Free Vs Paid Fonts - Finding the Right Typography to Match Your Content and Creative Style - RedAlkemi. Why Trust Is One Of The Cornerstones Of Branding For Online Businesses - RedAlkemi. How to write a great content for your About Us page - RedAlkemi. How Can a Student Start a Web Developer Career - RedAlkemi. 10 Inspiring Small Business Website Examples - RedAlkemi.