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R news & tutorials from the web. R blogs / lang. / lang is back online Dear readers of / lang – the site was offline for a week now due to a technical bug.

R blogs / lang

I was just informed of it, and fixed it. R-statistics blog. A Community Site for R – Sponsored by Revolution Analytics. One R Tip A Day. Psychology and Statistics. This post provides links to a range of resources related to the use and interpretation of correlations.

Psychology and Statistics

I wanted to provide a page with links to a number of additional resources that would be useful both for those of my students who might be keen to learn more and for anyone else who might be interested. Specifically, this post provides links to: (a) introductory book-style chapters on correlation, (b) resources related to assorted issues in correlation (i.e., discussion of causal inference, correlation with various variable types, range restriction, statistical power, correlation interpretation, and significance testing), (c) tutorials on computing correlations using SPSS and R, and (d) tips for reporting correlations in APA Style. Revolutions.