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Candle Making

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31 Brilliant DIY Candle Making and Decorating Tutorials – Cute DIY Projects. When it comes to home decor or self-made gifts, there’s nothing better than personalized DIY candles that can deliver an all-new look to your room as well as keep your loved ones reminded of you.

31 Brilliant DIY Candle Making and Decorating Tutorials – Cute DIY Projects

Here are 31 DIY tutorials that are brilliantly beautiful, unbelievably easy, yet simply wonderful when it comes to turning your candle making projects into a child’s play and prove that there’s a candle for everything ! 1. DIY Poured Mason Jar Candles You simply can’t deny the cuteness and utilities of The Mason Jar. Candle Making Tutorials - Candle Making Techniques. Here we have a selection of candle making tutorials and fun projects.

Candle Making Tutorials - Candle Making Techniques

Enjoy! Basic Candle Making: If you haven’t made candles before, these instructions will get you off to a good start. Bloody Pillar Candles: These bloody pillar candles will give the perfect spooky effect for Halloween décor! Chunk Candles: This tutorial will guide you through the process of making chunk candles. How to Make Sparkly Spring Candles from Crayons. HOW TO: make Gel Candle - JK Arts 496. DIY Beautiful Water Candle. How to Make Homemade Candles. Candle Making 101. Wax Drip Candles.

Jelly Mold Candles. Plastic Bag Candles. These bag candles look great and are a fantastic talking point when people see them.

Plastic Bag Candles

What you need Plastic Bag Basic Candle making supplies Large Jar Instructions You need a jar thats big enough to support the filled bag to keep it upright. Or if you are making smaller ones use a large drinking glass. First begin by spray your bag with spray release squidge it all around to make sure the bag is well oiled. Place the bag into the jar or glass and fold over the top so you can pour your wax into it. Once your bag is in its support mold , pour the wax into the mold and counter sink your wick into the mold. Allow the wax to cool for several hours and remove it from the glass or jar. Bees Wax Birthday Candles. For this project we are using beeswax sheets, which come in a variety of colors.

Bees Wax Birthday Candles

What you need Bees Wax sheeting Small wicking Scissors Instructions The candle wick we are using is a small thickness suitable for our candle dimensions. Sheet wax works best when you are in a warm environment or the sheeting may crack. Aromatherapy Candles. Balloon Candle. Basic Gel Candle Making. Candle gel is made with mineral oil and polymer resin.

Basic Gel Candle Making

This resin mixed with the mineral oil, transforms it to a more solid yet transparent finish. Marbled Candles. You may have seen these candles in stores.

Marbled Candles

Now you can make these marbled candles at home! What you need Store bought candles Oil paints Large tray of water Paint brushes Mineral turpentine Instructions This project uses the same technique that’s used in the Marbled Paper Crafts section. Place water into shallow pan. Drop a few drops of color into the pan. If the color spreads (it is too thin) add a little more paint. When the right thickness is achieved drop large spots of color, one at a time onto the solution. With a spoon or a stick or other utensil (even combs) swirl into decorative patterns.

Roll your candle into the paint. Place it onto its base to dry. Water Candle. Coffee Bean Candle. Tissue Paper Candle. In this project we show you how to emboss a candle using printed tissue paper.

Tissue Paper Candle

This project is great for gift baskets items, as it allows you to match your tissue paper for wrapping with the candle in your basket. What you need Tissue paper with an image on it (I used Victoria Secret Tissue paper, but you could just stamp an image) Blank candle Heating tool or blowdryer Wax paper Instructions Step 1: Rip out a tissue paper image… Step 2: Place the tissue image against the candle and tightly wrap wax paper around the candle.

Step 3: Turn on your heating tool and aim it at your tissue image. Step 4: Remove wax paper This project was contributed by Nicole Tinch, Check out her Knitting blog. Rustic Autumn Candle. Fragrant Wax Melts. These wax melts are used in the top of oil burners.The wax reduces the speed at which the oil evaporates and can last up to 8 hours which means you don't have to keep topping it up with oil or water.

Fragrant Wax Melts

What you need Candle making wax Essential or fragrant oil Optional Dye Double boiler Mold Instructions Using a double boiler method melt down the wax, add some dye and add around 20 drops of essential oil for each melt you would like to make. If you know your scents you can blend them to create your own fragrances too. If you don’t have a round mold, use the bottom of a glass bowl and just fill to 1/2 inch in height. The dye is totally optional, but it makes it easier for people to see that there is HOT wax in the burner. These melts store really well, all you have to do is pop it onto the burner. To clean up between melts use a heavy paper towel and whilst it is still warm wipe around the top of the burner bowl to lift any wax residue and remaining scent away.