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Top 10 Best Burberry Cologne for Men [2019] - My friend at work is a fan of Burberry Colognes, So I asked him to help me write this blog on the Top 10 Best Burberry Colognes. Alvin feels Burberry is a reliable brand when you are traveling and have a meeting to go to. You need to smell your best. In fact, Alvin too was recommended Burberry Colognes by senior at a meeting in Houston. He remembers how the senior had everyone’s respect as he was the sharpest in the room. Anyways Alvin has since used almost the whole range of Burberry’s, and here is a list of his Top 10 Best Burberry Colognes Best Burberry Colognes For Men 1. The Burberry Touch for Men Eau de Toilette was launched in 2000 is the softer version of the Burberry range.

Advantages: Clean and refreshing scentCan be used for everydaySmall quantities can be used for longer duration Review “It is great for everyday use. 2. The Burberry Brit Rhythm is the new collection. Advantages Young and masculine scent Can be worn in both day an nighLong lasting 3. 4. Review: 5. 6. Review 7. 8. Mr. 9.