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Freight Rate Management Software. The rate management software designed and developed by Info-X is part of a smart and effective rate management system recommended for the contemporary demands of logistics and freight services industry.

Freight Rate Management Software

All this is inclusive of freight rate management software having its applicability even in the process of ocean contract management. Freight rate management software is a helpful tool that helps your business. We provide you with complete transportation pricing along with all surcharges .We use rate management software which helps you store all the quotes in one place and provide a reporting tool for follow up on each quote.We help you categorize carriers, time and total cost that will be incurred on the cargo. Logistics Management Software. Info-X provides logistics management solutions, logistics outsourcing services and shipping logistic software which helps the flow of resources from the point of origin to the point of destination in order to meet the necessities of customers or corporations.

Logistics Management Software

Also, Info-X gives you shipping logistic software and surcharge update system. Logistics management software helps you keep the rates up to date and well maintained. Our team of experts keep the data upto date and live. With our shipping logistics management software, we are able to keep the data live and real time. Shipping logistic software will make management of data easier and less tiresome. Logistic being an industry in itself has many functional areas and challenges related to the tracking of multiple consignments or shipments from one point to another. Why Info-X for Logistics Management Services & Solutions Info-X is an innovative and premium technology solutions provider with special focus on logistics management. Back Office Support Services. The back office of any company is the crucial support system where the internal functioning of the company takes place.

Back Office Support Services

Like the spine supports the body, the back office supports the company it works for and our service will support you in a similar manner. Back office is an integral part of an logistic organization. We create a dedicated team of back office support services for our customers. Our back office service can skilfully handle rate management, cost basis reconciliation, auditing, FMC filing, bill of lading entry, arrival notice entry, custom filing, cargo tracking and tracing, accounting work outsourcing services, uploading document and auditing. Logistic Management Software Provider. Cargo Tracking and Tracing Service - InfoxUSA. We effectively monitor and control the entire supply chain along with cargo tracking and tracing services.

Cargo Tracking and Tracing Service - InfoxUSA

We provide the right medium to effectively track and trace shipments from the time the shipment starts to actual delivery. These ocean cargo tracking services are highly beneficial for not only customers but also for the clients. Ocean cargo tracking and tracing has been appreciated for helping the client keep a check on all points . If there are any deviations, the client and the customer would be able to track it down. Ocean cargo tracking and tracing services help you keep a check on point to point contact of your cargo. The uniquely advanced cargo tracking services powered by smart software developed by us at Info-X can help the customers manage their logistics operations in a very effective way. Our solutions are rightly focused to deliver and manage the medium for the sake of effective cargo tracking from point to point. Accounting Work Outsourcing & Outsource Invoice Processing.

We ensure that there is a smooth and speedy flow of effective control of funds and accounts receivable outsourcing with entry of invoices, vendor bills, accounting work sourcing in India and outsource invoice processing.

Accounting Work Outsourcing & Outsource Invoice Processing

Accounting work outsourcing in India has become a trend and many people are opting for it as it is a convenient feature. Accounting work outsourcing in India has become a reliable service option and many organizations are following the trend. With India becoming a major outsourcing hub, accounting work outsourcing is fast becoming popular and gaining momentum. Accounting work outsourcing is being opted for by many organizations these days. Outsourcing invoice processing is also in trend as business firms want to eliminate the risk that incorrect invoices pose to the future of the company. FMC Tariff Rate Filing - InfoxUSA. Info-X provides NVOCCs, Freight Forwarder and OTI's with the most convenient and cost effective platform for FMC Tariff Filing and FMC Rate filing outsourcing.

We provide easy FMC rate filing and FMC tariff filing outsourcing for our clients at a great cost in compliance with the regulations of the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission. In compliance with the U.S Federal Maritime Commission, we at Info-X assist NVOCCs, Freight Forwarders and OTIs with an efficient platform to manage the FMC tariff filing as well as the FMC rate filing processes. They are very crucial to continue with the cargo operations and companies with their operational limitations might find it difficult to smartly handle some of these essential functions and procedures. You can outsource the process of FMC Tariff filing and FMC Rate filing management to our expert team as we are equipped with technology driven platforms to handle multiple functions pertaining to FMC compliance. We are providing solution for:

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