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Influence of culture on consumer behavior in the fashion industry. INTO THE FASHION: Cultural Influences On Trend Forecasting. For everyone who works in the fashion business it is important to be able to recognize and to foresee social and cultural movements, in order to understand the fashion environment and to be able to operate in the direction in which the fashion industry will move.

INTO THE FASHION: Cultural Influences On Trend Forecasting

Being able to anticipate what will happen in the next future is what puts a fashion designer, a retailer or a fashion buyer in the position to make better decisions in their work. And in this, fashion is not at all an isolated industry but is connected to the rest of our life. Fashion reaches beyond clothing and into the way we choose to live our lives. Why this fashion week is kind of a big deal. If you keep up with fashion, you’ll know that the clothes you see on the runway won’t be available to buy for months – constantly a season ahead, the catwalk is a showcase of what we’ll all be wearing next, not what we should be wearing now.

Why this fashion week is kind of a big deal

For years, this system worked. Shows were limited to press, buyers, and VIPs, with photographers shooting images on film, to be printed in newspapers and glossy magazines and filtered down to readers. How Scientology is losing control of Hollywood. Scientology and Hollywood share more in common than Tom Cruise being at the heart of both.

How Scientology is losing control of Hollywood

They also both happen to be hugely profitable entities, primarily based in California, that recognise the power of stories told by famous faces. “There are many to whom America and the world listens,” L. The Moral Fabric of Pakistan’s Fashion Week. KARACHI, Pakistan — Pakistan’s fledgling fashion industry knows that to keep business rolling, the show must go on.

The Moral Fabric of Pakistan’s Fashion Week

Earlier this month, organisers of the Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week (TFPW) in Karachi considered postponing the event because of a major political rally taking place in the city. It was a risky time to hold a high-profile fashion week with a guest list including political dignitaries, foreign media and a considerable number of the city’s affluent residents.

Gucci to launch cultural program with Chatsworth House. Fashion Jobs and Fashion News in the USA Fashion jobs, Fashion news and all other possible information about the fashion world fashion professionals need.

Gucci to launch cultural program with Chatsworth House

Fashion jobs in the United States of America, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and a Fashion News archive and links to international fashion jobs. Fashion jobs categories The fashion career center is the best place to look for a job in fashion. Kanye West v Morrissey: battle of the fashion pop up shops. Kanye West and Morrissey are not artists who often find themselves in competition; but with both opening pop-up stores this weekend what better time to bring Yeezus and the Mozzfather together?

Kanye West v Morrissey: battle of the fashion pop up shops

What would fans find inside the 21 Pablo stores dotted around the world (from Singapore to Berlin, Miami, New York), or the Mporium (one location: the iconic Salford Lads Club)? Kanye vests? What the Fashion System Can Learn From Supreme-Style Product Drops. People queue for the latest product 'drop' outside the Supreme store in New York| Source: Instagram/@beatthemeattt NEW YORK, United States — Most people with knowledge of the streetwear market are familiar with the concept of a “drop,” a controlled release of new product at a clip that’s far faster than the traditional fashion cycle and designed to drive consumer excitement with a stream of constant newness.

What the Fashion System Can Learn From Supreme-Style Product Drops

It’s one of the reasons lines at Supreme stores tend to snake around the block every Thursday morning, when the company releases new items. Supreme, which is vertically integrated and controls the vast majority of its distribution, creates seasonal collections, but drops new product in weekly batches. These drops generate so much interest that entire forums are dedicated to celebrating purchases and guessing which particular pieces will sell out first. You want to try to give customers a sense of consistency and create excitement. Colombia's Creative Boom. BOGOTA, Colombia — “We’re interested in showcasing a different side of Colombia, one that’s detached from its folklore and tropical spirit,” says Vanessa Gómez, a long, lean and pale figure with shaved head and piercing eyes, who — together with partner Nicolás Rivero — designs a fashion brand here called A New Cross.

Colombia's Creative Boom

Dabbling in the avant-garde and anchored in Bogota’s underground scene, A New Cross is probably not what the outside world expects from Colombian fashion. A minimalistic aesthetic influenced by punk and rock subcultures, theirs is a brand that has grown in popularity in Asia and in Europe, where the duo holds a showroom during Paris Fashion Week. A New Cross Autumn/Winter 2017 collection | Source: Courtesy.

How Instagram Is Converting Swimwear Labels Into Overnight Sales Sensations. As the most visual among the social media family, it isn’t hard to see why Instagram would work for swimwear labels.

How Instagram Is Converting Swimwear Labels Into Overnight Sales Sensations

Ete Swimwear 2016 Campaign (Photo: Supplied by Brand). Galleries full of beautiful women in exotic locations are sure to garner a follower or two. However, two Australian swimwear brands, Ete and Frankie Swimwear, are not only managing to attract a huge following but are experiencing a huge fluctuation in online sales. “Instagram has single-handedly exposed Frankie Swimwear to an untouched International market,” says Rebecca Klodinsky, owner of Frankie Swimwear, which has over 89 thousand followers on Instagram.