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Timepieces International's Blog. White icons - 3669 free white icons - Download white icons - Page 2. White icons phone 30 power arrow 213 check mark 3 instagram 3 github column view cart 70 home 4 skype check mark star arrow 96 list view woman plus 4 info arrow 24 pinterest 4 email search 3 video play 2 sharethis 3 x mark 4 pinterest 3 email 13 soccer 3 skull 46 sun 2 check mark 8 amazon google plus 4 google plus 5 hexagon video play 3 pinterest square arrow 30 email 14 Custom HEX color: ex: 405B64, 22A033, D0CDCD Search for white icons: ex: facebook, speaker (don't include color names, only english) Most popular white icon groups: Preset colors: currently has 3669 icons in the database that you can customize and download in any color and any size you want ! You are here: iconsDB White icons Page 2 2011 - 2015 - terms of use.

6a00e54fc623c88833019b047dccd2970d-pi (JPEG Image, 1969 × 2953 pixels) - Scaled (33%) Sweden.jpg (JPEG Image, 940 × 705 pixels) Sweden-hm1.jpg (JPEG Image, 986 × 859 pixels) Marketing Blog: PRICING STRATEGY. "Fashion and quality at the best price" & ''Cheap Chic'' You can see, this quote from H&M annual report has shown clearly a strategy that has been successful for many H&M retailers. From a customer's viewpoint, I can agree that H&M provides products with fairly good quality, fashion at the best price! The price is the key point for many customers to choose H&M products. '' While the pricing is cheap, the branding isn't. H&M spends a hefty 4 per cent of revenues on marketing.'' In fact, there are around 2,700 H&M stores in more than 40 countries and 94,000 employees all work hard to bring you fashion and quality at the best price.

In the past few years the cotton prices has soared remarkably and other inflation costs have increased rapidly, which force H&M to face with many difficulties: raising selling prices or taking the temporary margin hit. In my opinion, a main reason why H&M came to this decision is due to the awareness of their value-for-money image. Let's see, guys! Why Magazines | Magazine Advertising | Bauer Media. The magazine medium’s essential strength lies in the active way in which readers choose and use their magazines. Magazines are an active medium, with the reader in controlSince different categories of magazine fulfil different needs they work in different ways, which are well adapted to their readers’ requirementsSimilarly, within categories there are vital distinctions of character between individual titles, giving each title its own unique positioningReaders become deeply engaged with their magazines. As a result a strong relationship, a bond of trust, grows up between the reader and his or her chosen magazines.

Reading a favourite magazine is like talking with a friendA reader’s identification with an engaging magazine can go well beyond the simple provision of information and ideas. When a magazine strikes a chord it can reinforce the reader’s own self-image. The intimacy between reader and magazine benefits advertisers. 10 reasons to love magazines Magazines are thriving. Iphone6_gold_portrait.png (PNG Image, 740 × 740 pixels) Hi i'm holly!: The Animated Advert. As well as making an advert I need to create a poster, and for this I want to be a little bit more creative and look at a short animation sequence.

You may have seen the tv screens up the side of the tube escalators on the London underground, these are fantastic and the slight time delay on each screen means as you go up the escalator you can carry on watching the animation. First I had to come up with what I would show, seeing as I know how I'm going to show it! My first idea was 'looking after me' and I wanted to have the 'me' cut out of different types of fruit to show the inside and show they were healthy options etc. But i was struggling to make this work on screen and my attempt at doing myself ended so badly I was too embarrassed to even photograph it! Bak to the drawing board, and as I was searching for images of fruit and veg I came across this heart made of fruit and veg, and it got me thinking of Milton Glaser and his iconic I heart NY design.

Bntm-deps-spec2b1.jpg (JPEG Image, 1600 × 1066 pixels) - Scaled (64%) White_black_mens_wrist_sweatband_wholesale.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 500 pixels) PitchStock_Train_Station_Billboard_One_01.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 667 pixels) 05-ig-app-ui-2013_profile.jpg (JPEG Image, 642 × 922 pixels) Social Networking Fact Sheet. Highlights of the Pew Internet Project’s research related to social networking.

(Note: This page will be updated whenever new data is available.) As of January 2014, 74% of online adults use social networking sites. As of September 2014: 71% of online adults use Facebook23% of online adults use Twitter26% use Instagram28% use Pinterest28% use LinkedIn For a detailed demographic portrait of users of various social networking sites from September 2014, please see our recent report, Social Media Update 2014.

In May 2013, 74% of women were users of social networking sites, compared with 62% of men. Between February 2005 and August 2006, the use of social networking sites among young adult internet users ages 18-29 jumped from 9% to 49%. Mobile The growing ubiquity of cell phones, especially the rise of smartphones, has made social networking just a finger tap away. Social impact Do social networking sites isolate people and truncate their relationships? Creators and curators As of August 2012: 8076e4e4ac8a19ea371ffb9bd1b371a3.jpg (JPEG Image, 736 × 545 pixels) MWB - Covent Garden triples menswear offer. Covent Garden triples menswear offerNew lifestyle hub on London’s Henrietta Street will see brands such as Edwin, Fred Perry and Oliver Sweeney stand next to the likes of Nigel Cabourn and The Real McCoy’s.

By Victoria Jackson 4 March 2015 Image: Nigel Cabourn flagship store Covent Garden is set to triple its menswear offer with a new lifestyle hub located on Henrietta Street, welcoming names such as Edwin, Nigel Cabourn, Oliver Sweeney, The Real McCoy’s and Fred Perry. The announcement forms the first phase of an 18-month plan to transform 20,000 sq ft of space on Henrietta Street into a new hub of leading international brands. “Men are more discerning than ever about where they shop,” says Beverley Churchill, creative director of Capco Covent Garden. “Henrietta Street offers brands an accessible base in the centre of London to reach existing customers, and an opportunity to convert many new customers in one of London’s highest footfall locations,” she adds. Home. Big_Deal_report.pdf. Arlenis Sosa for H&M Sport March 2014 Lookbook. 2048-Female-Runner-Mannequin.jpg (JPEG Image, 700 × 700 pixels)

Athletix Female | GENESIS MANNEQUINS | Manufacturer of Mannequins. H&M lines up to compete in booming sportswear market - News : Sport (#378838) BERLIN/FRANKFURT, Germany - Hennes & Mauritz , the world's second-biggest clothing retailer, is launching a new sportswear line with the help of Sochi-bound Swedish Olympians in a bid to outpace discounters like Primark that are snapping at its heels.

The global sportswear market will grow more than 7 percent in 2014, outpacing 5.8 percent growth for broader apparel, according to Euromonitor. H&M hopes that by muscling into a market seen to be worth $220 billion this year it can move away from the cut-throat budget fashion area and towards higher-margin products could help it copy the success of Inditex's mid-market fashion chain Zara. While unlikely to pose a serious challenge to pricey performance gear dominated by Nike Inc and Adidas AG , H&M could chip away at their sales of casual and fitness wear.

"Consumers, particularly female, are looking for fashionable, yet functional apparel," said Euromonitor analyst Ashma Kunde. "Players like Nike and Adidas should be wary. H&M Turns to Sportswear to Make Zara Sweat - Businessweek. H&M, taking a page from Gap and Uniqlo, is stitching together a line of sportswear.

The company, which already stocks underwear endorsed by David Beckham, will start selling the gear in the new year, just in time to outfit Swedish Olympians for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. In fact, Sweden’s Russia-bound athletes helped H&M (HMB:SS) design the stuff—a mix of windbreakers, fleece jackets, and gear for running and yoga. The athletic apparel game is competitive. H&M, the world’s second-largest clothing retailer, will be wrestling for market share with such all-stars as Nike (NKE) and Lululemon (LULU) while tackling more pedestrian players such as Fast Retailing’s (9983:JP) Uniqlo and Gap (GPS), which now has both GapFit and Athleta, a separate brand aimed at active women.

Still, there are a few reasons why it makes sense for H&M to take a shot at yoga bros and marathon moms. 2) No judging: Everyone wants to look good at the gym. H&M introduces new concept for Sport line. Barriers To Entry & The Threat Of New Entrants. Today we will look at how you can use barriers to entry to reduce the threat of new entrants into your market. The threat of new entrants is one of the forces in Michael Porter’s Five Forces model of industry analysis. This threat applies to any business of any size, big or small. It can be particularly damaging if your market is a fixed size and suddenly you find that you have to share it with a competitor who has decided that they see an opportunity. A simple example is if you own the only shoe shop in a small town selling shoes and boots for men, women and children.

Why New Entrants Will Be Attracted To A Market? Any indication that a market is growing, that it is under-served in meeting customers specific needs or particularly profitable will trigger interest from an entrepreneur who believes that there is money to be made from taking part in your market. Evidence that existing businesses are making good profits will persuade entrepreneurs that this as an opportunity too good to miss.

The Future of the Sports Shop - Solutions for Sport. The Future of the Sports Shop Paul Sherratt of Solutions for Sport looks at the future of the sports shop.The sports retail industry is being confronted with unprecedented change. Technological advances, changing consumer spending patterns and economic turmoil means that the sports retail landscape is changing quicker than some retailers (and brands) are able to react. Today’s consumer has vastly different and more sophisticated expectations of product, service, value and environment than five or even three years ago. In the new multichannel reality, the boundaries between virtual and physical space are becoming blurred and retailers are being forced to question the role and function of stores in an environment where their relevance to the connected consumer is increasingly subject to challenge.

Todays shopper has vastly different expectations from the shopper of yesteryear and, in order to survive, the UK sports retailer must understand and embrace these changing expectations. Good luck! Risk management. There are risks and uncertainties related to fashion, weather conditions, macroeconomic changes, climate change, trade interventions, external factors in production countries and foreign currencies, but also in connection with expansion into new markets, the launch of new concepts and how the brand is managed.

Fashion Operating in the fashion industry is a risk in itself. Fashion has a limited shelf-life, and there is always a risk that some part of the collections will not be well received by customers. Within each concept it is important to have the right volumes and achieve the right balance in the mix between fashion basics and the latest trends. In summary, each collection must achieve the right combination of sustainable fashion and quality at the best price. To optimise fashion precision, the Group buys items on an ongoing basis throughout the season. Sustainability is an increasing important factor, and consumers are becoming more and more aware of sustainability issues.

Weather. H&M worldwide. Nike shop - saudi on Behance. H&M to dress the Swedish teams for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Risk management. Production process. We work with long-term partners and invest significant resources in our sustain­ability work in the supply chain. H&M does not own any factories; our products are sourced from independent suppliers, mainly in Europe and Asia. These suppliers manufacture our products and generally source fabrics and other components needed. Customers must feel confident that everything they buy at H&M is designed, produced and distributed with the greatest consideration for people and the environment.

We work closely with long-term partners and invest significant resources in our sustainability work in the supply chain. We contribute to over a million jobs in the sourcing countries – where we also work actively to promote lasting improvement of working conditions and environmental impacts. The H&M production offices located in our sourcing markets are the main point of contact for the local suppliers, handling timing and practical aspects of all orders.

Logistics and distribution. Contact us. Transport. WayAhead Working in collaboration with members of the European Retail Round Table (ERRT) we have developed a tool for evaluating European road freight carriers’ environmental performance. The tool is named WayAhead and we have been using it since 2010 to communicate our minimum requirements of transport service providers and to evaluate their environmental performance. Our minimum requirements of transport providers in Europe include: At least 70 percent of road freight carriers’ drivers must have received training in fuel-efficient drivingTrucks carrying H&M goods must not be more than 10 years oldAll nominated and potential road freight service providers must have a CO2 reduction target that is accompanied by an action and follow-up plan. Clean Shipping Project The Clean Shipping Project aims to improve the environmental performance of the shipping industry. The Clean Shipping Index monitors the environmental performance of maritime transport service providers worldwide.

Supplier list. The supplier map includes first tier manufacturing supplier factories that account for about 98.5% of all commercial pieces produced for the H&M Group. Additionally, it includes all processing factories, which can be subcontracted by our first tier manufacturing supplier factories for specific tasks. In 2015, we expanded the scope of the list further and as the first major fashion brand we now communicate the names and locations of the most important mills that provide our suppliers with fabrics and yarns.These are fabric and yarn mills making about 50% of the pieces produced for the H&M Group.

Our aim is to update the list every three months.Since we occasionally test new factories, enter new partnerships or might have to phase out any factories, changes may occur and will be included in the forthcoming update of the supplier list. Manufacturing factories These are factories that are either owned or contracted by our suppliers to make our products. Processing factories Platinum & gold. Our supply chain. Second-tier suppliers These are the suppliers of our suppliers. They might include fabric or yarn manufacturers for example. In general, H&M has no direct relations with these companies. Accordingly, we have less direct influence. Factory employees Hundreds of thousands of people work in our supplier factories. Profits boost for H&M after opening a store everyday last year. GO City Girl | Fashion News. H&M to dress the Swedish teams for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Czech player Tomas Berdych is the Australian Open’s most stylish player. Marketing Plan: 10 Components You Should Include in Your Marketing Plan. H&M: Product Strategy. Hennes & Mauritz AB | H&M: CHP.1 Mission Statement -High Fashion, low price.

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