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The Most Controversial Calvin Klein Ads. Smokefree Resource Centre. United colors of benetton. Benetton Group - Corporate Website. Benetton Group - Corporate Website. Benetton sued over shock ads - World - News - The Independent. Benetton's message of international harmony gave way in the last three years to images that were deeply harrowing, or vilely inappropriate, depending on your point of view.

Benetton sued over shock ads - World - News - The Independent

They paved the way for a commercial civil war which exploded in the German courtslast week. It looks set to rage for weeks to come. Benetton seemed to relish the worldwide controversy over its provocative advertising, including a photograph of the blood-smeared clothes of a dead Croatian soldier (whose parents later claimed that they did not know what they had agreed to) and a man d y ing of Aids. The thinking was twofold. On the one hand, all publicity is good publicity. Now, retailers claim that they have lost money because of the ad campaign. One case, attended by dozens of reporters, came to court in Kassel last week. Last week's court case involved Heinz Hartwich, owner of four Benetton shops in Kassel, who is being sued by the company for £400,000.

Mr Hartwich also claims to have German mothers on his side. Pamela Anderson PETA advert banned in Canada. By Mail online Reporter Updated: 13:16 GMT, 16 July 2010 Pamela Anderson flew into Montreal yesterday all set to unviel her new ad campaign for animal rights group, PETA.

Pamela Anderson PETA advert banned in Canada

But the ex-Baywatch beauty learnt at the last minute that the required permit had been refused by local officials, who branded the ad 'sexist'. The ad, which was due to be revealed outside of Montréal's Place Jaques-Cartier will now be unveiled at Restaurant Globe Thursday morning as part of a news conference for the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival which Anderson is hosting. Controversal: City officials in Montreal banned Pamela Anderson's new PETA ad, branding it 'sexist' Canadian born Anderson was shocked by the ban decision, saying: 'In a city that is known for it's exotic dancing and for being progressive and edgy, how sad that a woman would be banned from using her own body in a political protest.

Ads Designed To Shock You. 13 Most Offensive PETA Advertisements. PETA has become notorious for its shocking — and often offensive — ad campaigns.

13 Most Offensive PETA Advertisements

As an activist non-profit, PETA doesn't have to worry much about making people angry, and they often thrive on it. Whether it's using sex, graphic images or exploiting tragic news events, it's all meant to grab your attention — by any means necessary. It has developed a brand that's on the fringe, supporting its own extreme stances. Shock 'I wish I had breast cancer' ads could save the NHS £3.1m. Shock ads of pancreatic cancer patients ‘wishing’ they had more survivable cancers could save the NHS £3.1m because of earlier diagnoses, a ROI of about 4000:1 Q1.

Shock 'I wish I had breast cancer' ads could save the NHS £3.1m

When and why did you decide to launch a campaign? NR “It wasn’t our job to decide to launch a campaign but we, and especially my creative partner, did lobby quite hard for Pancreatic Cancer Action to do something in the comms space to address this terrible disease. The reason we did this was that both Greg (creative partner) and I had lost someone close to the disease.” AS: “We decided to launch a campaign following an Ipsos Mori poll we commissioned into the public’s awareness of pancreatic cancer. “Over 70% of the UK population did not know where their pancreas was, let alone anything about pancreatic cancer. Benetton: the cause, the creative, the controversy.

But if you looked beyond the echo chamber of RTs and redundant posts there wasn’t much in the way of real analysis.

Benetton: the cause, the creative, the controversy

Sure the Pope was PO’d. But was the campaign any good? Is the cause it supports worthy? Was the controversy a surprise or the objective of the campaign in the first place? It strikes me these are all questions worth considering for those of us interested in branding, advertising and social media. Shock tactic in domestic violence ad. This is, Amnesty International will readily admit, far from its usual realm of campaign work.

Shock tactic in domestic violence ad

Bright posters show women who initially look upbeat and fresh, smiling in what appears to be an advertisement for a new cosmetic. But a closer look reveals they nurse bruises circling their eyes, scars under their breasts and cut cheeks. Beauty and the beast message in ad campaign. What is Shockvertising? Shockvertising or Shock advertising is the kind of advertisement which uses concepts that violates social norms or general personal ideals.

What is Shockvertising?

Such kind of advertisement is generally used to break the monotony of the “normal” advertisements and instead “shock” the audience and create a buzz about the advertisement. United Colors of Benetton - 40 Years Press Site. Shockvertising: Ads that divide. Friday, 21 January, 2000, 11:11 GMT Shockvertising: Ads that divide Lavish TV commercials and glossy mailshots may be the staples of modern advertising - but for those without deep corporate pockets, shock tactics are more appealing.

Shockvertising: Ads that divide

Pressure groups, charities and even governments have employed graphic imagery and blunt slogans to highlight everything from animal cruelty to the dangers of drink-driving. Canadian smokers are soon to be bombarded with pictures of diseased organs on the health warnings plastered across their cigarette packets. In Britain, an advert for the children's charity Barnardo's, showing a baby preparing to inject itself with heroin, has been blocked by the Committee of Advertising Practice. It was due to appear in newspapers over the weekend. However, when it comes to posters and magazine adverts, the public tend to stomach shocking and even gory imagery if it's for a good cause. "Shocking adverts risk alienating the very people they want to reach.

Shock Advertising. How can one forget the bold letters "FCUK" emblazoned on a roadside billboard or proudly displayed on a teenager's T-shirt?

Shock Advertising

In the UK, one could not miss the erotic Sophie Dahl, apparently overcome by the orgasmic powers of Opium perfume. But sometimes an advertising agency goes too far – and risks damaging the reputation of the very brand it seeks to enrich. The agency succeeds in attracting attention, but undermines the very products it is trying to promote. The Sophie Dahl campaign, for example, certainly seemed to backfire.

Trivia on Advertising and Commercials: Using Fear and Scare Tactics to Sell. In April, 1973, CBS News, in a most heretical but heroic program entitled "You and the Commercial," broadcast the most eloquent statement on the manipulative aspects of advertising.

Trivia on Advertising and Commercials: Using Fear and Scare Tactics to Sell

The accuracy of the program was clearly demonstrated when the fulsome kingpins of unfairness and deception, the advertising industry, attacked the program as being unfair and deceptive. The commentary of Dr. Erich Fromm particularly raised the hackles of the admen. In noting the use of fear as an important selling tool, Dr. Fromm said: "This is very apparent in all the deodorant ads; fear of body odor and all that. Dr. Conspicuous consumption did not evade Dr. Dr. Benetton: A History of Shocking Ad Campaigns [PICTURES] 1 of 13 BenettonBenetton 1996Benetton 1992Benetton. 26 Incredibly Daring Ads That Were Made To Shock You.