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Using Massage For Emotional And Spiritual Well Being. Many people are unaware of the advantages of receiving routine massages.

Using Massage For Emotional And Spiritual Well Being

To most, it just appears to be a simple form of relaxation that is a pleasant investment every once in a while, but in actuality, it is a powerful form of healing and renewal. Receiving routine massages can improve the quality of many aspects of your life such as reducing fatigue, enhancing concentration, relieving and preventing aches and pains, regulating blood pressure, relieving stress, improving attitude, and most importantly, bringing balance to your life force, also known as your qi (khee). A few psychology tricks to try next time you’re out (13 Photos)

Psychology & Life

If You Learn These 9 Simple Tricks, You'll Never Be Bad At Math Again. The United States keeps lagging further and further behind in math skill, and that’s no surprise.

If You Learn These 9 Simple Tricks, You'll Never Be Bad At Math Again

Heck, even I have trouble making change sometimes. But here are some simple tricks to help you do complex math more easily. 1. Multiplying large numbers in your head. Perception. Scientific Knowledge & Information.

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This Nifty Infographic Is a Great Introduction to Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Therapy. It's startling to think about how we've got a spaceship billions of miles away rendezvousing with Pluto, yet here on Earth there are major aspects of our own anatomy that we're almost completely ignorant about.

This Nifty Infographic Is a Great Introduction to Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Therapy

We've climbed Everest, sent men to the moon, and invented the Internet — but we still don't know how our brains work. The positive outlook is that many health, science, and research specialists believe we're on the precipice of some major neuroscientific breakthroughs. One example of a recent discovery with major implications is our further understanding of neuroplasticity. How the language you speak changes your view of the world. This article was written by Panos Athanasopoulos from Lancaster University.

How the language you speak changes your view of the world

It was originally published by The Conversation. Bilinguals get all the perks. Better job prospects, a cognitive boost and even protection against dementia. Now new research shows that they can also view the world in different ways depending on the specific language they are operating in. The past 15 years have witnessed an overwhelming amount of research on the bilingual mind, with the majority of the evidence pointing to the tangible advantages of using more than one language.

Just as regular exercise gives your body some biological benefits, mentally controlling two or more languages gives your brain cognitive benefits. Germans know where they’re going In research we recently published in Psychological Science, we studied German-English bilinguals and monolinguals to find out how different language patterns affected how they reacted in experiments. Switch languages, change perspective.

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32 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home - The Penny Hoarder. More than you thought you knew on epigenetics… 36 Amazing Psychedelic Blacklight Posters. Psychedelic posters are a great way to decorate you home, bedroom or chillout space.

36 Amazing Psychedelic Blacklight Posters

From the vintage 1960s counter culture waybill posters to modern day psychedelic rock and music posters for bands like tool, STS9 etc there are plenty of options available to spruce up your walls. One category of trippy posters that is commonly seen at festivals and psytrance parties are the good old psychedelic blacklight posters. These creations are painted with a special paint known as blacklight reactive paint. The paint glows when exposed to a backlight - a light source which has a wavelength predominately in the ultra violet ( UV ) range. Psychedelic Coloring Books? - The Pub. Quote:freddurgan said:I wouldn't think people still dug coloring books?

Psychedelic Coloring Books? - The Pub

No way, man! For my girl's b-day, I bought her a box of crayons, and not the shitty ones either. Nope, these got the sharpener IN THE BOX! I also got her an assortment of coloring books, and two other things, I can't remember the name... I'll get back to you later w/ that info, but both can be bought at a craft store like Michael's (in the U.S.). 1) Black felt on white paper, you color in the white. 2) This small piece of paper that you scratch your drawing on, and each scratch reveales the bottom layer/color. Glogin?mobile=1&URI= NASA Guide to Air-Filtering Houseplants. Houseplants are not something you would typically associate with NASA, but in the late ‘80s the US government agency joined forces with the Associated Contractors of America (ALCA), to determine the most effective indoor plants for removing toxic agents from the air.

NASA Guide to Air-Filtering Houseplants

The study, led by Dr. B. If You Place An Ice Cube On This Exact Point Of Your Neck, Crazy Shit Happens. Posted on June 04 2015 at 18:26 pm If you’re like me, your primary use for ice cubs is to chill your alcohol but we’ve all been using them wrong.

If You Place An Ice Cube On This Exact Point Of Your Neck, Crazy Shit Happens

Sure, they’ll still effectively cool your drink but a lot of people don’t know about the hidden health benefits they can have too. This secret has been pretty well kept and escaped most of us but putting an ice cube on a certain point of your neck can, quite unbelievably, make you look younger and feel more energised.