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Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care

Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care based on Nollamara provides a safe & nurturing environment to your kids.

10 Tips for Great Road Travel with Your Toddlers and Babies - Read 2 Grow. Travel with Your Toddlers and Babies Some parents approach a long road trip with young children with a sense of dread.

10 Tips for Great Road Travel with Your Toddlers and Babies - Read 2 Grow

In one sense, that’s understandable. Children can demand lots of attention and energy – something that can be in short supply on a long car journey. So, here are our 10 tips for helping to make your travel with your toddlers or babies a little easier. Prepare OK, this is rather generic but it’s a fact that some of us don’t put the required thought and preparation in beforehand.

That means the drive can become an almost endless series of minor emergencies and stops, many of which could have been avoided with a bit of forethought. So, take your pre-departure planning seriously. Take some toys It sounds obvious but it’s important. Avoid like the plague: things that make a lot of noise or play tunes;toys that need your constant attention.Remember those potties/nappies/clothing changes.

Read 2 Grow Early Learning - Read 2 Grow. It’s never too soon to start taking your children out to restaurants with you.

Read 2 Grow Early Learning - Read 2 Grow

In fact, the earlier the age they start, the more likely it is they’ll develop good restaurant behaviours in their older childhood years. However, while this can be a great experience for the whole family, it can sometimes bring with it a set of challenges. The overall motto is “Be Prepared!”. Can you give your child too much positive attention? - Read 2 Grow. As experts in the child care industry, we’ve often heard questions related to the subject of “spoiling a child”.

Can you give your child too much positive attention? - Read 2 Grow

So we thought we’d share the common questions that have come up over the years and what we believe is best for the child. Here they are in no particular order… Can I give my child too much positive attention? No, you can’t. It is as simple as that. Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year! - Read 2 Grow. People usually take time to reflect on the year during these times so we thought we’d ponder a bit as well.

Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year! - Read 2 Grow

This time last year we were working on launching our centre and excited about what the year 2020 would bring. And suffice to say, it has been nothing short of “eventful”. If any of us felt a bit bored with the usual routines of the years passing by and the festivities that come around each year, this year has been a complete disruption. The year 2020 has taught people to look after themselves, spend more time with their loved ones and grow together as a community. So for the first year in running, we’ve seen amazing things in this community. What is a Healthy Screen time for Babies and Toddlers? - Read 2 Grow. Little is likely to get people angrier when debating how much time their children should be allowed to spend on a screen.

What is a Healthy Screen time for Babies and Toddlers? - Read 2 Grow

There are those who would argue that screens are inherently bad for a younger child’s development and others who say that they have no effect whatsoever. To make matters worse, there is surprisingly little hard science to back up many of the differing views. Studies have been done but they’re often inconclusive or subsequently contradicted by other studies. So, parents will need to use a lot of common sense here. How to build positive relationships between parents and children. Let’s say at the very outset that discussing this isn’t easy!

How to build positive relationships between parents and children

That’s because every single parent is different – and every single child likewise. What works in one relationship might not in another. Most parent-child relationships will need to find their own way. Stages for Bonding and Attachment in Babies. During the early years of childhood development, parental bond is key in establishing a safe and secure environment for babies.

Stages for Bonding and Attachment in Babies

While most parents have a desire to bond and connect with their young ones, many struggle with exactly how to go about building a healthy relationship. This is particularly true when it comes to first time fathers and mothers. So here’s some tips we thought would help overcome the confusion or “awkwardness”. Pre-natal In truth, there isn’t a vast amount of conclusive evidence here but many mothers report feeling a natural inclination to talk to their “bump” as it develops.

Toys That Really Aid Children's Learning. Children learn through play.

Toys That Really Aid Children's Learning

It doesn’t really matter what they’re playing with, they’ll learn from it. For example, playing on an inflated slide teaches coordination and the less pleasant lesson that if you fall off things, it will hurt! A spinning top helps hand-eye coordination and so on. However, there are some toys that have a strong evidence base for being particularly useful. Some of our top tips for those are listed here. How to Inspire a Love of Books in Your Children. Most of us want to see our children reading – and enjoying it.

How to Inspire a Love of Books in Your Children

When will your Baby start Teething? Let’s say right up front that this question can’t be answered.

When will your Baby start Teething?

That’s because just like most other elements of child development, there are huge variations. In fact, things will vary by baby and they might also be affected by your genetic background. So, our usual re-assuring message; please don’t worry if your baby is “different” to what follows”. It is almost certainly unimportant. Odd cases Some babies, including Napoleon Bonaparte, are born with some teeth already. These events are exceedingly rare though. Top Tips for Getting Your Child to Cooperate.

An uncooperative child can be a nightmare! Be reassured, most parents and care providers have been there. Meals, getting dressed and of course above all, bedtime, can all stretch your patience as your recalcitrant child uses every trick in the book to make your life difficult. 10 Popular Baby Food Recipes. If you plan to make your baby’s food yourself rather than rely on tinned and packet options, then here are some ideas about how to prepare some easy and nutritious meals for your little one. You’ll likely have many concerns about what ingredients to use but remember that baby and toddler food doesn’t have to be bland and flavourless.

You can experiment. These recipes are all aimed at babies 8-9 months and above. Basic tomato sauce base. 10 Common Naptime Problems and Solutions. Naptime can be a chance for parents to get a well-earned rest at the same time as their toddlers. However, it can also be stressful if the children object! So, here are 10 common problems and their solutions. In passing, we’re discussing here toddlers rather than younger babies. 1. Don’t swim against the tide. Tips for Disciplining Your Toddler. All children need to be taught that some behaviours are unacceptable. Responsible parents will take great pains to explain the ‘what’ and ‘why’ well in advance but there is a sometimes-painful truth that needs to be faced. That is that for many, if not all children, such explanations alone may be insufficient to prevent intentional transgressions from time to time. Sooner or later the question of discipline, in the sense of consequences, will need to be faced.

This isn’t harsh. When Should You Get Your Child's First Pet? Although there are some who argue that the day of the pet has passed and they have no place in an enlightened home, in reality, most of us still love them. Our children probably will do likewise. The question as to when to get a pet for your child is complex. It hides many different issues. The age of your child Clearly, very young babies are incapable of reacting to a pet. However, from a very early age, children can recognise pets. Toilet Training your Toddler. Little has caused as much fractious debate over the past 75 years as “how to toilet train children”. We should be clear – personal beliefs and practices vary hugely.

Different cultures also have very different ideas and approaches in this controversial domain. 10 Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby. The world has changed. No longer is the typical mother a professional housewife. 3-Year-Old Behaviour Problems & What Is Normal. This is inevitably a sensitive subject for many. In what follows, we’ll be offering a personal view. You may find others who disagree. Baby and Infant Growth and Development Milestones. All parents like the reassurance of knowing that their child is developing “normally”. In fact, that term can be very difficult to define because children develop at different rates. Over more than a century, child development experts have used statistics to define certain milestones for children’s progress.

In what follows though, do remember that these are just statistics – they may mean little in the case of a given individual child. So, don’t get overly concerned if your child hasn’t reached the milestone by the specified age. In addition, health care practices may vary from one area to another. How to Keep Children Learning and Engaged at Home. Types of Music that Help Babies and Toddlers Develop. At one time, most parents (the vast majority of times meaning the mother) would very regularly sing to their babies and younger children.

That process was seen as “natural” for the most part and not really done as part of a designed strategy. However, it had a huge range of benefits, including both comforting the child and with slightly older toddlers, it was an important step in aiding language development and the transmission of culture and cultural values. How Easily Do Toddlers Develop Language Skills? The psychology behind the acquisition of language skills is complex and clearly, we can’t do it justice here. Top Tips on How to Read to Small Children. Reading to smaller children is critically important in aiding their healthy development. Tips to Stay Healthy During the Flu Season. Exciting News! Room Changes! - Read 2 Grow Early Learning. Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care. With Corona Virus (COVID-19) gaining lots of publicity and growing in significance over recent days we feel it’s important to communicate on issues that impact on our service and how we as a community can work together to minimise the risk of cross-infection.

Our main responsibility as a service is safeguarding the health of children, staff, and visitors to our service by ensuring well-established hygiene practices are being reinforced in order to minimise the risk of infection. Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care. Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care. There are many reasons to choose an accredited, state of the art centre like Read 2 Grow.

Our curriculum is literacy-based, multi-sensory and fun. Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care. It’s finally here, we are open for business - Read 2 Grow. Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care. Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care. Read 2 Grow Early Learning Child Care.