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15 Homemade Organic Gardening Sprays and Concoctions That Actually Work" Back when I started my first garden, a certain celebrity gardener and his books of gardening concoctions were all the rage.

15 Homemade Organic Gardening Sprays and Concoctions That Actually Work"

You could tell when it was fundraising time on our local PBS station because they'd have him live in the studio, telling us that all we had to do was use items such as baby shampoo, instant tea, and whiskey, and we'd be able to grow our best garden ever. Those claims seemed pretty far-fetched to me back then, and now that I know a little more, I know that several of those concoctions were either just plain bad ideas or that one item in his recipe was the one that was actually doing the work while the rest were either unnecessary or possibly harmful to plants, insects and other soil-dwelling organisms. How To Make Homemade Tomato Fertilizer.

Eggshells as Organic Pest Control - Get Busy Gardening. 2K+ The flea beetles have been worse than ever this summer, and the Japanese beetles are no fun either.

Eggshells as Organic Pest Control - Get Busy Gardening

On top of that, the slugs have been turning my hostas into swiss cheese. (Ahhh, the joys of gardening) I need all the help I can get fighting these and other pests in the garden. There is a well known organic pesticide called diatomaceous earth, which is basically the fossilized remains of creatures that are ground into a fine powder. 15 Homemade Organic Gardening Sprays and Concoctions That Actually Work" Rice Knowledge Management Portal - Rice,Paddy,Dhan,Chawal,Rice Research Domain, Rice Extension Domain, Rice Farmers Domain ,Rice General Domain, Rice Service Domain,RKMP,Rice in India,Rice Government Scheme.

The Case for Seed Saving - rdpgiri - Gmail. Traditional Seeds - Self-Sustainable. How to Keep Cilantro Fresh. May 4th, 2012 Email 100 users recommend.

How to Keep Cilantro Fresh

Why NOT to try composting in a city like Mumbai. The sudden increase in organic gardeners have also seen the increase in organic oracles.

Why NOT to try composting in a city like Mumbai

For them, composting is an integral part of gardening and each feeling their formulas are better than the other. The continuous jibber jabber has kinda got me thinking if composting is really all that it is said to be. Organic Farming – Community Supported Agriculture: About CSA. Farming Matters. Underground Heroes: Earthworms may not be too bright, but they provide an invaluable service to agriculture. Monday, 15 July 2013 21:09 Clay Coppedge Earthworms are the original underground heroes.

Underground Heroes: Earthworms may not be too bright, but they provide an invaluable service to agriculture

Their usefulness has been extolled by everybody from Charles Darwin to organic farmers to soil scientists, yet most people spend about the same amount of time thinking about earthworms as earthworms spend thinking about us. How+to+Kill+A+Tree.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200 × 1600 pixels) - Scaled (59. கல்வி விகடன் ஆரோக்கியமான சமூக மாற்றத்தை நோக்கி… காசி.

ஆரோக்கியமான சமூக மாற்றத்தை நோக்கி…

Akshayakalpa - bringing dignity and investment to the rural farmer. Agriculture has to be financially viable and farmers must be able to pay loans back.

Akshayakalpa - bringing dignity and investment to the rural farmer

Farming has to be seen as a feasible profession says Dr. Reddy. Azolla production as protein supplement “Farmers should not be left behind in the globalised economy; they have to change into entrepreneurs. Five Permaculture Tips for a More Sustainable Organic Farm - Organic gardening. Nestled deep in the sticks of Schoharie County in upstate New York, lays Raven Crest Botanicals , a 250-acre sanctuary of an organic farm. Over 80 herbs are grown at Raven Crest for a variety of teas, tinctures, elixirs and skin care products. Susanna Raeven, owner of Raven Crest Botanicals, strives to bring “non-toxic, safe and effective, hand-made herbal products, made in small batches with love and intent” to her clients to “help them find balance in their lives with the generous support of the plant kingdom.” Raven Crest teas, elixirs and tinctures are derived from Mother Earth without harming her, made well for Susanna’s supporters to be well.

Ms.Raeven uses a variety of permaculture methods to ensure that each and every one of her products is natural, organic, and pesticide and fertilizer free. Healthy and responsible farming - Health. Special Report: Syngenta's campaign to protect atrazine, discredit critics. ShareThis By Clare Howard 100Reporters and Environmental Health News June 17, 2013 To protect profits threatened by a lawsuit over its controversial herbicide atrazine, Syngenta Crop Protection launched an aggressive multi-million dollar campaign that included hiring a detective agency to investigate scientists on a federal advisory panel, looking into the personal life of a judge and commissioning a psychological profile of a leading scientist critical of atrazine.

Special Report: Syngenta's campaign to protect atrazine, discredit critics

Re-thinking bioenergy: value chains that put farmers first. "Biofuels have the potential to address all 3 sustainability pillars – social, economic and environmental.

Re-thinking bioenergy: value chains that put farmers first

The trick is how to execute this and it requires a change of frame and change of lens. " So said Navin Sharma of the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) at a side event "The IFAD-ICRAF Biofuel Program," held alongside the Bonn Climate Talks. Biofuels – renewable fuels derived from biomass – will need to provide 26% of total transport fuel by 2050 if we are to restrict global temperature to non-devastating levels. Yet the so-called food-versus-fuel debate argues that the use of food crops as feedstock can compete with food production, drive land conversion and contribute to rising food prices that cut into the limited purchasing power of the poor. The program's market network – built on a proven model for milk distribution in the state – provides links to user industries, assures price and purchase of biodiesel and yields maximum benefits to the farming community. God’s Own Gardeners.

Special Report: The Grenada Chocolate Company Delivers World-Class Chocolate By Sailboat. 6 comments Two weeks ago, I was on a cruise headed for the island of Grenada when I received an email about The Grenada Chocolate Company.

Special Report: The Grenada Chocolate Company Delivers World-Class Chocolate By Sailboat

Needless to say, the headline–“Grenada Chocolate Company and FairTransport Team Up To Make First Ever Carbon-Neutral Trans-Atlantic Mass Chocolate Delivery”—got my full attention. I rearranged my schedule and made plans to meet with Mott Green, the founder of GCC, a tree-to-bar organic chocolate cooperate. Sadly, the only time we could meet was at high noon on a Sunday. » How did Barack Obama become Monsanto’s man in Washington? Alex Jones. Jon Rappoport April 29, 2013 And when are anti-GMO activist groups going to stop saying they’re “shocked and disappointed” by the president?

Shocked and disappointed is polite-speak and politically correct reaction. It’s baloney. Don’t you get it? Obama has never been on your side. Magazine / Lifestyle : All for a green life. Magazine All for a green life PHOTOS: P.V. SIVAKUMAR and K. ananthan Stay close to Nature:Shift to organic products. Worm wonder. Vermicompost has changed fortunes of farmers in a drought-prone Karnataka district -- (Credit: Photographs: Manu Kulkarni)Meet Gurunatha Oudugoudar of Kurthkoti village, Gadag district, Karnataka. On his 20- hectare farmland, he sows cotton, chilly, papaya and many kinds of vegetables.

The town farmers built. -- (Credit: Nidhi Jamwal) Faced with an encroaching city, old world farmers created--and now own--a new world town Neelima Muppa's day begins at 7.30 am. A quick glance at the clock and a glass of juice later, she hits the nearby gym. Back home in 40 minutes, she showers, changes into office wear, and sits down to have breakfast. Her office starts at 9 o'clock, and 15 minutes before she's expected in the office, she slings her bag on her shoulder and strols towards Cybercity in Magarpatta. TBI Water Week: Back To Life – The Story Of A Lake. In concluding our Water Week, we couldn’t think of a more apt story than one that fills our hearts with gladness, and an old, defunct lake with water!

Read how the efforts of an Environmental outfit, together with the co-operation and willingness of the villagers, revived a lake thought to be dead, and turned around the fortunes of a small region. World Water Day is celebrated every year. And every year we re-dedicate ourselves to improving the quality and quantity of water in the world. But then, are we doing enough? The Government comes out with grand plans for lake development and river cleansing. Re-Growing Celery. Organic Farming. Certified Organic Farms India,Organic Farming. Biochar Merits. Pet Bottle Fence on bloglovin. TBI Water Week: Drought-free in Maharashtra – Six Small Villages, One Big Lesson. A visit in April 2013 to six villages in three drought-affected districts of Maharashtra shows that unlike their neighbours, these villages are drinking water secure. Awareness and community-level action are key to the success of any initiative; these six villages are testimony to that.

Quarter Acre of Livelihood - Update 1. 25 cents (11,000 sq ft) seems like a space that is small enough and big enough for our home needs and some sharing. Mud Building Workshop. Last week, Ragu and I attended an awesome 6 day mud building workshop by Sourabh Phadke The idea was to build a Community Space in rural Coimbatore (Kinathu Kadavu near Kerala border).

Pit Greenhouses. Pit Greenhouses Depending on latitude, but despite above ground air temperatures (and wind chill), 6 to 8 feet down into the earth, temperatures remain fairly constant, between 50 and 60°F. Meaning your pit greenhouse will be much warmer than an above ground greenhouse in winter and that cool earth will keep temps bearable in the summer. Food & Nutrition Security Initiatives. Regional Latin America & the Caribbean. A Review of Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture in Northern India. India's rice revolution. Sumant Kumar was overjoyed when he harvested his rice last year. There had been good rains in his village of Darveshpura in north-east India and he knew he could improve on the four or five tonnes per hectare that he usually managed.

Oxygen Acres – A Few Acres of Freshness... Nutritional Weaklings in the Supermarket - Graphic. Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food. DIY Gardening: How to create a Vertical Wall Garden. Check out "பாரம்பரியத்தை மீட்போம்!" on வேளாண்மைத் தகவல் ஊடகம் - rdpgiri - Gmail. Biochar: What has been the group members experience with enhancing soil/stopping soil degration using Biochar. Is it recommended, risks, benefits, recognition amongst certification bodies? 10 Tips For Minimizing Transplant Shock - Secrets To Successful Transplanting - Northscaping Info Zone Article. Are You Passionate About Sustainable Agriculture With Knowledge to Share? I started may 28th planting 4 tomatoes around a garbage can with holes.

309221_10150345738084617_1704283238_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 960 × 776 pixels) Seed Soaking and Sprouting Chart. Grafting tomatoes for commercial grower use. Mealybugs - Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust - Sydney, Australia. SunWater: Affordable Solar Powered Pumps for Poor Farmers. Nepal and Others Mull Monsanto's Role in Advancing Agriculture. Press packs. Knowledge Based Information on Coconut. பருவமில்லா காலத்திலும் காய்கறி அறுவடை - வேளாண்மைத் தகவல் ஊடகம் The Only Real Way to End GMOs. Largest Organic Research Platform In Canada. Farmers can now adopt organic farming sans risks.