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Rare Historical Photos. A boxing match on board the USS Oregon in 1897.

Rare Historical Photos

Albert Einstein looking fabulous. Here's his report card! Samurai taken between 1860 and 1880. A shell shocked reindeer looks on as World War II planes drop bombs on Russia in 1941 Roy O. and Walt Disney on the day they opened Disney Studios. Che Guevara. The Microsoft staff in 1978. The last known Tasmanian Tiger photographed in 1933. A different angle taken of "Tank Man," the man who stood against a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square.He is standing in the street between the tree trunk and the fleeing man.You can see the tanks approaching from the right. Winston Churchill out for a swim. The London sky following a bombing and dogfight between British and German planes in 1940. Martin Luther King, Jr removes a burned cross from his yard in 1960. Google begins.

Nagasaki, 20 minutes after the atomic bombing in 1945. A Native American overlooking the newly completed transcontinental railroad in 1868. The Great San Francisco Fire and Earthquake of 1906. Special Abilities. Super Materials. Qigong. Qigong Summary. PSI. Oysters are inspiring super-strong, transparent armour. Super Powers! Become superhuman. Body tricks everyone should know! - Cool Mohammadi. Navigation Adjust font size: Comments June 12, 2007: Body tricks everyone should know!

Body tricks everyone should know! - Cool Mohammadi

Comments made indy wrote: Tried the arm thing and it didn't work well. July 07, 2007 10:45:48 | Keep up-to-date --> Subscribe to Comments... | Subscribe to Comments by Email heterosexual female wrote: Is the Jessica Simpson thing supposed to work with heterosexual female pee-ers, too? July 07, 2007 11:10:16 | Keep up-to-date --> Gary wrote: That comment on the French is uncalled for. July 07, 2007 11:33:30 | Keep up-to-date --> Mike Sabat wrote: I tried #16 and it didn't work at all? July 07, 2007 12:24:28 | Keep up-to-date --> eric wrote: "That comment on the French is uncalled for. " Martial Arts - Martial arts instruction « Wonder How To. The Official Extreme Martial Arts Tricktionary and List of Martial Arts Tricks. This list is always changing and evolving and is simply a guide if you want to save some time and frustration.

The Official Extreme Martial Arts Tricktionary and List of Martial Arts Tricks

Some trickers are better at kicking, some better at flipping, and some better at twisting. That being said, some trickers may find an advanced trick easier to land than a beginner trick as it appears on our Tricktionary. To each his own, and don't worry about it. Not every tricker is the same, so just do your best and make sure you have fun and don't kill yourself on some crazy move for which you are unprepared. If you have any suggestions, please send a PM to the Lead Tricktionary Moderator. Absolute Novice TricksIf you are new to tricking, start here. Shaolin Martial Arts, Chinese Kung Fu. As one of the most important Chinese Kung Fu, Shaolin Martial Arts is regarded as the symbolization.

Shaolin Martial Arts, Chinese Kung Fu

It originated in the Buddhist culture of the Shaolin Temple in Mt. Songshan, Henan Province. Its essence lies in the combination of Kung Fu and Buddhist ideology, in which manner the monks not only learn the Kungfu skills, but also cultivate themselves by grasping the Buddhist ideology. Furthermore, this Kung Fu style has been well-known due to the functions of self-defence, body-building and athletics. In these years, it has been presented on the world stage and more and more westerners take interest in learning it. HistoryIt’s said that during the Dahe Reign (477 - 499) of the Chinese Northen Wei Dyansty (386 - 534), Bodhi Dharma, the 28th generation follower of Sakyamuni, created this Kung Fu styles after nine years of development in the Shaolin Temple.

Since the Sui and Tang Dynasties (581 - 907), Shaolin Kung Fu started to be developed and promoted. World Domination Club. Samurai. Super Powers! Smoke Weed Freely Without Worrying About The Smells. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that most people get caught with weed either during, or just after, smoking it. Weed’s smell is amplified greatly by combustion / vaporization in comparison to dried herb.

Let's dive into hiding weed smells while smoking so you can know how to smoke in all your normal spots without getting caught! There are plenty of people that will tell you to spray yourself with cologne, chew a piece of gum, and go on about your business. That might be fine if you have a job and a family and friends who don’t care at all if you smoke weed. And… if you never plan on walking in the same vicinity as an officer of the law or a concerned baptist church-goer ! Better to be safe than sorry in most situations, and I have an actual remedy for you.

A Little Science Will Do You Well There are certain elements and chemical compounds in the world that actually do capture smells rather than covering them. Sayonara Smokey Skunk Smell! The “Secret Smoker” Follow the instructions. Home - Mars One. The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast.