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Sea Level Rise Predictions

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Flashback 1978: Scientist Predicts 10°C Warming, 5 Meter Sea Level Rise, 660 ppm CO2…By 2028! 1978: 5 Meter Sea Level Rise By 2028 2015: 10 Feet Sea Level Rise By 2065 Forecasting human-caused climate disaster is anything but new. Nearly 40 years ago, a landmark paper was published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature providing a dapper rubric for the modern human-caused climate disaster papers to follow. The Mercer (1978) “…a threat of disaster” paper introduced above was fraught with presumptions, guesswork, and spectacularly wrong predictions about the connections between fossil fuel consumption by humans and future carbon dioxide (CO2) parts per million (ppm) concentrations, the melting of polar ice sheets, and an impeding sea level rise disaster.

Specifically, Mercer claimed that atmospheric CO2 concentrations would double from ~330 parts per million (late 1970s) to ~660 ppm within 50 years, or by 2028 — due to a continuance of the rapid growth in fossil fuel consumption. Today, Scientists Predict 1400 ppm CO2, 16- 30°C Warming By 2130 Dr. Hansen et al., 2013. Fake USGS Scientists Predict Two Meters Of Sea Level Rise | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog. Threatened by an end to global warming scam money, government scientists turn the volume of their BS up to eleven – predicting two meters of Southern California sea level rise by the year 2100.

Disappearing Beaches: Modeling Shoreline Change in Southern California Sea level in Southern California is about the same as it was in 1871. 1871 Present At low tide, the La Jolla Cove beach looks like this. It will require about 1,000 years for Southern California sea level to rise two meters, most of which is due to land subsidence rather than rising seas. Sea Level Trends – State Selection Sea level in Northern California is falling. Sea Level Trends – State Selection Government scientists understand that they can raise funding by lying about the climate. H/t Steve Case. Experts pour cold water on catastrophic sea level hype.

New Alarmist Paper Predicts Two Feet Sea Level Rise By 2100.