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RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the Kolkata (India) based company behind the brand KARNI; we strive every day to do what matters most to customers of retail, F&B, hotel, manufacturing & mining domain: accelerating access to affordable software and finding IT solutions for their present and unmet needs. Our Karni products bring simple and realistic high-end IT solutions within reach of customers by helping reduce the cost of the project with straight, simple and practical approach in software & IT implementation as per the customers actual needs. Our portfolio consists of all IT based barcode/non-barcode solutions for the retail, F&B, hotel, manufacturing & mining domains with multiple software solutions as well as hardware solutions.

Supermarket Revolution In INDIA. Pristine tiled floors, piped music, checkouts, trolleys, infra-red scanners, shelves neatly stacked with items cheerful sales staffs, there is nothing extraordinary about supermarkets, except that it represents a retailing revolution.

Supermarket Revolution In INDIA

With the rapid transformation of the industry of food in India, the supermarket revolution was a key element of globalization, thereby leading to the usage of grocery and retail billing software today. Supermarkets and now gone well beyond the initial middle-class client base to enter all kinds of food markets. With the impact of shock downstream on traditional retailers, this revolution has set off ripple effects in the industry of food processing wholesale and farm sectors, thereby incipiently affecting trade. For around half a century in many developing nations, the revolution was mainly limited to the rich consumer segments and upper-middle classes of large cities.

ATTRACT CUSTOMERS TO YOUR GROCERY STORE. ATTRACT CUSTOMERS TO YOUR GROCERY STORE. Tips To Choose An Efficient POS System. What Is Point Of Sale. A Point of Sale or POS system works on the very simple premise – every time a customer makes payments for availing of your products or services, he is actually carrying out a Point of Sale Transaction.

What Is Point Of Sale

However, it would be erroneous to assume that Point of Sale is only about customer payments. It’s not! The significance of POS transcends “payments”. Save time and Increase productivity. Retail Business and POS System. Satisfying the customers with the quality service and products is the best way to grow and pave a strong place in the retail industry.

Retail Business and POS System

Retail business is one of the old and popular business genre and here one business person experience tremendous competition. To attract more customers and to satisfy them, you need the best strategy along with strong technical support. Cloud Based POS v/s Traditional POS. The fundamental difference between Cloud-based POS (Point of Sale) system and a traditional web based POS is defined by the way in which data is stored.

Cloud Based POS v/s Traditional POS

Cloud-based POS systems store data online, while the traditional web based POS system stores the same locally on the on-premise server. With cloud based facilities, you can access data from any source including smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. Cloud-Based POS Systems: A Closer Look Notably, cloud-based POS systems are often referred to as “apps” instead of software because they are accessed via smartphones. Needless to say, cloud-based POS has far outweighed traditional systems in terms of popularity.

The reasons? Bakery Management Software. Tips to Market Your Restaurant Business. 2020 marks exciting times for restaurant marketing.

Tips to Market Your Restaurant Business

You can seek less known avenues to develop your brand identity because these relatively less known avenues are going to gain momentum this year. Let us explore the ways with the help of which you can bolster marketing strategies for restaurants in the immediate future. Don’t forget that technology is crucial to your brand identity You can employ a plethora of avenues to expedite brand value—ads, social media marketing etc. However, do ensure that you’re backing up your unparalleled marketing strategies with equally stellar customer experience.

If your compelling marketing strategies have brought your customers to your restaurant, make sure you’re actually enhancing their experience by investing in technology. Enlist your business on Google Google receives a whopping 3.5 billion searches per day on an average. Retail Industry in India. Introduction The Indian retail industry is one of the most vibrant industries in the country.

Retail Industry in India

It is currently ranked at 20th position among the top 30 developing countries identified by management consulting firm AT Kearney in its 2014 Global Retail Development Index (GRDI). India remains an appealing, long-term retail destination for several reasons starting with its demography – half of India’s population is less than 30 years of age and roughly one-third of the population lives in cities. The disposable income of Indians is increasing – allowing them to spend more and try new products, brands, and categories. With the growth in the retail industry, the corresponding demand for real estate is also being created. Market Size India’s retail market is likely to touch a whopping Rs 47 trillion (US$ 738.71 billion) by 2016-17, expanding at a compounded annual growth rate of 15 per cent, a Yes Bank-Assocham study says. Retail Business. Regardless of whether you’re slogging it out on the sales floor or behind the scenes, making the most of retail technology remains crucial to business success.

Retail Business

There are not one but several ways in which technology actually ends up driving retail success. Talk about improving shoppers’ in-store experience, do let us inform you that there are myriad ways in which technology contributes. Right from helping you balance inventory assortments to tracking pricing and controlling orders – leveraging a range of tech tools will invariably steer customer loyalty. We have compiled a few prevalent tech trends affecting retail success today. Retail Business. Marketing Strategies for Hotel and Restaurant Industry.

The hotel and the restaurant industry remains a dynamic space and marketers need to resort to equally dynamic strategies in order to stay relevant.

Marketing Strategies for Hotel and Restaurant Industry

Documented below are a few effective marketing plans for the hotel and the restaurant industry.Online Presence Regardless of what the scale of your business is, you just cannot expect to survive without online presence. Talk about social networking sites, blogs or websites – there is, at once, a host of options that you have access to. A website should, at once, be backed by visual appeal and the clarity (information about your business like detailed services, facilities, worldwide or countrywide presence etc) which your clients deserve. As far as blogs are concerned, it is advisable on your end to explore the skills of your writing team to create impressive, informative blogs. Hold regular contests for clients to win free meals and advertise your contests through social media. Restaurant Business Plan Discussed. Going to start a restaurant business soon?

Restaurant Business Plan Discussed

Please remember that the food you serve will not surprisingly be your only recipe for success. There definitely are other factors that you should prioritize—i.e. investments, staff, vendors, business tools and so on. Here is exactly where you need to have a written business plan. Keeping everything n your mind is not a commercially feasible proposition. Here is a look at a few important factors that should be included in your restaurant business plan without fail. 1. You have it in your mind. Benifits Of Point Of Sale Software. RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — Hotel Software: hotel booking is now easy. An Overview of Food Court Management Software - Food court management is not an easy thing to do.

An Overview of Food Court Management Software -

This is because there are hundreds of professionals serving thousands of individuals every day with varied cuisine and utterly delicious tastes. Hotel Software : Better Hotel Management & Reservation System - Running a hotel successfully and profitably is an extensive job, which is involved with successful manpower coordination, efficient customer care service, managing hotel reservation system, and many more activities that demand intense attention, accuracy, and punctuality, etc. Introduction of POS (Point Of Sale) Software can help a hotel admin to manage all these intricate jobs with flawless perfection. Let’s check how it helps in better hotel management.

RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — Importance Of Grocery Software. RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — Benefits Of Restaurant Billing Software. RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — Apparel Software - Garment Inventory Control... RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — Retail Billing Software for Supermarket Stores. RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — Hotel Management Software Saves Time and Money. RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — The benefits of using mining industry software. Restaurant POS Billing Software. Restaurant Billing Software Karni restaurant billing software is a full-featured and simple-to-use software solution ideal for all restaurants and bars.

From fine dine restaurants to casual dining, table service to quick service, pizza delivery to coffee shops, cafes, bar, clubs, disco and more –Karni POS Software for restaurant delivers it all! It is ready to use or all sort of bar and restaurants outlets with optimum utility. It has already helped management/authority of restaurants and bars in increasing ROI and command over the business. Apparel Point Of Sale Software. Karni Retail Apparel POS Software is a comprehensive and user-friendly software solution ideal for all types of retail businesses ranging from the supermarket to stores/chain of stores, all types of ready-made garments, lingerie, textile and fabrics to sarees and dress material etc.

Regardless, you own a single store or a chain of stores Karni Retail Software will help you to manage your retail operations efficiently. Apparel point of sale software from Karni helps you to remain focused on the core aspect of retailing to save your hassle of manual day-to-day operations. It empowers you to face the challenges and tough competition for a retail outlet with enlarged efficiency. Retail POS Software in India. RBW social banner. Hotel and Guest House Software. Hotel Management Software Karni Hotel POS Software for hotel industry is an easy and effective way to execute the tasks of Hotel Management System. The basic objective of Hotel and Guest House POS Software includes fast access to data to make decisions in no time. The primary objective of a hotel includes “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” and the system must present all possible ways to keep the customer happy.

This software provides an innovative, powerful integrated single solution for hotels with a prime focus on helping the management to generate revenues and not costs. Cost-effectiveness & simplicity is the mantra! Key Features: Off the shelf single integrated solutionFor Hospitality/Hotel Industry (with a modular-built up facility)Catering any type of property: Powerful features and unmatched flexibility helps in catering any property type – be it a Hotel, Chain of Hotels, Resort, Motel, Lodge or even a Roadside Inn. There’s No day end (night shift closing) process. Mining Software Solutions. RBW Solution has developed mining industry software solutions for the entire post-sales process of mining production management, mine production control, and data management solutions with DO generation process, stores, weighbridge integration.

This Software has features to manage inter-stock transfer for railway yard and have all statutory requirements inbuilt. RBW Solution Team has vast experience to manage a coal mine having a turnover of 1300cr per year. We have a strategy that we do some sort of changing in software every time. As we all know in large scale ERP, management needs the different types of reports and business changes frequently, we depute a person in mine area to manage all Software IT related task. That person also guides the management, Operator and EDP staff of how they integrate IT into their daily life.

RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — Benefits of Mining Industry Software. RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — Use of POS Software in Hotel Business. 7 Tips to Choose Right Billing Software for Restaurants and Bar. Being the manager or owner of a restaurant, you must make sure that you own a Restaurant Billing Software that is robust and comes with features that streamline your daily do's in few clicks. ERP Software for Mining Industry, Mining Industry Cutomize ERP Software. Dept. Store POS Software. Department Stores POS Software, Grocery retail management, Grocery Store POS Software.

RBW Hotel POS Software. Guest House POS Software, Hotel POS Software. Karni Hotel – Hotel Management System In India hospitality is based on the principle Atithi Devo Bhava, meaning "the guest is God". The Indian hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key industries driving the growth of the services sector in India. It has evolved into an industry that is sensitive to the needs and desires of people.

And Hotel industry plays a major role in this domain. IT and tech related services have become an integral part of hotel industry for the smooth functioning of the hotels. Key Features: Off the shelf single integrated solution For Hospitality/Hotel Industry (with a modular-built up facility) Garments POS Software, garment software, garment invoice software, Garment shop software, Garment Industry software. RBW Bakery POS Software. Retail Billing Software, Restaurant POS, Restaurants Software, Retail Shop Software, restaurant management system. The Karni Restaurant software is a full-featured and simple to use software solution ideal for all restaurants and bars.

KARNI Restaurant is available in several flavors to fit your establishment’s needs. Coal Mining Software. RBW Solutions. POS Retail Software. Department Stores POS Software, Grocery retail management, Grocery Store POS Software. The Best POS Software Solution Provider. Apparels POS Software, Apparels software, POS Softwares for Apparels. POS software India, Point of Sale India, POS solutions india, POS products supplier Kolkatta, India. Retail Billing Software, Restaurant POS, Restaurants Software, Retail Shop Software, restaurant management system.

Department Stores POS Software, Grocery retail management, Grocery Store POS Software.