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RBW Solutions

RBW Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Kolkata (India) based company under the flagship KARNI. We strive to imply simplification for our customers dealing with Retail, F&B, Hotel, and Manufacturing & Mining domain for hassle free business administration: we offer input of affordable system software to implement and enjoy the leverage of tailor-made IT solutions for their business improvement.

10 PROVEN WAYS TO CREATE YOUR RETAIL GROWTH STRATEGY. Artificial Intelligence In Retail Industry. POS Software for Retail Garment Sector - Point of Sale is the procedure where retail transactions end.

POS Software for Retail Garment Sector -

This is when the buyer makes the payment for a specific service or product. Initially, retailers and the businesses in the clothing sector maintained manual and electronic cash registers for recording data. However, with the advancement made in the field of technology and the evolution of different software systems, the entire procedure had been simplified. The Advantages of the Garment Software There are many top quality retail brands and apparel stores in the clothing sector that make the best use of highly advanced and extremely expensive POS software.

Features of a POS Software Point of Sale software for the retail clothing sector is positioned in the area where the transaction takes place. Quick Checkout A high end and effective POS software possess the ability to simplify the checkout procedure. Inventory Tracking. Restaurant Software – A Modern Way of Being a Restaurateur - A restaurant runs on client management, proper servicing, and profit generation.

Restaurant Software – A Modern Way of Being a Restaurateur -

Running a restaurant is concerned with an extended range of activities, which is quite complicated and involved with several man powers. A properly built restaurant billing software helps in managing coordination between all restaurant related activities from one single point and increases overall accuracy and productivity of the outlet. Let’s check how it works- Automatic Billing: It helps in getting billing done in a way that is faster, accurate, and with complete detail so that customers can check at one go their restaurant expenses. Splitting of bills: Splitting of bills is done on-demand, but it is an extensively complicated process. Table billing: Table billing is a user-friendly feature for a restaurant, especially during busy hours. Billing on mobile orders: This facility helps in integrating the bills done on taking away counter. Multi-payment system acceptance:

Hotel Software : Better Hotel Management & Reservation System - Running a hotel successfully and profitably is an extensive job, which is involved with successful manpower coordination, efficient customer care service, managing hotel reservation system, and many more activities that demand intense attention, accuracy, and punctuality, etc.

Hotel Software : Better Hotel Management & Reservation System -

Introduction of POS (Point Of Sale) Software can help a hotel admin to manage all these intricate jobs with flawless perfection. Let’s check how it helps in better hotel management. Hotel Software is a comprehensive system that is based on robotic efficiency and that is why it completes its functionalities with faster turnaround time. End of the day, the software generates an updated report so that the admin checks the complete productivity of the workflow, etc. Hotel POS software can be used as a single point user as well as for multiple hotel chains. It can help you in managing inventories. Hotel’s profitability can be optimized by an efficient reservation monitoring system. Garment Shop Software. Karni Retail Garment POS Software is a user-friendly intelligent software solution ideal for all types of retail business outlets including Supermarket to small and medium retail stores/chain of stores, all types of readymade garment showrooms, lingerie, textile and fabrics, sarees and dress material.

Garment Shop Software

Regardless you own a single store or a chain of stores Karni Garment shop software can manage your retail operations efficiently and accurately. This garment POS software helps you to focus on the core aspect of retailing and keeps you away from mundane day-to-day operations. Karni garment shop software comes with easy-to-setup product categories along with some state of the art features like item classification (size, color, design, and price), flexible and unique barcode generation. There multi-layered facility of using garment software increase your customer satisfaction with integrated customer service management that provides add-on services like job work, alteration, and tailoring.

Mining Software Solutions. RBW Solution has developed mining industry software solutions for the entire post-sales process of mining production management, mine production control, and data management solutions with DO generation process, stores, weighbridge integration.

Mining Software Solutions

This Software has features to manage inter-stock transfer for railway yard and have all statutory requirements inbuilt. RBW Solution Team has vast experience to manage a coal mine having a turnover of 1300cr per year. We have a strategy that we do some sort of changing in software every time. As we all know in large scale ERP, management needs the different types of reports and business changes frequently, we depute a person in mine area to manage all Software IT related task. That person also guides the management, Operator and EDP staff of how they integrate IT into their daily life.