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Lorenz Flocks to Drone Insurance Agreement - DRONELIFE. Source: Lorenz Drone-solution provider Lorenz Technology this week insured its future success by partnering with insurtech startup Flock.

Lorenz Flocks to Drone Insurance Agreement - DRONELIFE

Lorenz produces Lorenz AI-Link, an edge-computing device that deploys UAV preprogrammed flight routes, gathering video data in real-time. In addition, AI-Link archives data for incident reporting. The company’s Lorenz Hive software makes visual documentation from drone flights more accessible. How Many Drone Pilots are Flying Without a License? At DRONELIFE, we’ve gathered some anecdotal evidence over the years about how many drone pilots are flying without a license.

How Many Drone Pilots are Flying Without a License?

Whenever we’ve asked drone operators that we meet in life outside of work if they have a license, we’ve found that none of the operators that we’ve run into have a Part 107. These are local roofers, photographers, or recreational flyers who have a day job but accept commissions to take a picture of a town ballfield or soccer game once in a while. Drones in Ports and Shipping: the Next Big Market for the Industry? ABP’s Group Director Safety, Engineering and Marine, Mike McCartain, said: “After an initial proof of concept with PwC, we realised drones could offer significant value to our asset and property inspections, using drone and data technology integrated with a secure cloud platform.

Drones in Ports and Shipping: the Next Big Market for the Industry?

They are safer, faster and more cost-effective, enabling us to optimise operations and reduce risks. “The cloud platform we’ve built with our partners gives our teams simple and intuitive access to the drone information, including the ability to build inspection reports in the browser, aligned to our existing asset management systems. InterDrone Podcast: DoD Awards, Drone Collisions, and Police Drones. In this InterDrone Podcast, DRONELIFE gets the chance to join Roswell Flight Test Crew‘s Patrick Sherman and the crew from InterDrone to talk about the news of the week.

InterDrone Podcast: DoD Awards, Drone Collisions, and Police Drones

Using Drones for Hurricane Response - Join AUVSI NC This Week! Image: NOAA This week, AUVSI NC offers two free events for the drone industry.

Using Drones for Hurricane Response - Join AUVSI NC This Week!

As hurricane season hits, AUVSI NC is here to help your state get ready for using drones for hurricane response. This Friday, July 31 from 12 – 4, AUVSI NC will host a free public workshop, bringing federal, state & local, military and academic experts together to discuss best practices for using drones for hurricane response. (Register for this free event here.) “This workshop will also discuss how public and private sector UAS teams need to prepare for this Hurricane Season. With Hurricane Hannah making landfall in Texas this week in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, emergency services around the country are looking for safer and more effective ways to keep communities safe during and after storms.

U.S. Drone Manufacturer Inspired Flight Designs DJI M600 Alternative - DRONELIFE. IF1200 Hero Photo U.S. drone manufacturer Inspired Flight has introduced a made in the U.S.A. alternative to the DJI M600, appropriate for U.S.

U.S. Drone Manufacturer Inspired Flight Designs DJI M600 Alternative - DRONELIFE

Department of Defense (DoD) missions: the IF1200. The IF1200 Hexacopter is a brand new, federally compliant heavy-lift drone. “Supporting payloads up to 8kg lift capacity and with flight times up to 40 minutes, the IF1200 pushes accuracy and consistency to the next level,” says a company press release. “An open-system architecture provides flexibility for the integration of proprietary payloads, while ready-to-fly integrations for Lidar, EO/IR, and optical imaging systems are readily available.” Drones are increasingly viewed as critical tools in national security. Inspired Flight CEO Marc Stollmeyer says, “We see a large opportunity to capitalize on the absence of quality US drone manufacturing. Beyond being U.S. manufactured, the IF1200 meets and exceeds functional requirements.

On The Lighter Side: Drones and Dr. Who (Check out the second video) - DRONELIFE. Who knew that the Moon was an Egg?

On The Lighter Side: Drones and Dr. Who (Check out the second video) - DRONELIFE

Or how about flying drone heads? Dr. Who fans knew. Just in case you needed something to help you to sleep at night. The moon being an egg is such a Doctor Whoy thing. CEO,, and CMO of On The Lighter Side: Why did Someone pay 1.4 Million Dollars for a Pigeon? (Video) - DRONELIFE. If drones take inspiration from forms in nature, than this interesting video will update you on everything that you did not know about racing pigeons.

On The Lighter Side: Why did Someone pay 1.4 Million Dollars for a Pigeon? (Video) - DRONELIFE

It talks about the history of pigeon racing, and the run-up on prices of the most elite of the racers and why two bidders were willing to pay over one million dollars for one pigeon. Video is from Business Insider. Drones in Education: AMA Thanks Senators for Supporting Educational Programs - DRONELIFE. U.S.

Drones in Education: AMA Thanks Senators for Supporting Educational Programs - DRONELIFE

Air Force photo by Jet Fabara Two U.S. Senators have successfully sponsored an amendment to Section 349 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, a change which eases the way for drones in education. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has issued a statement thanking Senator Doug Jones of Alabama and Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska for their support of the industry. Recreational and educational flight have experienced greater limitations since the repeal of Section 336 in the FAA Reauthorization Act. The amendment “allows for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) flown as part of the established curriculum of an elementary or secondary school, an established Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program, or as part of an educational program chartered by a recognized community-based organization (CBO), to be treated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the same as limited recreational operations,” says an AMA announcement.

DroneDeploy's Summer Release Moves Drone Mapping Closer to a One Button Process - DRONELIFE. DroneDeploy’s Summer Release “One of our goals has always been to enhance the way our customers conduct business,” writes DroneDeploy.

DroneDeploy's Summer Release Moves Drone Mapping Closer to a One Button Process - DRONELIFE

“Our feature releases have always been centered around growth and accessibility, and this July release is no different.” Here are just a few of the release’s new features, for more detail visit DroneDeploy’s blog for their product wrap-up. More Accessible Data As the drone industry expands, large enterprise is embracing the technology: and larger companies need a way to share data across the enterprise. Enhanced Progress Reports With DroneDeploy’s enhanced Progress Report, team members can get a full view of a project: and stakeholders can share visual project documentation in one, customizable report that can include maps, panoramas, videos, and photos of a project on a specific date, all with editable captions.

Complete Mission Control – Flight and Operations in One Solution. Deep Drone Acrobatics (RSS 2020 Video Pitch) – The Drone News. THE LIPO CHARGER of THE FUTURE – The Drone News. They put the vTX where?! GEPRC Mark 4 – The Drone News. Buyeo Tour Ending – The Drone News. GOLF CLUB VS UNBREAKABLE DRONE!! Karearea Talon V2 review – The Drone News. Autel Evo2 Dual Sling Load Bracket – The Drone News. THE BEST 3INCH FPV DRONE EVER!!!! // HGLRC PARROT 132 6S – The Drone News. Sky-Drones Cloud – Mission Planning in 3D – The Drone News. FPV GOGGLES of THE FUTURE – The Drone News. Build a whole quadcopter with no laptop? SPEEDYBEE V2 can flash, configure, and set up ESCs – The Drone News.

Ride Hail a Drone? Uber Elevate Moves Forward with Hidden Level Collaboration. How soon will it be before you can ride hail a drone? Uber Elevate is investing heavily in urban air mobility (UAM). This week, Uber Elevate announced a collaboration iwth venture -backed Hidden Level, a company specializing in low altitude airspace monitoring, to advance UAM operations. “Uber Elevate is Uber’s initiative to promote safe, reliable, clean, and affordable air mobility services through networks of electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOL). Through this partnership, Hidden Level and Uber Elevate have agreed to share expertise in designing and deploying scalable airspace operations based on data generated from Hidden Level’s custom-built sensors, which are strategically installed in dense urban environments,” says a Hidden Level press release.

Counter Drone Tech Continues to Soar: DroneShield Announces New Contract, Record Results. Counter drone tech is one of the fastest growing segments in the drone industry. One of the biggest players in the counter drone field, DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO), has announced a new contract with the United States Air Force to deploy multiple units of DroneShield’s DroneSentryTM integrated detect-and-defeat counterdrone (C-UAS) system at North Dakota’s Grand Forks Air Force airbase.

The initial deployment is only a start: the contract provides an option to acquire additional systems.Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, commented, “DroneShield was selected because our technology leverages Artificial Intelligence software and tracking/defeat automation that solves the 319th SFS problem statement (i.e. the requirements provided to the bidders on the contract) with little to no impact on manning.This is DroneShield’s first U.S. Air Force deployment. We are immensely proud that the U.S. Texas Drone Law Places Severe Restrictions on Aerial Photography, Videography - DRONELIFE. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Jacqueline A. Clifford By DRONELIFE staff writer, Jim Magill Under current Texas state law, it is illegal to use a drone to capture an image of private property without the owner’s consent, unless you are a law enforcement office, a professor doing research, a surveyor, an employee of an oil and gas or power company, or someone covered by one of the more than a dozen other exemptions to the law.

Therapy Drones: Could sUAS Be the Adaptive Therapy Tool of the Future? - DRONELIFE. Here’s a new category for the drone industry: therapy drones. Could learning to pilot a sUAS be a new and effective form of adaptive therapy? Joseph Dorando, founder of the Wounded Eagle project, says that the benefits of learning to pilot a drone can’t be underestimated – and urges the medical profession to learn more. The following is a guest post by Joseph Dorando, U.S. N ret., Part 107 pilot and CEO of Wounded Eagle UAS, a non-profit organization for wounded veterans.

DRONELIFE neither accepts nor makes payment for guest posts. Over the many years that I’ve been training disabled veterans into becoming small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) commercial (FAA Part 107) operators with Wounded Eagle UAS, it’s come to my attention that there is an amazing therapy treatment that physical therapists and those in the medical community are unaware of.

If ever there was a validation, this was it. Droniq, Sky Drones Product Improves BVLOS - DRONELIFE. Courtesy: Droniq German drone provider Droniq and UAV-tech firm Sky Drone are teaming up to help pilots better control unmanned aircraft beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Under the partnership, Droniq will use Sky Drone’s platform to offer a hardware package that enhances locating, controlling and transmitting drone data during BVLOS flights. The platform is part of Droniq’s UTM system the firm designed for the German market. New Azur Drones Funding Shows Industry Investment Going Strong. Azur Drones Investment in the drone industry is still going strong, as an Azur Drones funding announcement indicates. DroneDeploy Expands Down Under to Meet Increasing Global Demand - DRONELIFE. Philly By Air Drone Survey Unveils Gender Gap - DRONELIFE. Philly by Air, a Pennsylvania-based provider drone photography, cinematic-grade aerial photography and video services, recently completed a comprehensive drone survey of 1,050 drone owners.

The results show that, while a gender gap exists among drone users, the same gap tightens when it comes to actual drone ownership. “We wanted to find out to what extent drone use and ownership has elevated into the mainstream,” Philly by Air founder and CEO Matt Satell. Police Using Drones: DRONERESPONDERS Releases Principles on Responsible Use - DRONELIFE. Are emergency services agencies and police using drones in the best way to serve communities? New Dubai Drone Law Paves the Way for Commercial Ecosystem - DRONELIFE. Terra Drone Gets Permission for Commercial BVLOS Flight in Indonesia - DRONELIFE.

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