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David Free - Social Software Showcase. Twubs: Wikipedia-Style Hubs for Twitter Hashtags. Hashtags are all the rage.

Twubs: Wikipedia-Style Hubs for Twitter Hashtags

The single # symbol has come to represent a powerful way to track information, participate in conversations, share movements, and spread memes. We recently documented 24 daily Twitter memes, each of which wouldn't be popular or possible without hashtags, but we know this is only scratching the surface. If you're looking for a better way to find, follow, or add context to hashtags, there's Twubs, a brand new site dedicated to making hashtags useful. Twubs, or hashtag hubs, gives hashtag users the power to contribute their own photos, videos, and tweets, edit Twub information related to the hastag, and get a more comprehensive view of the stream of activity. Microsoft Vine – Request an invitation. An Introduction to Twitter Hashtags. Tagging helps to organize and share our online information with others.

An Introduction to Twitter Hashtags

By attaching one or more keywords to a Flickr photograph, for example, we group it together with others that have the same tag. Hashtags serve a similar purpose on Twitter, the social micro-blogging service. The aim is to bring some order to Twitter users' published updates ("tweets") and make it easier to follow a topic of interest.