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The Writing Strategies Book by Jen Serravallo. A Very Brief Introduction to Principles, Research, and Theory, and How to Use This Book The idea for a book of writing strategies exists many times over.

The Writing Strategies Book by Jen Serravallo

This one is possible only because of the great books that have come before it. There are books suggesting writing strategies meant for professional writers and college students, such as those by Noah Lukeman, Roy Peter Clark, and Janet Burroway, among others. There are countless examples of excellent compilations of writing strategies in books written for teachers of writing, such as Fletcher and Portalupi’s Craft Lessons Series, Barry Lane’s After “The End” (1993), Carl Anderson’s Strategic Writing Conferences series (2008–2009), Donald Graves’ many books, Katie Wood Ray’s Wondrous Words (1999) and other titles, Katherine Bomer’s books, Georgia Heard’s books, Nancie Atwell’s In the Middle (2014) and other resources, Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study series, and many more. The Bones of a Good Essay. Sitting down and writing an essay often causes students to get stressed out!

The Bones of a Good Essay

By using the “Bones of an Essay” poster created by WeAreTeachers and Zaner-Bloser, students will have no trouble at all. First, introduce the poster to your students and explain each step by using body motions to reinforce them. Body Moving With “The Bones of a Good Essay” Solid base: Have students stand up straight and tall with their feet together and their arms at their sides. Writers Workshop Poster: How to Write a Good Essay Poster. Favorite Writing Resources from Zaner-Bloser. Teach Writing. Teaching Resources: 10 Resources for Writing Teachers. Hello fellow teachers!

Teaching Resources: 10 Resources for Writing Teachers

Teaching writing has probably never been harder. How do you teach writing to students whose main experience with writing is text messaging! At the same time, writing is more important now than ever. Colleges make life-changing decisions about students’ acceptance based on their writing, and employers say good writing is a hard skill to find in the workplace. Writing is a must-have skill.