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The Importance Of Toddler Naps. Children of different ages require different amounts of sleep.

The Importance Of Toddler Naps

Adequate sleep duration on a regular basis promotes better health outcomes like improved: AttentionBehaviourLearning and memoryMental and physical healthQuality of life According to American Academy of Sleep Medicine, toddlers (1-2 years of age) need, on an average, around 11 to 14 hours of sleep per 24 hours including daytime naps. Your child’s sleeping routine at night can be severely disrupted if they don’t get enough sleep during the day. Why Napping Matters Napping help kids learn: One study suggested that midday naps may aid toddlers’ learning.

Why your child may be resisting afternoon naps Some of the reasons why your toddler may not want to take a nap could be: They don’t want to be alone.They may think that they are missing out on any activity.They are too excited or restless.Naps are not a part of their daytime routine.They are hungry or thirsty or experiencing some other physical discomfort.

Why Does Colic Happen At Night? New-borns cry a lot—but they sleep even more.

Why Does Colic Happen At Night?

Most new-borns sleep about eight to nine hours during the day and another eight hours at night, though not all at once. Your baby probably won’t sleep through the night (six to eight hours) until they are at least three months old. Some babies don’t sleep through the night until six months or older. So it stands to reason that lots of crying starts up when you thought they are sleeping peacefully—or when you're trying to sleep. Tips for the Home Cleaning. Infant Nutrition Guide. New to feeding an infant?

Infant Nutrition Guide

We’re here to help with this infant nutrition guide. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. 13 - 18 Month Old Language Development: Baby Talk - Miracle Mom. 8 ways to help your baby learn a language.

13 - 18 Month Old Language Development: Baby Talk - Miracle Mom

The latest findings make it clear that talking to your baby has important emotional and cognitive benefits. The distinct, singsong way that parents talk to their babies is known by many different names: baby talk, parentese, motherese, infant-directed speech. Whatever you call it, the sound is pretty much the same: A warm, higher-pitched, exaggerated way of speaking that elongates vowels and comes out more like a roller coaster than a monotone. Parents tend to use baby talk without even being conscious that they’re using it. When speaking to a baby, speech just comes out that way. Because of the importance of hearing plenty of spoken language, child development experts recommend talking to your baby as much as possible throughout the day. Baby Talk: Keep Up The Conversation.

Importance of Grandparents. Deep Cleaning House Tips. Kitchen Cleaner. Welcoming Newborn baby at Home. Baby’s Development In Week 32. Baby’s Development In Week 15. How To Manage Your Child's Diarrhoea? Know the Effect of Music on Brain Development at Miracle Mom. Even before birth, exposing your child to music ignites all areas of child development.1 Effect of music on babies in the womb1 An unborn child hears its very first sound around 16─18 weeks of pregnancy.

Know the Effect of Music on Brain Development at Miracle Mom

By week 24, babies respond to voices and noise. An unborn child can recognize her mother’s voice, her native language, word patterns and rhymes. By 3rd trimester, the baby can hear the music you play. Effect of music on a young child’s brain2,3 Children should be exposed to many kinds of music. Language and literacy skillsNumeracy skillsIntellectual developmentAttention and concentrationPhysical development and health. Know The Causes of Losing Baby Teeth Early at Miracle Mom. 7 Month Baby Solid Food Chart at Miracle Mom. Around 4-6 months, all that moving around and development your baby is up to will require more nutrients than formula or breast milk alone can provide.

7 Month Baby Solid Food Chart at Miracle Mom

That's where solids come in. Of course, the majority of their daily calories should still come from breast milk or formula until the end of their first year. Please consult your doctor before starting any solid food. Find Out How to Fix a Picky Eater With Miracle Mom. Explore the Benefits of Reading Picture Books to Toddlers With Miracle Mom. Know the Importance of Knowing Whom to Contact During Emergency at Miracle Mom. How to Treat Cuts and Wounds When Your Kids Fall Down? Explore Remedies With Miracle Mom.

Know How to Explore New born Baby Names for Boy & Girl with Meaning at Miracle Mom. At first, it may seem like the ultimate challenge, but there are ways to simplify your decision-making process Before any of the challenges rearing a newborn child will bring to the table, as a mother, you have one obstacle to overcome before anything else—picking a name for your child.

Know How to Explore New born Baby Names for Boy & Girl with Meaning at Miracle Mom

With so many choices, one might think of this necessary process as easy. As you start going through the possible choices; however, your mindset may change – deciding on the perfect baby name may start to feel overwhelming, daunting, and so difficult. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you decide on the name of your child: Trendy Names Away from the conventional list, these are names that pop up sporadically due to their uniqueness, a possible celebrity status factor, and pop culture trends.

Ask For Opinions The best people to consult with on this matter are family and close friends—people who'll spend a lot of time with your child in the future. Know How to engage your child in playful Storytelling at Miracle Mom. Know Healthy Fats to Eat During Pregnancy at Miracle Mom. How good sources of fat can be a powerful part of a pregnancy diet—for both your health and your baby’s development.

Know Healthy Fats to Eat During Pregnancy at Miracle Mom

Fats are important to your baby's development and may have benefits for your health as well. Here’s what you need to know. When it comes to fats in your diet, lots of questions may come up. For instance, are nuts good or bad? Handling Infant Choking - Know How to Keep Your Baby Safe at Home With Miracle Mom. Explore Memory Games for Kids at Miracle Mom. Get to Know Healthy Eating Habits for Kids at Miracle Mom. Get the Required Calcium You Need During Pregnancy With Miracle Mom. Know Long-Term Benefits of DHA in Nutrition to a Growing Child With Miracle Mom. It’s fitting that the full name of the nutrient DHA—docosahexaenoic acid—is long since this special fatty acid offers long-term benefits to a growing child.

Know Long-Term Benefits of DHA in Nutrition to a Growing Child With Miracle Mom

Research has shown that a steady supply of DHA during the first year of life, from either breast milk or fortified formula, strengthens basic brain structures that shape the cognitive abilities a child will later use for meeting developmental milestones and succeeding in school. Here’s how DHA can benefit your baby, according to research. Better Visual Acuity A 1998 study showed that babies who consumed DHA had better vision scores on their first birthday than those who consumed no DHA. The retina of the eye is especially reliant on this fatty acid while vision is developing in the first weeks of life. Better Attention. Know How To Establish A Strong Bond With Your Baby at Miracle Mom. Know Behaviour & Separation Anxiety in 6 to12 Months Babies at Miracle Mom. Why does my baby cry when I leave when they didn’t before?

Know Behaviour & Separation Anxiety in 6 to12 Months Babies at Miracle Mom

We’ve got answers and some ways you can ease the parting when it comes to separation anxiety in toddlers. Why does my baby cry when I leave when they didn’t before? Sure, it’s stressful. Know Your 28 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms, Baby Position & Weight in KG With Miracle Mom. 25 Weeks Pregnant, its Symptoms , Baby Weight & Growth at Miracle Mom.

Know About your 24 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms, Baby Development and Weight at Miracle Mom. Know Your 10 Weeks Fetus Development During Pregnancy at Miracle Mom. Know How to Handle Cravings During Pregnancy at Miracle Mom. The better you eat, the healthier you and your baby will feel. Below are a few ways to control those pesky junk food pregnancy cravings. 7 Hacks to Handle Cravings during Pregnancy 1. The Power of Breakfast. It’s easier to avoid the mid-morning pregnancy cravings when you’ve had a healthy balanced breakfast. 2. 3. 4. Maternity and Hospital Tour Questions for 30 Week of Pregnancy at Miracle Mom. Whether you’re deciding between hospitals or taking a tour of your doctor’s hospital, here are 10 things to consider when making your choice.

With such a big decision, it's important to have some maternity tour questions ready. Before you give birth, you’ll most likely tour the hospital affiliated with your doctor. This is a great chance to get an inside look at the facilities. Have your maternity and hospital tour questions ready so you can ask about the process; this will help alleviate some stress as you prepare for the birth of your little one. 24-Month Check-Up Pediatrician Questions at Miracle Mom. Know 5 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms at Miracle Mom. Becoming a Working Mom and Know Baby Safety Checklist at Miracle Mom.

Know Growth and Development Activities of 24 Months Old Baby With Miracle Mom. Know Your Baby's Growth and Development at 6 Weeks at Miracle Mom. Know Your Baby's Growth and Development at 5 Weeks With Miracle Mom. Know Your Baby Development and Growth in 34th Week at Miracle Mom. What’s happening in week 34 of your pregnancy? Your baby’s fingernails are growing so much that they have almost reached the tip of his fingers. Support your baby’s ongoing bodybuilding with protein – 1 g/kg body weight plus 23 g daily (eg.

If you weight 60 kg = 1 x 60 = 60 g + 23 g = 83 g of protein daily) at this stage of your pregnancy. Your baby weighs about 2.26 kg. He/she measures about 50.8 cm from head to toe. Know Your Baby Development Activities for 6 Month Old Baby at Miracle Mom. Know Kitchen Safety for Toddlers at Miracle Mom. Know How to Change a Diaper Steps & Care at Miracle Mom. Some illuminating facts about diaper-changing: The average baby will need at least 5,000 diaper changes before they are potty-trained.A new-born urinates as many as 20 times per day.Their diaper will need to be changed every two to three hours for the first few months. Read what you need to know to get started: The Prep Diaper Choice: Cloth or Disposable? Know the Power of Storytelling for Kids at Miracle Mom. Know Your Fetal Development in 2 Week at Miracle Mom.

Clean and Hygienic Home Tips During Pregnancy at Miracle Mom. Know About the Germs in the Kitchen and Hygiene During Pregnancy With Miracle Mom. Various Stretches for Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy at Miracle Mom. Know Your Fetus Development at 4 Weeks With Miracle Mom. Know Your Fetal Development in 3 Week at Miracle Mom. Take Pregnancy Advice from Real Moms at Miracle Mom. We asked four moms to share what they would tell their pregnant selves if given a chance. 1.

Enjoy the journey Many moms turn into a bundle of nerves when they find out about their pregnancy, especially if it's their first time. However, getting caught up in doing everything the "right" way can make you lose sight of how wonderful the process is. Sometimes we just need to lighten up and stop to smell the flowers. Looking back at my first pregnancy, I think I was too anxious. —Samira 2. It’s easy to make pregnancy an excuse to let yourself go and eat whatever you want, right? I would tell my pregnant self to be more concerned about food and nutrition. —Natasha 3. Most expectant parents welcome the news of a pregnancy with joy and much celebration, but the reality is that not all pregnancies are planned, and some women approach their pregnancies with anxiety and frustration. Creative Activities for Kid's Speech Development at Miracle Mom. Get your toddler talking: 4 activities to help with your toddler's creative expression Make the most of your time together with a range of activities that are fun for both of you, and great for toddler speech development.

Here are 5 quick, creative activities for toddlers that help with your toddler's language development and creative expression. 1. Pre Counting. Now Time is Child's Brain Development Time at Miracle Mom. Know the Importance of Sleep in Childhood Development With Miracle Mom. Know Your Baby's Brain development from 12 to 18 months at Miracle Mom. Why “use it or lose it” is so important to a child’s development.

The phrase “use it or lose it” is often employed in reference to the diminishing cognitive function associated with ageing. Handle Appetite Changes During Pregnancy With Miracle Mom. Know Your Baby's Growth and Development in 7 Weeks at Miracle Mom. What's happening in week 7 of your pregnancy? How to Deal with Pregnancy Anxiety. Three common sources of stress for moms‐to‐be—and how to keep calm. Try these simple ways to calm common stresses during pregnancy—and enjoy the weeks before your baby arrives, even more. Along with the typical (and totally normal) worries about labour and caring for a newborn, smaller stressors can pop up throughout your pregnancy.

In fact, occasionally feeling a little overwhelmed isn’t unusual during pregnancy, considering all the life and hormonal changes occurring. The good news: A few smart tips can help you ease your mind and focus more fully on this special time. Pregnancy Diet and Exercise at Miracle Mom. During pregnancy, it is important that you get the appropriate nutrients and energy needed to keep you and your baby healthy. Physical activity is also just as important when you're pregnant as at any other time of life.

5 Common Symptoms To Know You Are Pregnant - Miracle Mom. Know Your Fetal Development in First Week With Miracle Mom. Handle Your Toddler's Tantrum With Miracle Mom. 34 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms. Understand Your Newborn's Digestive System at Miracle Mom. Power Toilet Cleaner. Nutrients That Help Support Your Baby's Problem-Solving Skills. LCPUFAs are known to play a key role in cell membranes in the central nervous system. Having more LCPUFAs may help the child process information faster, allowing them to more quickly carry out multistep tasks. Early studies looking at the link between nutrition and development found that breastfed babies tended to outperform babies fed infant formula without DHA on cognitive evaluations.

As researchers began to dig deeper into what could help explain this difference, a spotlight fell on this nutrient: the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (LCPUFA) called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). So could formula that has DHA help close the gap? Pinpointing How DHA Helps Initial research results on the benefit of formula supplemented with DHA to cognitive development were mixed. The next step: Researchers at the Retina Foundation of the Southwest, Memorial University in Canada, and the University of Texas decided to test 9-month-old infants using a means-end problem-solving test. Toddler Food Guide And FAQ About Feeding Toddler. Pregnancy Due Date Calculator Online at Miracle Mom. Baby Brain & language Development Activities. How to Overcome Shyness in Child. Boost Creative Thinking- Miracle Mom. Healthy Pregnancy Diet for Third Trimester Nutrition Requirements - Miracle Mom. Maintaining healthy nutrition during your final stretch of pregnancy is important for your growing baby—and your ever-changing body!

To cross the finish line feeling strong, follow our tips. Switch to mini-meals. You may gain between 4 to 8 kgs this trimester. As you progress with the pregnancy and the baby get bigger, you may not feel like eating three regular meals. So switch to five or six healthy and lighter meals spread throughout the day. Third Trimester. 2nd Trimester Weeks. First Trimester Symptoms. How to Overcome Shyness in Child. 31 weeks Pregnant Baby Weight in kg. Clean your Kitchen. Essentials of your baby’s development in the first week. Lizol Unveils Its Disinfection-Focused Campaign.

Lizol Unveils Its Disinfection-Focused Campaign. Lizol Kitchen Power Cleaner. Parenting Intelligence for New & Expecting moms.