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Reginald Brooks_Portfolio-New Media Index. The separation of Art and Science is an artifice, that, while revealing some truths, ultimately is a disservice to the greater truths...and indeed there are degrees, or layers, of truth.

Reginald Brooks_Portfolio-New Media Index

Science, and specifically Physics and all its underlings...the subsets of Chemistry and Biology..., is, when both its goals of objectivity and its subjective reality are accounted for, really just a form of Art. A highly disciplined form of Art in which the subjective expression of an experience is given form.In Science, as witnessed by the "Scientific Method", we subjectively spell out a hypothesis...a question really...which we try to answer, i.e. prove or disprove by objective means.

The better the science the better that a simple question is asked and answered with the least number of potential variables embedded. Art Theory 101. PEDAGOGIE INVERSEE. Apps. iPad. Free Technology for Teachers. E-LEARNING-INCLUSIVO. Curation & The Future of Publishing.

Playing With Pearltrees - A Great Way to Organize the Web. Over the years I've written about a lot of social bookmarking services and mind-mapping services (I even co-authored a chapter of a book on mind-mapping).

Playing With Pearltrees - A Great Way to Organize the Web

Pearltrees is a service that combines social bookmarking with mind-mapping. Using Pearltrees you can bookmark websites and arrange your bookmarks into webs or mind-maps of related topics. Digital Citizenship in Schools.