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Let’s be honest. You could easily fill all of your classroom storage space with math manipulatives. There are just so many cool, hands-on tools for kids to use to explore math concepts. But, since space is always an issue, today I am going to share tips and ideas for organizing and storing your math materials. According to the Common Core, students need to “use appropriate tools strategically.” This means that your students need to be able to access materials independently.

Clutter-Free Classroom

Clutter-Free Classroom
spelling ideas

Hello Lovelies, I am excited to link up with Cara over at The First Grade Parade for a little Throwback Thursday Linky Party! I love to look back on activities I have done with my littles! It's also nice when you need a refresher on previous activities you did with you students. My throwback post is from January 17, 2012. This was before I moved to another city and had to change schools. First Grade Fresh First Grade Fresh
Word Wizard book {printable} Word Wizard book {printable} Aaaaa! I have missed talking to you all so much!! Like many others, I have been crazy busy with our first week of school. It has been the best--I just love my class!!! But now it is my favorite part of the week...prepping for next week! And right now, the focus is on a new way to manage spelling for this year...
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