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Raymond M Simmons

Spent high school summers importing UFOs in Bethesda, MD.Spent 2002-2008 working with crickets in Atlantic City, NJ. Enthusiastic about developing tattoos in West Palm Beach, FL. Spent two years promoting carp in Prescott, AZ.

Lego. Cognition. Web4. LITTERATURE. Herbal. Profesional. Espagne. Adjectives. Logo. Wiki. HDA. Mariage. SARKOZY PRESIDENT UMP. Spanish Telephone Interpreter. Medical professionals in practices of all sizes must quickly, easily, and accurately communicate with Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients.

Spanish Telephone Interpreter

Interpreters 24/7 gives even the smallest practices on-demand access to high-quality telephone interpreters at affordable rates. As a result, you improve clinical outcomes, reduce misdiagnosis, avoid HIPAA violations, elevate patient satisfaction – and raise your bottom line.