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Three's a Trend: The Decline of Google Search Quality. Bibliography on Automated Text Categorization. Taxonomies, Classification, Categorization - Report. The terms taxonomy ontology directory cataloging categorization and classification are often confused and used interchangeably.

Taxonomies, Classification, Categorization - Report

There are a number of applications that can help people create taxonomies and place information objects within their categories, although the amount of automation can vary. When evaluating these applications, remember that they are simply software. A directory is an organized sets of links, like those on Yahoo or the Open Directory Project, which allows a web site to display the scope and focus of its content. Fredhopper. Cross-sell, upsell, promotions, best-sellers, ranking…The conundrum of showing the right products to the right customer, in the right context while yielding the best results for your store, makes eCommerce merchandizing a black art.


With smarter merchandizing from SDL Fredhopper, you are able to take what you know about your shoppers, blend it with product and business data and offer the shopper the most relevant, best-performing merchandizing campaigns, without all the traditional heavy-lifting. SDL Fredhopper provides merchandizers with capabilities to dynamically rank products based on a ‘ranking cocktail’ blend of customer, business, and contextual data, to mix and match products to create the best upsell and cross-sell bundles, and to continuously adapt and optimize with business rules and control.

Where Is Search Going: Yahoo’s Sashi Seth. I’m continuing my look at what search might look like in the future with this first part of a fascinating interview with Shashi Seth, the Senior VP of Search Products at Yahoo.

Where Is Search Going: Yahoo’s Sashi Seth

With the recent Bing arrangement, Yahoo now finds themselves in an interesting position in the search game. Now that Yahoo search results are powered by Bing’s algorithm, the company can move its focus from maintaining a web index to how the information is presented to the user. It’s analogous to a car manufacturer farming out the drive train assembly to a partner so they can focus on body styles and interiors. So, my first question for Shashi is now, in the new search ecosystem, what does the Senior VP of Search do at Yahoo? Seth: Our goal with Yahoo Search was to rethink search, essentially. I think our mission is to rethink and reimagine search entirely.

Abus Google

"Il y a beaucoup de déperdition sur le trafic des sites Web" Après 5 années à la tête de Google Europe du sud, Mats Carduner a créé en début d'année Fifty-Five, un spécialiste de l'analytics dont le but est de rendre 'performant' le trafic des sites, notamment celui provenant de Google. JDN. Comment est né votre nouveau projet, Fifty-Five ? Mats Carduner. Après 5 ans à la tête de Google Europe du sud, je n'avais plus l'envie de continuer. Quand je suis rentré chez Google, la société réalisait 5 milliards de dollars de chiffre d'affaires, elle en a réalisé plus de 20 en 2009. Fifty-Five est composé d'une vingtaine de personnes, dont une douzaine provient de chez Google, comme Alan Boydell, ex-responsable de Google Analytics Europe, ou Serge Descombes, qui est l'un des meilleurs spécialistes en Europe de Google Analytics, Jean Neltner, ex-directeur des partenariats Europe du Sud, Nicolas Beauchesne, ex-responsable du display pour Youtube et Arnaud Massonnie, ex-directeur des opérations de Google France.

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