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Three's a Trend: The Decline of Google Search Quality. Bibliography on Automated Text Categorization. Taxonomies, Classification, Categorization - Report. The terms taxonomy ontology directory.

Taxonomies, Classification, Categorization - Report

Fredhopper. Where Is Search Going: Yahoo’s Sashi Seth. I’m continuing my look at what search might look like in the future with this first part of a fascinating interview with Shashi Seth, the Senior VP of Search Products at Yahoo.

Where Is Search Going: Yahoo’s Sashi Seth

With the recent Bing arrangement, Yahoo now finds themselves in an interesting position in the search game. Now that Yahoo search results are powered by Bing’s algorithm, the company can move its focus from maintaining a web index to how the information is presented to the user.

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"Il y a beaucoup de déperdition sur le trafic des sites Web"