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October 2014

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SITTI – School Improvement Through Teacher Inquiry. In New Zealand, we are fortunate to have teacher inquiry/research written into our national curriculum document.

SITTI – School Improvement Through Teacher Inquiry

This asks teachers to ensure they are experimenting with strategies to improve their practice and recording the process and results. My own school has put together a planning group to bring all of the school-wide improvement strategies together. The aim in doing this is to make more sense of why we have each component. It is a common complaint from teachers that school organised PD is irrelevant to what they do. It is also common for teachers, when asked to quote school vision or goals to draw a blank. As a way of structuring my own thoughts around this, I have sketched out a model that I’m referring to as SITTI (School Improvement Through Teacher Inquiry).

Assistive Technology: Resource Roundup. Getting Started Whether low-tech, high-tech, or somewhere in between, assistive technology and related services play an important role in reducing barriers to learning for students with a variety of special needs and challenges.

Assistive Technology: Resource Roundup

Students Want More Alignment of Tech In and Out of School. Digital Tools Project Tomorrow’s 2013 Speak Up survey of more than 325,000 students and 75,000 parents, teachers and administrators digs into how students and teachers are using technology in school and for learning outside of school, and comes up with some interesting insights about the pervasiveness of tech use.

Students Want More Alignment of Tech In and Out of School

A quarter of students in grades 3-5 and a third of students in grades 6-12 report using a mobile device provided by their school in class. This trend is more pronounced in Title I schools. Still, as tech use proliferates, digital equity has risen to the top as a concern for district leaders. Why Inquiry Learning is Worth the Trouble. Visualization of SLA principal Chris Lehmann's 2011 talk: guiding kids' to thinking about how they think.

Why Inquiry Learning is Worth the Trouble

Nearly seven years after first opening its doors, the Science Leadership Academy public magnet high school* in Philadelphia and its inquiry-based approach to learning have become a national model for the kinds of reforms educators strive towards. But in a talk this past weekend at EduCon 2.5, the school’s sixth-annual conference devoted to sharing its story and spreading its techniques, Founding Principal Chris Lehmann insisted that replicating his schools approach required difficult tradeoffs.

“This is not easy. Top 60 iPad Apps for Teaching STEAM Organized b... Designing the classrooms of the future. How to pick the best education apps for your classroom. Figuring out which apps work best in your particular classroom is not easy.

How to pick the best education apps for your classroom

There’s a painstaking process of trial and error that teachers must go through (usually during the summer break or professional development sessions). If you’ve ever contemplated education technology integration or undergone the process, here’s how it typically works: Fatih.rapor_.ENG_.son_.pdf. Frameset IFIP. Apprendre le code, un effet de mode ou un enjeu de société ?

Apprendre le code, un effet de mode ou un enjeu de société ?

Apprendre le code, un effet de mode ou un enjeu de société ?

Chloé Guardiola Coding gouters, Codacademy, école 42,, Hour of code [1], Décodez-le code... De plus en plus d'initiatives permettant l'apprentissage du code émergent dans la presse et sur le web depuis quelques mois. Ce phénomène concerne aussi bien des écoles, des ateliers, des cours en ligne, des évènements participatifs, des rencontres... En France, nous avons vu émerger depuis plusieurs années des écoles spécialisées dans l'informatique comme Epita, Sup'Internet, HETIC mais l'école 42, ouverte à Paris à la rentrée 2013 par le très médiatique dirigeant de l'entreprise FREE, Xavier Niel, a tout particulièrement provoqué un buzz [2].

Nous pouvons traduire cette déclaration par : « Ne vous contentez pas d'acheter un nouveau jeu vidéo. Les élèves français n'ont pas besoin d'une tablette à l'école, mais de véritables cours d'informatique. Les élèves français n'ont pas besoin d'une tablette à l'école, mais de véritables cours d'informatique.

Les élèves français n'ont pas besoin d'une tablette à l'école, mais de véritables cours d'informatique

Anatoly Karpov et la pédagogie. Anatoly Karpov et la pédagogie Rencontre et échange avec le champion du monde sur les échecs et leurs relations avec la pédagogie, l'informatique, Internet.

Anatoly Karpov et la pédagogie

Enseignement de l'informatique à l'école primaire : quelques mesures d'urgence. Tribune libre.

Enseignement de l'informatique à l'école primaire : quelques mesures d'urgence

Articles en ligne. Faut il vraiment respecter la loi informatique et libertés ? C’est un peu la question que l’on peut se poser au regard des dernières décisions pronnoncée par la CNIL.

Faut il vraiment respecter la loi informatique et libertés ?

En fait, la discussion est systématique et récurrente depuis l’adoption de la loi informatique et libertés. Quand bien même le risque juridique ne vient pas réellement de la CNIL (mais plutôt des infractions pénales qui existent), il n’en reste pas moins que l’absence de sanctions administratives prononcées par la CNIL encourage souvent les organisations à traiter la question en “gestion de risques” (noble expression pour dire “pas du tout”).

Il me semble personnellement qu’il ne faut pas condamner cette approche car finalement pour quelle raison les organisations devraient-elles faire les frais de mise en conformité s’il leurs chances d’être sanctionnées est quasiment inexistante ? A l’heure actuelle, il existe en France environ 90 Codes, 10.000 lois et 500.000 règlements. Et donc 1 million de fiches clients dans la nature = un avertissement public. 50 Resources For Teaching With iPads. A Collection Of The Best Resources For Teaching With The iPad by TeachThought Staff. Connected Administrators: Fostering Learning That Leads to Opportunities. Every child should learn to program, but not ne... Eduquer ou instruire ? Bypassing the Textbook: Video Games Transform Social Studies Curriculcum.

Digital Tools Skyrim Elder Scrolls trailer Educators typically think of using digital and video games as the actual learning tool, but one teacher is using video games for something else entirely — as a replacement for the textbook. Jeff Mummert, a social studies teacher and department chair at Hershey High School in Pennsylvania, uses games in his class to get students thinking critically about the subject matter the games address, even if they’re completely imaginary, he said. Game designers put a lot of time and thought into developing aesthetically appealing games that they think will draw players into an imaginary world. Think Pedagogy First, Technology Second. Think Pedagogy First, Technology Second. The Difference Between Technology Use And Technology Integration. Bring TeachThought Professional Development To Your School! The Difference Between Technology Use And Technology Integration by TeachThought Staff Using technology for learning makes sense.

Technology creates access, transparency, and opportunity. Any smartphone or tablet is media incarnate–video, animation, eBooks, essays, blog posts, messages, music, games. You can now import Book Creator books into iBooks Author. Is This the Future of Reading? MIT’s Experimental Sensory Book. Web Search. Middle Schoolers Develop App to Help Visually Impaired. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. Left to right: Janessa Leija, Caitlin Gonzales and Cassandra Baquero demonstrate their app Hello Navi.

“We saw him struggling, trying to get around. Inquiry Learning Ideas for Math and Science With iPads. Digital Tools Laurie Sullivan/Flickr By Sam Gliksman The following is the second of a series of excerpts from Gliksman’s book iPad in Education for Dummies. We tend to split science and humanities as though they were separate branches of life. But no matter what profession we choose — artist, plumber, historian, or salesman — we all use some form of scientific inquiry in our daily lives. TED Talks to Ignite Your Innovation and Creativity. VISION press release April 30 2013 - French.pdf. E-SKILLS : PROMOTION OF ICT PROFESSIONALISM IN EUROPE. E-SKILLS : PROMOTION OF ICT PROFESSIONALISM IN EUROPE. How to Grab and Keep Girls’ Interest in Computer Coding. 50 Resources For Teaching With iPads. Learning T... Plan a Better iMovie Trailer with These PDFs. Here are a few trailers made by teachers and students.

Next to each one is the iMovie trailer template it uses. My Dream Destination - Italy uses the Expedition template.Verbs uses the Superhero template.Properties of Ionic Compounds uses the Adrenaline template.The Giver Book Trailer uses the Adrenaline template.Project-Based Learning uses the Swashbuckler template.Stylus Status uses the Retro template. Because trailers are so short, the information you convey has to be concise. iMovie’s templates do not leave much room for text. L'École numérique » Scratch : « Imagine, programme, partage ! » 

Scratch est un logiciel libre conçu pour initier les élèves dès l’âge de 8 ans à des concepts fondamentaux en mathématiques et en informatique. Il repose sur une approche ludique de l’algorithmique et propose à ses utilisateurs de les aider à créer, à raisonner et à coopérer sur le Web. Développé par le groupe de recherche Lifelong Kindergarten auprès du laboratoire Média du MIT, Scratch est un nouveau langage de programmation qui facilite la création d’histoires interactives, de dessins animés, de jeux, de compositions musicales, de simulations numériques, etc. Il favorise également leur partage sur le Web : à partir de 2007, un site a été ouvert afin de permettre à tous de publier, donc de faire partager, ses projets sur le Web et d’apporter une aide à la mise en œuvre de Scratch.

L’enseignement de l’informatique en France - Il est urgent de ne plus attendre - Rapport de l'Académie des sciences - Mai 2013 - rads_0513.pdf. Learning Analytics: Leveraging Education Data [Infographic] : "Venice Time Machine": la Cité des Doges modélisée. 23.02.13 - L’EPFL et l’université Ca' Foscari créent un programme transdisciplinaire en faveur de l’éducation et de la recherche. Les arts et les sciences s’unissent pour explorer la ville de Venise. L’EPFL et l’université Ca’ Foscari ont lancé un centre transdisciplinaire pour l’éducation et la recherche à Venise, dans les domaines des arts et des sciences.

C’est la ville même de Venise qui deviendra le sujet d’étude du programme de recherche Venice Time Machine – simulation historique et géographique de l’une des villes les plus documentées au monde. Ce projet sera mené en collaboration avec Telecom Italia, le premier partenaire industriel du Centre, qui accueillera les bureaux et le laboratoire au sein de son Telecom Future Center – un centre de recherche sur le rôle des télécommunications pour le développement économique. Pour l’heure, la création du Centre repose sur un échange de compétences et d’infrastructures entre les différents partenaires. Venice Time Machine. Top Tech Tools for Formative Assessment. Will Executives Get on the MOOC Train, Too? - At Work. 10 Brilliant Examples Of Sketch Notes: Notetaking For The 21st Century.

Sketch notes–or graphic notes, or whatever other term you like–are one of the single most important developments in note-taking history. Hold on, give me a second to explain. Stop Teaching – Start Learning. Do you ever teach a class? Remind101 is now Remind. 5 Powerful iPad Apps to Help Teachers Organize Their Workflow. October 9, 2014 In teachers' super busy life enhancing one's productivity amidst all the work and family preocupations is really a challenging task. 5 Powerful iPad Apps to Help Teachers Organize ...

ACOT2 - The Challenge for American Education. ACOT2 - Ubiquitous Access to Technology. ACOT2 - Social and Emotional Connections with Students. ACOT2 - A Culture of Innovation and Creativity. ACOT2. ACOT2. 3 things every teacher should be doing with web 2.0 tools. BFM Business : "Les Moocs, mythe ou réalité ?"

A Diagram Of 21st Century Pedagogy - Paper versus Laptop: The Best of Both Worlds - EdTech Researcher. Paper versus Laptop: The Best of Both Worlds - EdTech Researcher. 30 Ways Google Glass In Education Might Work. Can MOOCs help democratize access to education?...