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Grimm’s Gardens is a family owned and operated greenhouse facility and full service landscape contractor, specializing in water features, pavers and retaining walls, serving Northeast Kansas, Southeast Nebraska and Northwest Missouri.

Best Perennial Plants & Flowers. Grimm's Gardens An Online Garden Center. Long Blooming Perennials. Plants that are considered to attract butterflies can be described as both pollen/nectar producers and host plants for the caterpillars of butterflies.

Long Blooming Perennials

And some plants can pull double duty this way. For example, Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) is the host plant for the caterpillars of Monarchs and Tussock Moths, as well as a food source for milkweed bugs and milkweed beetles; the flowers also produce pollen and nectar that attracts many species of butterflies including monarchs, viceroys, hairstreaks, and swallowtails. Plants that attract butterflies can be used for butterfly gardens, monarch waystations, pollinator habitats, in beds and borders, and in container gardens. Buy Plants Online. Our goal at Grimm’s Gardens is to provide beauty through plants and landscape to those around us by providing quality plants and the best customer service.

Buy Plants Online

Our philosophy is God first, family second, and hard work will make us all successful. Doug & Jeryl began their married life in 1976 on a dairy farm five miles from their current greenhouse nursery operation. They purchased the current location in 1984 and began exploring other means of revenue besides typical livestock and row-crop operations. Early on it became apparent that we needed to be very good stewards of our land, conserving water which is our single main yield-limiting factor. Along with irrigation, no-till farming practices and adding earthworms to the soil, we began to increase tilth and, ultimately yields, leaving the land at the end of each season better than it was the year before. Just like watering plants, we understand the importance of continuing to educate and invest in our staff. By far, we are experts at trees. Best Perennial Flowers. It’s getting to be that time of year again.

Best Perennial Flowers

Everyone thinks that the heat of July and August immediately stops weeds and plants from growing, meaning they need no maintenance. Unfortunately, this is the time when we cut back plants to produce new blooms and buds and keep plants thriving. While September is considered as good a month to trim shrubs as June, we start cutting perennials and some shrubs back as early as July. Before: We all know how daylilies can look tired and weedy with all the old bloom stalks in late Summer. Buy Plants and Garden Accessories Online. Landscaping Shrubs.

Grimm's Gardens. August is peach season!

Grimm's Gardens

As a kid, I always thought the peaches should be ripe much earlier than they actually are. I was always so impatient for those small green balls to grow big and turn bright yellow and red. We have made it again to peach season and all the delights that come with it! Fresh picked peaches can’t be beat for flavor! If you are wondering how to use peaches, there are many options for peach recipes. Lunch could be peach tacos with peach salsa. For supper, make a lettuce salad garnished with sliced peaches. This may be a lot of peaches for one day but I think you get the idea. Make your peaches into jam. Freeze peach pie filling so that the next time you want to make pie, it takes half the time of fresh peaches but still tastes fresh!

So many peaches! Finally, if you still feel overrun by peaches, give them to your neighbors and friends so that they too can enjoy the wonder of home grown peaches! Pick your own Kansas peaches at Grimm’s Gardens! Grimm's Gardens. Water features bring a landscape to life.

Grimm's Gardens

They tend to draw people outside, to listen, to watch, and to play with the bubbling swirls of water. I know that I can hardly resist sticking my hand in a fountain, even in small ones. I have fond memories of when my mom bought a small water fountain with lights that she would turn on to welcome our family home in the evening.

Did you know that it is relatively easy to make a fountain or bubbling rock? You can transform your favorite boulder into a bubbling rock or make a garden urn into a flowing fountain. Grimm's Gardens » Products. Natural VS. Formal Water Features. The unorganized nature of this water feature is very natural.

Natural VS. Formal Water Features

Natural water features are very relaxing. They are perfect for larger properties and properties in the country. They can be used in smaller landscapes or in town; however, they just won’t blend in to the surroundings as well as they do in the larger landscapes. Elements that make a water feature appear more natural is the use of natural materials. Bold Water Designs. I struggle to sit still some days while browsing through water feature examples.

Bold Water Designs

I just get so excited that I want to go out and build each and every one! Combinations of water and fire excite me, and then images of frozen water features send me into awe. Some natural water features make me wish I could jump inside the picture and explore the sunny stream while the formal ones remind me of an elegant celebration. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your water feature adventure. Winter streams are so beautiful! Try something out of the ordinary! Other bold options include using large boulders. Large boulders are a good, BOLD design feature! Consider leaving your water feature on through the winter. Finally, if you are going to install a pond, make it big enough to have a few Koi fish and a bridge.

Notice the stepping stones along the right side of this pond. Online Garden Center In Hiawatha. When pruning to increase blooming, it is vital to know what time of year the plant blooms.

Online Garden Center In Hiawatha

Generally, if it flowers in the spring, it is blooming on growth from last year. If it blooms in late summer or fall, it flowers on new growth in the current year. These two categories of bloomers are treated a little differently to encourage blooming. Columbine is a great spring bloomer for the shade. Slider4. Slider5. Online Garden Center.