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Perhaps the biggest Winter event for the arts is the International Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Each January (This year from January 5 to February 28) the city of Harbin in frigid northeastern China is home to this festival. The temperatures there are around -35 Celsius (-31 F) which is plenty cold to keep the sculptures from melting. The annual festival has been held since 1963 and gets bigger every year. The event includes an ice and snow carnival, ice sculptures competitions, ice lantern show, sliding, ice-sailing, sledging, ice hockey, ice football, speed skating, cross-field skiing and Alpine skiing competitions, fishing, swimming, ice and snow film art show, painting exhibition, calligraphy display, photo exhibition, folk song and dance performances, wedding ceremonies on ice, trade talks, trade fairs and all kinds of national or international sports events. Below you will find more about the Harbin Snow Sculpture Festival as well as other items for the Winter on IAD: princetonol


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