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Brett Robinson - Gold Coast Exercise Physiologist. Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am an accredited Exercise Physiologist with a Bachelor of Exercise Science from Griffith University, as well as certificate level qualifications in Fitness, Training and Assessment and Functional Movement Screening.

Brett Robinson - Gold Coast Exercise Physiologist

I am registered as a member of Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). Gaining experience as an Exercise Physiologist working in both public and private sectors I have a passion for delivering quality service and exercise prescription to my clients. I work alongside local Doctors and Allied Health Professionals to ensure an extensive level of care is provided to patients. I promote a healthy and active lifestyle enjoying surfing, yoga, strength and conditioning, nutrition and personal training. Why did you join RAW? Favourite Quote: “We know of no single intervention with greater promise than physical exercise to reduce the risk of virtually all chronic diseases simultaneously” Booth etal, Journal of Applied Physiology. Aleksandr Baruksopolu - Podiatrist in Gold Coast. Florina Nero - Reformer Pilates Instructor. Adrian Peterson - Remedial Massage Therapist. Computer Desk Stretches Exercise. Sitting down at your computer desk right now?

Here are some quick stretches to work out your computer kinks. Perform these exercises throughout the day to keep your muscles relaxed and reduce neck and back pain. Hold each exercise for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat three times. 1. Shoulder stretch – Place one hand on your elbow and stretch your arm across your chest. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 10 Reasons Why You Need To Start Reformer Pilates. Benefits of Reformer Pilates - Raw Therapies. Three reasons to walk on the beach. What does a Physiotherapist actually do? 5 benefits of Myofascial Cupping. Acupuncture Therapy Broadbeach. Relaxation Massage Therapy Gold Coast. Physio for Back Pain - Raw Therapies. Physio for Reformer Pilates.

Knee Exercise Physiologist Broadbeach. Raw Therapies - Physio and Wellness Studio. Surf longer by mobilising your thoracic spine. What is DOMS? Have you ever experienced muscle soreness following a big workout, race or competition?

What is DOMS?

Maybe it came that night, the next day or even a few days later? This is known as DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It can occur anytime from several hours to 72 hours following exercise, and is thought to develop as a result of microscopic damage to the muscle fibres during exercise. How do you prevent DOMS? To prevent the severity of DOMS is to commence or continue your exercise program slowly and gently to give your muscles time adapt and recover between sessions.

What is the best way to relieve DOMS? Here are a few suggestions from our team at RAW THERAPIES: MassageFoam RollingContrast baths or showers – alternating between hot and coldRest Our team of highly trained physio’s, massage therapists and acupuncturists at RAW THERAPIES are here to help! What is a Trigger Point? What is a ‘Trigger Point’?

What is a Trigger Point?

Has your Physiotherapist asked you to use the foam roller or spikey ball due to ‘Trigger Points’, or have they mentioned the term during a therapy session, and you’ve just wondered what that meant? A “Myofascial Trigger Point” is; ‘A hyperirritable spot, usually within a taught band of skeletal muscle or within the muscle’s fascia, that is painful on compression and that can give rise to characteristic referred pain, tenderness, and autonomic phenomena. (Travell and Simons, 1983.) In other words, it is hyperirritable bundles of muscle that becomes knotted and firm, unable to contract or relax due to an injury. A Trigger Point will occur within a muscle due to a dysfunction phenomenon in the chemical transfer when muscle fibres contracts and then relaxes.

Latent: produces local or referred pain when palpated onlyActive: produces local or referred pain when palpated and when not palpated. Back pain during pregnancy - Raw Therapies. Improving Lung Function with Breath Enhancement Training. I recently read an article describing the intense physical and mental training regime of Mick Fanning (3x World Surfing Champion).

Improving Lung Function with Breath Enhancement Training

Since returning from a serious (almost career ending) hamstring injury, where he tore his hamstring from the bone, Mick has arguably become one of the fittest and most mentally focused surfers on the Championship Tour. With a big part of his daily training focussing on his breathing techniques and lung function within both calm and stressful environments, learning how to use his breathing to modify his physiological state. The man behind Mick’s physiological conditioning is Nam Baldwin. Nam Baldwin is a highly qualified emotional and stress control / management specialist, co-developer of internationally recognised Breath Enhancement Training (BET) mentor and motivational life health coach.

I recently completed Nam’s three hour BET workshop on the Gold Coast. I want to share some key components of the BET that I found very useful. GO AHEAD…..