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Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh is a Sikh American born internet pioneer whose passion for writing, inventing technology, and startups have earned him a reputation as the Campaign Guru.

Ravi Singh – Always Stay True to Yourself: Persevering in the Face of Adversity. A goal worth achieving is never an easy feat.

Ravi Singh – Always Stay True to Yourself: Persevering in the Face of Adversity

Everyone wants specific things in life, but the problem is figuring out how to reach what we desire. These things may include materials possessions such as great wealth or prestige, or things with more intrinsic value, such as starting a family or contributing to a cause that one is passionate about, in hopes of making a positive difference in the world.

One thing that has had a huge impact on my life trajectory is my heritage. Ravi Singh – A Strong Education is the Foundation of Success. In life, getting a solid education is one of the best things a person can do to ensure that they will have access to many of the opportunities that present themselves over the course of their lifetime.

Ravi Singh – A Strong Education is the Foundation of Success

A great job, a good social reputation, and a secure and stable future are just some of the benefits that education can bring. But an education does more than just make sure that you will have enough money to support yourself and maybe one day, your family. An education is also the foundation upon which dreams become reality. Growing up with Indian-immigrant parents, education was always something that was greatly emphasized in Ravi Singh’s household. According to Singh’s book “Leadership by Turban: An American Story,” in Indian society, people are judged not on which college they went to, but on which Ivey League school they attended. Out of respect for his parents, he applied to Brown University, and even considered West Point University. Ravi Singh – What it Means to be a Leader in the Modern World.

The United States, as well as the rest of the world, has been shaped by the many leaders who worked hard and fought for what they believed in, so that those who came after them could live in a better world full of freedom and opportunity.

Ravi Singh – What it Means to be a Leader in the Modern World

In his book “Leadership by Turban: An American Story,” entrepreneur Ravi Singh discusses his personal definition of leadership, what leadership means to him, and how it has influenced his journey to becoming one of the renowned internet technology pioneers in the world. Throughout history, leadership has been defined in many ways and by many different people. John F. Kennedy demonstrated it through his youthful charisma, while Gandhi showed us the possibilities of passive resistance in freeing a nation. Abraham Lincoln exhibited the greatest strength when it came to keeping a nation united by principles and values, and Albert Einstein showed how one man’s mind can be used to discover and understand the mysteries of the universe. Ravi Singh – The Political Impact of E-Democracy. Before anything else, the internet serves as a virtual platform where anyone can share information, ideas, and transactions of all kinds.

Ravi Singh – The Political Impact of E-Democracy

It is no wonder that governments around the world are beginning to understand the impact that the internet and other online technologies can have on the political sphere. From the use of social media during the Arab Spring, to President Barack Obama’s world-famous online campaign that garnered international attention, the internet has completely revolutionized the way democracy is conducted in today’s society. E-democracy is not a new concept, however. The term has been around for several years now, becoming the foundation for many internet-based companies like Ravi Singh’s ElectionMall. Yet, there are still many people who are unaware of the power and potential of this innovative concept. Ravi Singh’s own personal experience in politics was a major inspiration for his idea to develop ElectionMall.

Ravi Singh - CEO and Founder of ElectionMall. Being different is good.

Ravi Singh - CEO and Founder of ElectionMall

Unfortunately, this sentiment is often undervalued in our society, resulting in a culture where young people are often pressured into fitting into the status quo, rather than being encouraged to spread their wings and use their unique perspectives to make big changes in the world. Ravi Singh – True Character is Revealed Through Facing Adversity.

Everyone must face challenges in life, but it is how you face these challenges that determines what kind of person you are.

Ravi Singh – True Character is Revealed Through Facing Adversity

This is especially true in business. Today, many entrepreneurs choose their endeavors based on what they think will feel good, or what will be the easiest to accomplish successfully. Far too many young people are given rewards without having to work hard for them, which has created a culture of entitlement and, to put it bluntly, laziness. Yet, ironically, trying to avoid challenges and competition usually results in failure. Ravi Singh – The Digital Revolution in Politics. Everyone in the world today is living in the age of information technology.

Ravi Singh – The Digital Revolution in Politics

Since the inception of the internet in the 1980s, this groundbreaking technology has completely revolutionized the world we live, impacting everything from how we learn in school, to how we communicate with one another. With the far-reaching influence the internet has had on almost every aspect of our lives, it is no surprise that it has also become more and more crucial in politics, especially presidential elections. Ravi Singh – Changing the World: An Entrepreneur’s Journey. Ash Kumra, the co-founder of Dream It Alive, said, “You know you’re an entrepreneur when you believe you’re solving a problem to make the world a better place.”

Ravi Singh – Changing the World: An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Today, innovative thinking, creativity, and self-motivation are some of the most revered qualities in business, which has made entrepreneurship an attractive choice for many aspiring business people. However, changes in the modern age have also shifted the definition of what being an entrepreneur means today. In the past, becoming an entrepreneur simply meant starting your own business; but in the current corporate climate, the job of an entrepreneur is more than just running a company – it’s the ability to come up with ideas that will change the course of society. Ravi Singh – Simplifying Political Participatio... - Ravi Singh - Quora.

In the digital age, it is simply intuitive that digital technologies would develop to become the forefront of political campaign strategizing.

Ravi Singh – Simplifying Political Participatio... - Ravi Singh - Quora

Digitalization and the rise of social media have led to a new trend where the public craves individualized, interactive, on-demand content immediately. And to effectively connect and communicate with their potential supporters, it is crucial for campaign, non-profit, and advocacy groups to utilize these technologies as effectively as possible. Ravi Singh – ElectionMall and the Rise of E-Dem... - Ravi Singh - Quora.

As someone who has been an active participant in politics since I was told I could not wear my turban at Marmion USA Military Academy in the 80s, understanding the intricacies of the political process, specifically campaigning, has been a fervent passion of mine.

Ravi Singh – ElectionMall and the Rise of E-Dem... - Ravi Singh - Quora

After becoming the first Sikh American to graduate from a U.S. military academy with a turban, I went on to study political science at Northwestern University. At the age of 25, I ran for the State Legislature for the Illinois 42nd Assembly District, and though I lost, political campaigning has remained one of my primary interests. After my loss, I realized that there were no companies offering candidates any type of technology solution for fighting campaigns digitally. This is the reason I founded my company ElectionMall in 1999. Interactive online media has completely changed how political dialogue is being conducted, on a national and local scale. Ravi Singh - CEO of ElectonMall — Ravi Singh – The Importance of Online Political... Ravi Singh - CEO of ElectonMall — Ravi Singh – Digital Campaigning as a Political... Ravi Singh – The Advantage of Remote Campaigning – Ravi Singh – CEO and Founder of ElectionMall.

One of the greatest advantages that the Internet has provided us with is the ability to access information from almost anywhere, which has subsequently led to the rise in working remotely. Remote working is when employees carry out their duties away from the office, also known as telecommuting and telework. Many industries today rely heavily on this type of work, such as travelling salespeople and call center workers, as well as laptop-wielding middle managers.

In fact, a U.S. federal government report said that 47 percent of its employees are eligible to telework. The prevalence of smartphones and social media means that you can now connect and communicate with others effectively, and there’s one company today that is using this technological benefit to reinvent one of the world’s most lucrative industries: politics. By signing up for a free trial of Campaign Cloud™, users are given the opportunity to use a wide array of campaign services. Like this: Like Loading... Ravi Singh – The Political Impact of an Online Presence and Social Media – Ravi Singh – CEO and Founder of ElectionMall. Today, social media has become the marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses, corporations and organizations. From crowdsourcing vehicle designs to delivering excellent customer service, social media and revolutionized how marketers derive value and input from their target.

Yet, business is not the only area in which social media has become a key to success. Social media has also become an advantageous marketing strategy in politics. Candidates and elected officials have quickly adopted social media strategies to engage and educate voters, especially the younger generation. Ravi Singh Electionmall: Ravi Singh – How ElectionMall is Revolutionizing Political Campaigning.

Since 1999, ElectionMall Technologies has gradually become one of the world’s most effective non-partisan technology solutions firm that provides citizens, candidates, and political parties with the necessary online tools, services, and products to help them win elections via the Internet. Whether you are looking for a more effective way to meet your organization’s fundraising, outreach, or online goals, ElectionMall is a one-stop-shop for technologies that have been expertly developed to help run and win campaigns of all sizes, from a presidential race to a school board race.

ElectionMall was developed by technology and Campaign Guru, Ravi Singh. The son of Indian immigrant parents, Mr. Singh has had an extensive career in politics since he attended a USA Military Academy in Illinois, where he was not allowed to wear his Sikh turban until President Ronald Reagan signed new legislation in 1987 repealing this ban. This enabled Mr. Ravi Singh Electionmall: Ravi Singh – Developing Digital Technologies to Streamline Political Campaigning.

In life, you often set out on a specifically chosen path, only to have another path present itself to you unexpectedly.