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Real Estate Advancement - When is the Correct time to obtain Begun in Residential property Growth? Real Estate in India — Expanding In the direction of New Heights. The elements such as expanding economic situation, beneficial demographics as well as liberalised foreign straight financial investment (FDI) regimen, the Indian property market has observed a revolution.

Real Estate in India — Expanding In the direction of New Heights

The real estate in India is expanding at 35 percent. This field is estimated to be worth US$ 15 billion as well as anticipated to grow at the rate of 30 per cent every year in the coming years. India has ended up being a brand-new market for international capitalists as a result of its possible cost-effective development rate. In fact, this market is bring in foreign investments worth US$ 30 billion in number of IT parks, resorts, medical, telecommunications and household municipalities which are being created across India. Search Affordable housing Projects in Jaipur. Search all Projects of Mahima Group Jaipur. Mahima Shubh Nilay -Premium Value Homes Entrusting splendid quality of life and substantial livable environment at a bloom location on 300 ft wide Ring Road, barely 2 kms from NH-8.

Search all Projects of Mahima Group Jaipur

Various developments around: Many reputed institutes including Delhi Public School, Jayshree Periwal, international School, St. Xaviers School, Sanskar VidhyaPeeth School, Poddar World School, Manipal university and many more within max 20 mins drive. Many entertainment places around as well including Kanchan kesari, Pink Pearl fun City, Swapnalok Resort and many more within 10 mins drive.

Many developed retail areas around within 10-15 mins drive including Muhanamandi, mansarovar, sodala, nirmannagar and other areas. Budget 2017 Impact on Real Estate in India. The real estate sector, which was hit by the government’s demonetisation drive, got the much needed boost in the Union Budget 2017-18.

Budget 2017 Impact on Real Estate in India

Here are some of the key highlights pertaining to the real estate sector and their impact: Infra statusThe Affordable Housing sector has been granted the Infrastructure Status which has been a long time demand from the industry. This is in line with the Prime Minister 's vision of providing Housing for All by 2020. Giving an infrastructure tag to such projects would attract more investors. It would mean developers would have access to cheaper funding and thus addresses issues that private players in this segment face. Loan refinanceNational Housing Bank will refinance individual loans worth Rs 20,000 crore in 2017-18. Tax exemptionThe Government has also proposed 1 year tax exemption from notional rental income from unsold inventory. Ask for Completion Certificate before the Keys of Your Flat.

Possession delays have become the truth of reality sector in India.

Ask for Completion Certificate before the Keys of Your Flat

More than a half of the buyers have made a peace with the fact that the project in which they have invested would get delayed by at least a period of 6 months or a year. Even the reputed builders are unable to give the possession on time. The two primary reasons being the critical funds and the delay in getting proper permits from the authorities. So, now when your flat is ready and the builder is at your door with the keys of your new house, should you take it?

No, not without getting the completion certificate. Residential Flats In Jaipur. Flats in Patrakar Colony Jaipur. Situated in the heart of Mansarovar, Patrakar Colony has emerged with a boom as the land of both affordable and luxurious properties in Jaipur.

Flats in Patrakar Colony Jaipur

The prime location on the Jaipur-Tonk highway, and Pratap Nagar in the vicinity makes it an accessible and well-connected area to reside in. Many builders are investing in the area making it a real estate gold mine. Not only for residential purposes, but the area is also gaining popularity for investment and commercial use too. Hitched to Motherland: Growing Interests of NRI in Indian Real Estate. Indian Real Estate has always been the most lucrative investment destinations for the NRIs.

Hitched to Motherland: Growing Interests of NRI in Indian Real Estate

The present scenario; introduction of RERA and scrapping of 500 and 1000 notes has made it even more desirable. Industrial Properties: A Rising Investment Opportunity. Residential?

Industrial Properties: A Rising Investment Opportunity

Commercial? If you are limiting your choices to these two options, you will be amazed at the high investment yield that the industrial properties offer. The residential properties give a high return on investment but one needs to wait for a considerable period of time. If it is given on rent, the maintenance of the property is a big concern. The commercial properties have many advantages but for a few years, they have not reflected any major growth. SNG Star Valley in Murlipura, Jaipur. Builder’s Floors: The Best of Individual Houses and Apartments. Real estate sector has a lot to offer to all the people who are looking for different housing and investment solutions.

Builder’s Floors: The Best of Individual Houses and Apartments

There is a right kind of house for all. Some people like the community living, while some like to live a grand life in a villa. For all those people who want to live a peaceful secluded life while living in a community, builder’s floors are the best option. Everyone has a different lifestyle and that demands a different living space. From The Web to App: India is Searching Properties Online.

Mobile means not stable; something that can move freely.

From The Web to App: India is Searching Properties Online

But for most of the people, mobile means convenience. It means music, shopping, games, food, all at the go. You can pretty much do anything with a cell phone and internet connection. Not just browsing but the apps, notifications, location-based services and mobile payments have achieved big on the small screens. Ribbon Development: Houses along the highways. Going through the highways, one can see many housings, commercial properties, unorganised residential units along the roads.

Ribbon Development: Houses along the highways

Such settlement practices are increasing and becoming quite common in various Indian cities. Such houses are not only unsafe to live, they look untidy at the verge of the great Indian roads and highways. Such developments were in vogue in the past, when the traffic at the highways was less, moved with less speed, and the houses were small. There used to be a lesser impact of the passing traffic, hence it was safer to live in such dwellings. Why ribbon development is bad First of all, such buildings are not the planned ones like the 1, 2, 3 or 4 BHK flats in Jaipur, so the amenities are either a scarcity or it takes an effort to provide electricity, water and proper drainage system to such dwellings. Less is More: Why Jaipurites are Finding Perfection in the Small Houses.

Jaipur is a big city, it is the city of dreams, it is the city of lives. It is one of the favourite places for the tourists to visit but at the same time, a sweet home for a large number of people. The city is big yet not crowded as compared to the metro cities. Design the Interior of Your House with Zoning. Those who have a little knowledge about the interior decoration of the house, know that zoning is the latest trend. As the name suggests, a grouping of the similar kind of decor according to their use and ease of access to create different small zones in a big house is called zoning. It is much similar to the concept of the division of a country into states with similar geographical and cultural values.

Zoning is a creative process with leads to better utilisation of the space. Resale Units are Past, New Constructions are in Demand. Modern home buyers are quick to pick the fresh properties as compared to the resale properties even when the resale ones are available at cheaper prices. The newly constructed properties are supposed to have better amenities and underlying technologies. The psychological reason also exists beneath somewhere when the buyer thinks when he is spending handsomely on the property, why not buy a new one and not something that passed hands. Moreover, investing in the under-construction projects give the buyers a liberty to decide the layout, push the developers for the facilities of own choice, some price negotiations and freebies like a gym membership or free maintenance. There are many advantages of buying new residential flats in Jaipur over the resale one. 1.

What makes you a Smart Investor: Real Estate/ Gold/ Stocks? Future is ascertained and thus, we need to prepare for it. When it comes to deciding the best investment, we are often confused among real estate, gold or stocks. And this write-up is not about providing the answers, it is about putting the pros and cons in front of our readers for them to decide according to their financial profile. One need to access his present condition, future expectations, experience from the past investment, and ability to handle the risks. Shifting interest from Under-construction to Ready-to-Move Properties. Commercial or Residential: Where to Invest Your Last Dime? What’s the Big Deal with Real Estate in India? Indian real estate market is dead. If anyone says you this, better not believe that person. Think Twice Before you Spend Your Savings in a Commercial Property. By Ravi Singh SEO Executive.

How Much You Should Spend on a Home. Buying a home is a long and tiresome process. Why the Home Buyers Today Seek the Closeness to Work or School? Everyone likes to travel, well most of us but nobody likes the traffic. When we calculate the number of hours that we spend in a year travelling to work, that would just be an unbelievable disappointment. Now imagine what if we can save those hours. SNG Effulgence at Sikar Road, Jaipur. Why Buying a Distressed Property a Great Idea. To save money. There. Why Should You Sell the Property at the Online Auctions. Read Latest Blog about Real estate then Follow Own A Roof blog page. Property Auction is the New Buzz in the Real Estate Market: Why Should You Care? Auctions! Psychology Behind Pricing a House. Why You Should Give Your House For Rent (Apart from financial reasons) Renting earns you easy money. What do they mean by ‘Stalking the Area’? What Makes a Dream Home Hard to Catch at the Right Price.

ये फायदे होतें हैं फ्लैट्स में रहने के What Should be Known About the Shortlisted House. Follow the Own A Roof Twitter page. How to Buy a Home More than Your Budget. Where You Should be Focusing in the Open Houses. Why You Need A Real Estate Broker. Closing Into Buying Your Perfect Home. The Kind of Realtors You Meet (And Wish You Hadn’t) A Perfect Bathroom is the Stepping Stone to a Perfect House. Find Apartments and 1 BHK Flats In Jaipur. Some Clicks are More than Enough Now to Buy your Own Roof. What are the hidden cost, when invest into property. Get latest Information about Jaipur Real Estate Follow the Google Plus page for Get latest update about Jaipur Property Like Facebook.

Find Online Property in Jaipur. What To Look When Buying an Older Home.