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CTS College of Business and Computer Science (CTSCBCS) was established in October 1999 offering a wide range of programs from secondary to postgraduate degree. The college has evolved into one of the most reputed and trusted academic institutions in Trinidad and Tobago, producing high quality, well rounded. Learn more at

CTS College best University in Trinidad. Business Management Degree CTS College. Key Topics Covered in a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Course Offered by CTS College. MONTROSE MAIN ROAD, Trinidad & Tobago - Nov. 24, 2021 - PRLog -- CTS College of Business and Computers offers MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course for those looking for progressive fast track career opportunities in the Logistics and Supply Chain field.

Key Topics Covered in a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Course Offered by CTS College

The course comprises six units that are ideally structured to balance theoretical knowledge and practical application. Unit 1 is based on Leading and Managing Organizational Resources. This unit enables students to critically assess the relationship between leadership, finance, operations management, and information systems that are necessary to achieve a competitive advantage in contemporary organizations. Other than the theme of leadership, you will also deal with high-performance work systems and international management of innovation and change. Unit 2 is based on Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment. Unit 4 is based on Logistics and Supply Chain Management in various dimensions. Important Topics Taught In a Business Management Degree. Posted by CTS College on November 24th, 2021 Knowledge in business management will help you excel in almost every career path out there.

Important Topics Taught In a Business Management Degree

If you are ambitious to achieve your goals, this qualification will help you can the skills you need to acquire. The ABE (Business Management) qualification has been designed to offer students the requirements needed for a successful management career. Throughout the ABE course, you will come across entrepreneurship. This is a great advantage for students as employers greatly value staff who demonstrate such abilities. Entry Requirements Here are the entry requirements you will need to apply for a Business Management degree: Diploma Level 4- There are no formal prerequisites.Diploma Level 5- You will require an ABE Certificate Level or Diploma Level 4 (at least 3 units passed) or passed Two \\'A\\' Level or At least 2 years of work experience.

Course Structure and Subjects. What to Look for in a Computer Course in Trinidad? Why Is Oil and Gas Management a Lucrative Career Choice? — ravictscbcs. In today's world, the oil and gas industries are rapidly growing and produce opportunities that are waiting to be grabbed.

Why Is Oil and Gas Management a Lucrative Career Choice? — ravictscbcs

Oil and gas are always in demand and have a significant impact on the world's economy. As new generation adults, here are five reasons why you should pursue an MBA in Oil and Gas Management. The Demand is Phenomenal Oil and Gas industry is in high demand all over the world. Whether it's petroleum, natural gas, or the renewable sector, consumption is rising steadily and is estimated to rise at a rate of 5 percent or more in the coming years. CTS College — What Do You Learn in An Online Cookie Baking... Marketing Courses in Trinidad From CTS College. Overview Marketing provides interesting and varied career opportunities with roles that can be very creative or highly analytical, depending on where your interest lies.

Marketing Courses in Trinidad From CTS College

This ABE qualification in marketing allows you the advantage to obtain a specialization combined with a high level of knowledge of general business management. With knowledge in a wide-ranging strategic understanding of business management coupled with expertise of Marketing, provides holders with a special skill set. It also provides you with a wider range of career options than a pure Marketing qualification. Entrepreneurialism is embedded throughout the ABE programmes. Students successful at the ABE Business Management Diploma Level 5 (RQF) or the Diploma Level 6 can gain immediate entry into the Final Year of the following degree programme offered by CTS: BABA - BA (Hons) Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire View more information › Note: Work experience required for the MBA route.

Advantages of doing a Master’s in Business Administration PowerPoint Presentation - ID:10930446. Advantages of doing a Master’s in Business Administration. Do you have aspirations of running your business at one point in your career?

Advantages of doing a Master’s in Business Administration

Regardless of your Bachelors’ affiliations, doing an MBA may be the right option for you. An MBA as a degree, holds a wealth of opportunities for you as you enter the workforce. Funding your Education: Scholarships. How to Get the Right Instruction for your CSEC Exams. The CSEC exams (the secondary school examinations) are important for your child to enter the higher years of school.

How to Get the Right Instruction for your CSEC Exams

Students entering forms 1-5 require top quality teachers to prepare them for the CSEC examinations. CSEC classes catered specifically for this purpose are designed to give your child a boost in their grades as well as their confidence to sit for these important exams. Some of the important aspects to look for in your child’s potential CXC classes are listed below. **Creating an environment suitable for teacher-student exchange** Many schools lose their credibility in the education they impart due to the frequent absenteeism of teachers, the lack of a proper curriculum, narrow range of subjects taught, and frequent complaints of unresolved bullying between children. How to Make Your Career in Human Resource Management  ~ CTS College of Business & Computer Science Ltd. An aspect of running a business is the kind of people you hire.

How to Make Your Career in Human Resource Management  ~ CTS College of Business & Computer Science Ltd

Business owners hire teams of qualified people in the company in the process of hiring other people for different jobs in the company. As someone with a degree in Human Resource Management (HRM), you are tasked with the job of having to acquire the best talent for a particular job at the company. The people you hire affect the company positively by making a difference in the work and the productivity that happens on a daily basis in the company. CTS College — Why Is Marketing a Highly Popular Employment... The Art of Cooking Decorating. CTS College - Join us for an Interactive Discussion. Top Online Schools in Trinidad. Human Resource Management in Trinidad :-

Benefits of Learning the Spanish Language. CTS College Scholarships in Trinidad. CTS College understands the importance and need for continuing your education and we believe that your financial status shouldn’t necessarily dictate your capabilities.

CTS College Scholarships in Trinidad

We continue to strive to make education easily accessible to learners from all walks of life. Please see below for the various financial options available to you. But first, a note on GATE. As you may already be aware, there have been a lot of changes to the GATE programme as the government seeks to find new approaches to deal with the downturn in the economy. One measure was to remove GATE funding from the ACTT Registered Institutions, an ACTT registered institution relates to any institution who offer transnational programmes from foreign awarding bodies.

Customized Payment Plan Learners seeking funding can do so through the higher education loan programme (HELP). Bank Student Loans We recommend liaising with your existing bank or credit union regarding any available student loans they may have. APPLY ONLINE: 1. Win a PS5 Courtesy CTS College :- Get Started a Career in Cybersecurity Today. What is the CompTIA Security+ certification?

Get Started a Career in Cybersecurity Today

This is a certification that tests the fundamental knowledge of IT professionals on topics involving security threats, hacks and other vulnerabilities. To get this certification you must write a 90 question, performance-based exam that will test your problem-solving skills. Successful candidates will have skills and understanding in detection and scanning of vulnerabilities, accessing and controlling identity management, cryptography and best practices in risk management. Get the Degree in Business Management from CTS College.

Advantages of Computer Literacy Course in Today's World. Summary: Do you have trouble understanding how to work a computer?

Advantages of Computer Literacy Course in Today's World

Computer literacy courses could help you familiarize yourself with how a computer works and operates. We are currently living in a digital age. Large amount of information is widely available and accessible today mainly due to advances in computer technology. Individuals who have the skills and understanding to carry out any basic task on a computer are computer literate. Certification in Comptia A+ Course From CTS College. Summary: Are you looking for a career in IT support? A CompTIA A+ (The Computing Technology Industry Association) certification could be just the thing you would need to kickstart a career as an IT professional. A CompTIA A+ certification is a qualifying course that helps you to get the credentials necessary to begin a career as IT tech support and other IT operational roles.

The certification is earned by passing two exams that help validate problem solving skills related to troubleshooting problems, networking and hardware knowledge. The two exams, Core 1 and Core 2, help determine baseline skills needed by IT professionals to work in the industry and is an industry standard test. The CompTIA A+ certification holds good for three years and can be renewed easily if needed. Components of the CompTIA A+ certification A CompTIA A+ course allows you to understand today’s core technology by identifying and connecting hardware components and devices. Preparation for the CompTIA A+ exam. CTS College Offers Crisis Management Course in Trinidad. MONTROSE, Trinidad & Tobago - July 16, 2021 - PRLog -- Crisis management involves planning for any future failure or harm that could befall a company.

It also involves taking appropriate steps to minimize any damage or loss of operations that could occur. To study how one can avert any negative impact to a person or company, the CTS College in Trinidad and Tobago offers a unique crisis management course which could help participants understand how to tackle public relations, crisis management, recovery and continuity of operations.

The reputation of a business and/or person lies heavily on how they handle unexpected threats, bad press and how well they can bounce back from these setbacks. With an increasing dependence on social media, bad press can put a target on your clients back. CTS College Starts Brand New Online Courses. Culinary Course In Trinidad From CTS College.

Get The Scholarship For Higher Education From CTS College. Summary: As a candidate with high aspirations, it is important to continue your education and you must know that your financial status does not dictate your capabilities. Did you know that students living in the country have access to free education till the age of 16? The literacy rate of Trinidad is over 98 percent and the citizens of this country are considered some of the most well educated in the world. The quality of education is also very high. Top colleges offer aid in the form of scholarships in Trinidad. Like most high school seniors, you have most likely spent the last few months bombarded with hundreds of brochures, emails and social media posts from prospective colleges.

Academic Majors Offered. ABE Business Management Degree Program. Summary: Many people fail to understand the versatility that an MBA degree offers. Did you know that some of the best companies prefer promoting employees if they possess an MBA degree? Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a specialization program that lays emphasis on the various aspects of business administration and management. It is a management degree program that can help you launch your progressive career in the realm of business as well as increase your brand value in front of potential recruiters.

Today, most industries look for candidates with proven quantitative and leadership skills, which are core skills that top business schools teach. Here are some of the career opportunities for somebody who has an MBA degree. Investment Banking and Finance. Top Benefits with a Master’s in Business Administration. For many working professionals, a Master’s in Business Administration can provide a fast-track career progression.

This is especially true for those who have been working for a few years at the same position and who would like to move on to the next step in their career. Why You have To Enrol For 12 Month MBA? Get The Scholarship In Trinidad For Higher Education From CTS College? Online Cookie Decorating Classes In Trinidad. Complete Deatils on Online Cooking Classes in Trinidad. Overview Ever watched television and think how amazing different cuisines from around the world look? Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to cook and enjoy those meals right at home? How to Give Your Child a Good Foundation for the CSEC Examination? CTS College Introduced Marketing Management Course in Trinidad.

Summary: There an undeniable link between creativity and marketing as they go hand-in-hand to enhance an organisation’s profitability and reputation in the market. Marketing management as a field of study is growing in importance and popularity around the world. Students who are interested in sales, promotion and marketing will need to use creativity at the workplace to achieve business goals. Choose Right University in Trinidad for Higher Education. Scholarships in Trinidad for Higher Education. All You Need to Know about the Caribbean Examinations Council. Prior to enrolling for CXC classes at an institution, it’s good to know a little about the Caribbean Examinations Council.

Founded in 1972, the CXC ensures that the Caribbean community has the opportunity to be globally competitive by offering high-quality education. Dedicated focus. 12 Month MBA Course From CTS College. When candidates think of an MBA, it usually brings to mind a two-year long-drawn-out program. Get the Benefits of CompTIA Security+ course from CTS College. Are you interested to pursue a career in IT security? This is a rapidly growing niche with a plethora of opportunities around the world. The CompTIA security+ certification fulfils the DoD 8570 compliance and ensures that you have the baseline skills to work in this field.

Defence firms as well as other organisation attribute high value to this certification as it emphasizes on practical learning and skills. It equips candidates to prepare for complex problems and security risks with regard to hardware, software and systems. Basic cybersecurity skills are required in several industries and at various levels. Top Reasons to Enrol for a Management Degree Program. Summary: There are many advantages to studying a management degree program at a reputed college with international recognition and accreditation. Customer Service Mamagement Course from CTS College. Marketing Management Course From CTS College. Why Study an MBA in Oil and Gas Management? Features Of Human Resource Management Course. BSC Information Technology Trinidad - CTS College in Trinidad. Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Business Administration Courses in Trinidad. Business Administration Courses in Trinidad.

Why Opt for a Career in Marketing Management? ABE Business Management Degree Program From CTS College. How does Customer Relationship Management Help an Organization? Scholarships Trinidad - Financial Aid for Students. Five Key Topics Covered under a Business Management Degree. CTS College Offers a Well-Designed Certificate Course in Brand Management. The Mastering Interior Decorating Course - CTS College. Factors to Look at When Considering a 12 Month MBA Course.

Business Writing Skills - CTS College. Do a Short Course in Customer Service Management. A+ Certification Courses From CTS College, Trinidad. ABE Business Management Degree, Courses in Trinidad, 2 Year BBA Degree. Overview of the CompTIA Security+ Certification. Diplomas - CTS College. Core Human Resource Functions Common across Key Industries. Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) - CTS College. Interviewing Skills Training - Resume Writing Course. Diploma In Public Relations & Crisis Management Courses. French Conversation for Beginners - Language Learning and Other Cultures. CompTIA Courses. Spanish Conversation for Beginners - Language Learning and Other Cultures. Microsoft Office Training Program at CTS College. CompTIA Security+ Certification Program at CTS College. CCNA Certification - (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Marketing Management Courseat CTS College. ABE – Business and Human Resource Management Program at CTS College. Customer Service Management Course at CTS College.

CompTIA A+ Certification at CTS College in Trinidad. Mba bedfordshire. Should You Enrol for a Masters in Human Resource Management? - Online School for Degrees in Trinidad from the UK's University. Top Online School for Degrees in Trinidad from the UK's University. CTS College — How to Choose the Right 12-Month MBA for You. Different Functions of Human Resource Management by CTS College. ABE Endorsed KidsMBA. CTS College — Popular Reasons Why People Learn Conversational... Why Customer Service Management is Critical to Consistent Growth?

Kids MBA - CTS College Trinidad. What You Need to Know About CompTIA Security+ Certification? Overview of Education Scholarships in Trinidad. Overview of Solar Panel Installation Certification by CTS College. 4 Effective Strategies to Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification « CTS COLLEGE. Electrical Courses in Trinidad. ABE Business Management Degree, Courses in Trinidad, 2 Year BBA Degree. Tips to Choose Appropriate Business Education Qualification. What you can Gain from Makeup Classes in Trinidad? : SnooMemesjellies9514. The Importance of Studying Procurement Management. CTS College — Overview of a Reputed Interior Decorating Course. Key Topics Covered Under SEA Classes in Trinidad and Tobago. Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing CSEC Classes for Your Child. Customer Service Management Course at CTS College.